Chapter 26: I will Love You on the Clouds (2)

Lin ZiYan fell to the floor.

The other two laughed loudly as Tang Huang commented: “The process took quite a turn, but  the result was nevertheless successful.”

Lin ZiYan raged as he went to grab Frankie, but was interrupted by Gu YeBai, “ZiYan, why are you not at home getting some sleep?”

Lin ZiYan retorted back: “Boss, shouldn’t you be the one sleeping? The flight is tomorrow morning.”

Gu YeBai’s brow raised, “ I thought we already decided that the one going tomorrow is you?”

Lin ZiYan clanged his head against the bar table, and replied hysterically: “ I already drank the alcohol for YouYan! Why are you like this! Frankie, Tang Huang, help! How could he be like this? He’s not keeping his word, I even stuffed YouYan into his car——”

A low voice interrupted, one filled with calmness.

“I already contacted the vice-mayor of City S, you won’t be alone tomorrow.” The man’s eyes lifted: “Xiao Dong, this time, the bill’s mine! There’s no limit, let everyone here be happy tonight.”

The young bartender laughed in reply: “Done!”

Gu YeBai nodded to the group and left.

Lin ZiYan’s head clanged against the bar table once again, stoned in shock at him being completely ignored. He had nothing to do with this!

Tang Huang and Frankie looked at each other and laughed. Tang Huang asked: “ZiYan, I guess something interesting happened tonight. Tell us what happened and we’ll help you analyze how you pissed off our President Gu.”

Lin ZiYan’s brows were vertical as he described what happened. As he finished, he slammed the table: “Gu YeBai is practically asking for death!”

Frankie furrowed his brows: “You had a good intention, why is your boss——”

Tang Huang laughed coldly: “Oh, Lu YouYan came back.”

“Lu YouYan, why does this name sound so familiar?” Frankie tried hard to remember.

Lin ZiYan responded in annoyance: “That’s my boss’s ex, from four years ago. Four years ago you were still selling pirated editions of CDs, what do you mean it sounds familiar?”

Frankie got pissed and pulled on Lin ZiYan’s shirt, yelling: “When the hell did I sell pirated editions?!”

Tang Huang shrugged his shoulders and decided to ignore the two idiots, following Gu YeBai’s example and leaving.

But Lin ZiYan grabbed him and asked: “Coquettish, finish what you were saying.”

Tang Huang responded: “ZiYan, it was your “good” intention that was the problem.”

Lin ZiYan raged and Frankie laughed as he patted his shoulder.

“Why do you think Bai didn’t send her himself or even make you send her? She left without a doubt that year, do you think she’ll so easily give her address out now? Obviously, Bai can’t send her, and you? You’re good friends with Bai. But what if another underclassman who no one really knows sends her off?”

“Of course this plan might not have worked. But Bai was just gambling for a surprise encounter with her. Now, you messed this all up. No wonder why Old Xu just texted me about how Bai wanted to check on a person. I was wondering who she is, but now it’s obvious.”

Lin ZiYan was shocked, asking: “You’re saying, he and YouYan——”

Tang Huang laughed lazily: “Who would dare say that they know what Bai is thinking, even he himself is probably fighting against his own consciousness at this time. Do you know what he just told Xiao Dong to get for him? 75% alcohol vodka. To a man, what YouYan did——” He shook his head, ending with a smile.

“He’s crazy! Why doesn’t he just get a cup of Spirytus, a couple sips and he’ll be dead.” Lin ZiYan responded with a cold laugh.

Frankie suddenly spoke out: “The YouYan you’re talking about, was she his first woman?”

Tang Huang shook his head and continued: “No. His first girl’s background is really complicated. But I can promise you that Lu YouYan was the first person Bai fell in love with.”

Frankie sighed as he continued: “To a man, there’s probably only one woman in his lifetime that he’ll go crazy for.”

“And that’s considering that he might never even meet one.” Tang Huang answered.

Lin ZiYan wanted to laugh, but his throat felt dry and clamped, making him lose the will to smile. He looked at his wristwatch, it was just past 2 a.m.

Of course, he doesn’t know that it would only be 10 hours from the next time Gu YeBai and YouYan meets again.

P.S. Spirytus is a vodka from Poland. After going through distillation over 70 times, the alcohol concentration is about 96%. Even if one simply tasted it, it would cause harm. This is probably the drink of love.