At this moment, Han Hui had moved to my side and was staring at my chest. She excitedly yelled, “Ah! I saw a hickey on Third Sister-In-Law’s chest!”

This yell of her’s was very successful, not only did she attract the interest of the rest of the women but even the men’s side was bustling.

I looked down at my right chest and there was indeed a mark that looked like a hickey but…

Oh puh-leassee, this isn’t a hickey!” I laughingly explained, “This was ‘cause it was so itchy that I had scratched it till it bled!” Although it did looked like a hickey.


Regrettably, they didn’t listen to my explanation and very “stubbornly” insisted on their opinions regarding this mark.

Thus, we once again gathered around and chatted about each other’s figure. It had to be said that everyone’s figure was superb especially one another’s chest. We could talk for an entire night just solely on the chest. Sure enough, when women got together, they would chat senselessly.

As it approached midnight, everyone reluctantly left the hot springs and moved to the living room to celebrate Christmas.

When everyone was walking out of the room, the women of the Han family except me ran up to Han Lei and □.

“Third Brother! So fierce!”

“Son! Good job!”

“Grandson! Very promising!”

“Little bro, couldn’t have seen it!”

“Xiao Ying’s man, can’t judge a book by its cover!”

Afterwards, they tacitly looked at my right chest.

Han Lei suddenly grinned after realizing the before and after: “Aiyah, if I had known then I would’ve kissed somewhere where you guys couldn’t see it.”

It was quite unusual for Han Lei to joke around. Amidst everyone’s exclaims, we walked into the living room excitedly and welcomed the arrival of Christmas.

After frolicking around, everyone tacitly dispersed. The men stealthily led their woman to the tryst that they had chosen…uh, their romantic spot.

Han Lei led me out of the villa and into the dim bamboo forest.

Although it was iffy but I had faith that he wouldn’t abandon me inside the forest hence I obediently followed him.

He took my hand and placed it in the pocket of his coat and seduced me with his smirk until we had reached his car.

Yi? When did he drive his car into the forest? Furthermore, he was actually able to get in! Sure enough, everything was a possibility.  

“Do we have to sit in this position?” I couldn’t help but asked.

Hehe, don’t you think this position is really convenient and great?” Han Lei chuckled.

Great? Convenient? Specifically speaking, I was sitting on Han Lei’s thigh. So this was why he chose a bigger car.

“Have I ever told you that you’re very bad?” I asked him laughingly.

“Thanks for the compliment!”

“Aren’t you afraid of being seen?” Clearly, I was also a bit tempted.

Han Lei’s hands wandered on my body while he pecked my lips: “Of course not because they’re also busy and don’t have the time to peep at us.”

“So you guys had it all planned out!” I smiled and kissed him back.

“Then right now…shouldn’t you be more attentive?”

My answer was to cover his mouth with my lips.

Since the heater was on, we gradually had less and less of our clothes on.

Han Lei pulled my sweater up and stared at the “hickey” on my right chest: “Let me turn it into a genuine hickey!” He thereupon placed his lips on my chest and began to suck.

That pleasure made me throw my head back and moaned whilst grabbing onto his shirt.

Han Lei extended one hand into my skirt and his other onto my bum pressing down on him. I could distinctly feel his present urges and needs.

The both of us couldn’t help but moaned from the pleasure of that touch, we smiled then french kissed.

“I really do like you wearing skirts!” Han Lei’s kisses shifted to my neck.

I pulled up his shirt and caressed his chest. Just as I thought, he had me wore a skirt for this purpose.

Just at this moment, I slightly moved my bum back a little and started to untie his belt.

Hehe…” Han Lei laughed when he saw my action, “Honey, you’re in such a hurry?”

“Cut the crap!” I’m cur

rently somewhat busy.

Ultimately, with the help of Han Lei’s “kindness”, I felt the pleasure of being filled. The space in the car still had limitations so I buried my head between his neck and shoulders and allowed him to powerfully ram in and out.

Our clothes loosely hanged on our body with our lower bodies entwined inseparably. The car was full of moans, the rhythm of  □ and the somewhat suffocating air…

After the last tremors of both sides, I limply leaned on Han Lei and breathlessly mumbled, “Too crazy, it’s too crazy. You had led me astray, led me astray…”

But what answered me were Han Lei’s chuckles of satisfaction.

The next day, everyone slowly assembled in the living room but after gathering around, I noticed that the men looked contented while the women were bashful. It seemed like everyone had a crazy night yesterday at different locations.

Looking at each other’s glowy and overly moistened face, we couldn’t help but laughed.  

As expected, there was a purpose for the men to diligently feed their woman until they were full.  

Then, we ended our two days and one night trip in the midst of the lively atmosphere.