Chapter 34: Right and Left Hands    

A strange but familiar feeling. YouYan wanted to run, but she felt as though all her energy had drained away. Where could she go? Four years, anywhere and everywhere, his image never left.

She was trying to avoid him. Was she not willing to let anyone but Chi Pu touch her?

He laughed coldly inside, sliding his tongue deeper inside her mouth, intruding past her barrier. Her softness, it was a taste he’d been longing for four years, and it was just the same as before.

With one hand he held her close to him, and with the remaining hand left free, he gripped it into a fist.

Indulging with his left and refraining with his right.

With 50% power on each, one cannot win over the other.

Or else, this woman, he would just take her now. He would make her cry. For the sole purpose of making her cry, by him. Only in this way, could he obtain a little consolation for the pain he had suffered, waking up in the middle of the night with an ache in his heart.

There was a faint taste of nicotine, something she had never tasted on him before. Previously, he would only have a cigar once in a while.

But now, he is addicted to cigarettes.

Was it because of her? YouYan thought longingly. It had to be just wishful thinking, after all she wasn’t of importance to him.

Was it acceptable to have this one moment, this one kiss?

She longed for him, and she had been longing for a very long time. Hesitating, she returned the kiss, and he shuddered. He hated this type of feeling, the fluctuation of emotions caused by her.

She seemed to have sensed his anger, shrinking back, though still longing.

Did she want to leave him like four years ago? Disappearing without a trace? LuYouYan. Don’t even think about it.

Kissing, he bit her lips until the taste of blood hinted in his mouth and tongue. Looking at her tearful eyes, he felt as if his heart was filled by a little.

It was like she couldn’t feel pain, gripping onto his shirt and shivering against his chest. It was like she wanted to become a part of him.

Not enough. It’s not enough.

This woman, how could it be enough.

Her warm scent probed at him. His lips lost all warmth as he marked her pale neck.

Until it was bruised purple. She narrowed shut her eyes in pain, but didn’t dare make a sound, only displaying her pain through the wrinkling of her brows.

His girl.

He had won over himself but lost to her.

When he finally became attentive to the situation, his hands were drifting under her shirt and onto her softness.

The rough calluses on his hand brought woke her up.

She called in a quiet voice: “Xiao Bai, don’t. Don’t.”

It was hard for her to say this, but it was necessary. God knew how much she wanted him to hug her. Even if it came with humiliation.

He didn’t speak, but the corners of his lips were still curled and thirst filled his dark eyes. He wanted her, despite everything.

“Big Brother Chi.” She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes as the words were strangled out of her.

She knew this name would cut everything between him and her.