Xia Ying’s Soliloquy (END)

A certain Ying said: Happiness was, no matter how many years have passed, the man who was used to wearing glasses still loves you all the same.

Hehe! Is everyone envious of this lucky woman named Xia Ying? I’m quite envious even if I am Xia Ying herself, I still couldn’t help but secretly envied myself.

In my opinion, as a woman, work was necessary and so was having a man. As long as you don’t starve yourself, work was inessential. As long as you don’t feel lonely, having a man was also inessential. But I believe that love was equally important as bread. It was definitely impossible to have love without bread. But if there was only bread and no love, where was the fun in life? Love didn’t need to be full of an abundant of experiences but it was also hard to really go without. So I believe that in the short decades of life, it was enough if I had experienced a love that was unforgettable. Even if the result was separation, I could still reminiscence. I only care about “having it once”, not an everlasting or unchanging love.

In this vast world, all kinds of men coexisted. But in the midst of all, I chose Han Lei. Likewise, Han Lei also chose me among all the other women.

This was fate, a magical and irresistible fate between two people.

Fate could be divided into two types: meant to be and not meant to be. In short, Lin Zhe and I were not meant to be but with Han Lei, it was meant to be. Fate is inconceivable. If it is yours, then it is yours. It wouldn’t be able to run away. If it isn’t yours then it isn’t yours, even using force would be useless.

So, fate separated me from Lin Zhe and met Han Lei. Then it was the beginning of our nonsensical life, leading to a hilarious yet sweet course of events and finally, I ended up with a somewhat unreal ending.

It was said that men could either be fickle or sincere and fortunately, I happened to be with a sincere one. Of course, I don’t think it was purely because of my good luck but also due to my excellent character.

You don’t believe it? Then let me break it down for you.

First of all, when I was in school, I was outstanding, open-minded, hardworking, and united my classmates. While improving my scientific knowledge, I also strove to enhance my ideology so that I could become an all-arounder to meet the requirements of the changing 21st century.

When I was in school, I was hardworking and earnest. In life, I was diligent and thrifty as well as placing a great importance on the concept of time. For my ideology, I had a great upbringing of morals and had a firm political direction. I paid attention to the current affairs of the country and actively drew closer to the party. I comprehensively studied Marxism-Leninism, Maoism and the Deng Xiaoping Theory, commonly referred to as the Three Represents. I armed my brain with these advanced theories, loved the motherland, supported the leadership of China and adhered to the four basic principles.

Of course, besides occasionally ditching class, early dating and bullying some people that should be bullied, my character was really not bad!

It was exactly the so-called “God is watching over you”. As long as one does not commit any atrocious acts, indulge in a life of dissipation, murder and arson, then the heavens would not forget to reward you. Look, wasn’t I rewarded with a wonderful marriage? 

Of course, with good luck and a great marriage, maintaining the relationship was also important. There’s a saying “to love is easy but getting along is hard” so I was also trying my best to maintain my relationship.

Luckily, my man was a stubborn one and once he’s set his mind on something, then he wouldn’t change it. But there would still be the danger of numbness and boredom after a while so even after getting married, there should still be that sense of like dating. Hence, we always had that dating-like atmosphere, occasionally teasing, bickering, fooling, seducing one another… Now, our baby daughter had also joined our sweet life and everyone amused one another.

In addition to being lucky in love, I was also lucky with family and friends. Firstly, I have a pair of parents that were unlike parents. We were more like friends and even though we’re not together, our bond was still strong. Then, I have a mother-in-law unlike any other mother-in-law. There was no terrible mother and daughter in-law relationship, we only had an alliance between us. Whenever we were free, we would get together and discuss how to seduce our men. Next, I met three great neighbors, friends who I could play and joke around with in life.

Now, I have love, family and friends. Thus, I’m satisfied.

After our baby was born, Han Lei and I placed our attention and focus on the little brat.

There was no doubt that Han Lei was a great man, one that loved his wife while being an awesome dad who really treated his daughter as his little lover.

So to make life more fun, I liked to vie with my daughter for favor and got jealous because of her. I also sometimes liked to crazily seduce Han Lei and vice-versa. The days went by interestingly.

But human beings were always somewhat greedy. I felt that as the days went by, it seemed a little too smooth and quiet so I decided to create some fun myself. The goal was to work together with my daughter and trick Ouyang Shuai back to our loving yet weird family.

Of course, force would not result in happiness. I only started to plan when I saw that the older one had feelings and the younger one was also interested.

So poor, er, it should be lovely Ouyang Shuai, wait for our attack!

However, there was always a man that liked to thwart my plans off. Thus, with the addition of Han Lei who had a daughter complex, our road was quite difficult.

So, in order to fulfill my selfish desire of having Ouyang Shuai as my handsome son-in-law, er, more like for the happiness of our daughter, I used my body to hypnotize Han Lei to let him know that he was my, Xia Ying’s man and Ouyang Shuai was Han Ai’s — his baby daughter’s man.

As for the result…

It would be revealed many years later on a winter day.

It was said that one day many years later, Han Lei’s eyes teared up because his baby daughter really did get tricked away by a man named Ouyang Shuai. Oh, it should be that his baby daughter had tricked him to the altar.

After sending off the pair of newlyweds, Han Lei looked unwilling and reluctant as if someone had snatched away his favorite toy, looking dejected and sad. And though he was already in his middle ages, he was still as handsome.

I, who had also entered my middle ages but still looked young, smiled and hugged his arm because it was the wife’s duty to comfort her hubby who had just lost his little lover.

“Honey, you still have your wifey!” I reminded him with a sweet smile.

Han Lei looked at me with a seemingly scheming ray of light in his eyes.

Han Lei looked at me pitifully and said, “So? Will you satisfy all my requests then?”.

“…” I have to be hesitant because I seemed to smell a conspiracy.

Seeing my hesitation, Han Lei said with an innocent and pitiful expression on his face, “I’m the poor man who just sent away his little lover and only has his wifey now!”.

Okay, I’ll surrender. Even if I was sold, I could still help him count his money. Who told me to not be able to stand against his pitiful appearance?

“So, what’s your request?”

Hehe!” Han Lei quickly swept away his innocent and pitiful expression and changed to the archetypal big bad wolf appearance. He evilly grinned and said, “Honey, I remember that you have a pair of sexy nightgowns but you only wore the black one before. Moreover, it was for a stingy two times. So… how about we try the white one tonight?”


The man in front of me who could change into a big bad wolf at any time even if he was wearing a pair of glasses was my hubby, the man I love.

So for your good, my good, and everyone’s good, the white sexy nightgown, just wait for my use tonight!

– End –