Chapter 30: Bu Ye Tian

Her sight turned towards the group of people, and YouYan paused to think, he can’t see me, can’t see me, turning the doorknob and darting into the room next to her.

She closed the door and sighed in relief, before looking around to survey the room—it was a waiting room.

In the halls.

The group stopped in their steps after Gu YeBai suddenly came to a standstill, and they looked at each other, trying to guess what this president was thinking about.

Linda’s was a careful person, and she noticed that Gu YeBai had almost curved his lips up into a smile, but when she looked closely again, it was gone.

“L, tell the security to lock all the doors in Floor 88.” Gu YeBai’s eyes shimmered as he said this.

Linda was surprised but responded respectfully. The managers behind them looked at each other. Someone mustered up their courage and asked, “President, is there something going on?”

Gu YeBai’s glance struck him like lightning,” Wang Tang, if the matter you are speaking of is true, that there is indeed a problem, but you’re now here asking me, I believe you should probably gather your things and make your way home.”

Seeing what happened to Director Wang, everyone fell silent.

“It’s just a little mouse that came in, I’m kind of bored right now, so I’ll play with it for a little.” Gu YeBai continued, “For the interview today, the southern quarters are missing staff for some positions. I want results in thirty minutes.

“Yes, sir.” The voices replied in uniform.

“Also, L, order me some stuff. After the interview, send someone to give it to me.”

“Please tell me what you need.”

“Jin Lu wontons, less fillings and not too crispy. For wine meatballs, have them use only a fraction of the alcohol. And for pumpkin soup, make sure it is thicker.

Linda is usually calm, but now her brain completely shut down. There was no need to look at the people behind the President, they were probably thinking the same as her.

Gu YeBai was never picky about what he ate, usually, he just had whatever Linda ordered for him. He rarely ate anything but the three meals, yet now he wants these desserts and especially outlined how to make them. He has an interesting habit, never eating at noon, and because the president is like this, after a while the entire group stopped eating at noon.

Linda thought this was probably for vice-director of the design quarters, Chu Ke. As she was thinking about the rumors between the two, she saw him crease his brows and he continued: “I only want Bu Ye Tian’s.”

Linda thought, even if one is only this man’s underground lover, it would still be fortuitous

YouYan glared at the door of the waiting room, resisting the urge to kick it. She came in, but she couldn’t get out.

Now, she could only wait.

Just as she was sitting there, a voice echoed through the door.

“President, are you not eating on the 90th floor?”

“It’s fine, I’ll eat here.” The low voice replied.

YouYan gasped, speculating whether there was a second president in this group. But she couldn’t miss this voice. Despite the fact she wanted to see him badly, she would rather not see him right now.

There wasn’t anywhere to hide, so she scurried under the table.

The door opened.

The sound of a woman’s high heels and the steps of a man’s leather shoes. YouYan heart raced, she hit her head on the table, covering her mouth the muffle the cry of pain.

Secretary Xiao Huang placed the food on the table, turning around to see Gu YeBai raising his brows lazily and handsome, her face flush red as she said: “President, here’s your order.”

Gu YeBai responded: “Thanks. Tell the group that I’m here.”

Xiao Huang understood this area was going to be closed off.