After dinner, I planned to return to my room and take a bath. I didn’t expect that when I just opened the door, the two elderly were behind me with an expression of “looking forward to looking around” on their faces.

Originally speaking, Han Lei was their grandson. Now, the elderly wanted to have a look at their grandson’s room. On what grounds were I to block them? Thus, I generously moved sideways and let them in

When both of them tacitly sat down on my and Han Lei’s bed, Grandma Han smiled and said, “As expected, Granddaughter-In-Law is the more lovable one unlike Han Lei, that brat, who would always refuse to let us enter. His room was always locked just as securely as a vault, we couldn’t even pry it open.”

Sweat ah, wasn’t I able to pry open his room that day and secretly went in? Let me admire my lock picking skills for a moment.

Wait a minute! I seemed to remember that Mother-In-Law also came into this room before or how else would I be tricked by her into becoming Han Lei’s wife.

But why didn’t Han Lei let his own grandparents enter his room?

I blurted out my thoughts. Grandma Han pouted and childishly said, “Afraid that I would take his things away. Like this bed that I’m currently sitting on, that wardrobe, those curtains…I like all of them. Whose fault was it that this brat’s taste for things is to my liking? Moreover, all I did was just move a few of his things away when he was not at home a few years ago. To go as far as to be on guard even until now…”

Sweat, I twitched the corners of my mouth. If this was the case, I would probably be on guard against you as well.

Then right now, was I wrong to have let them in?

Just when the two of them were whispering to each other discussing on what to take away this time, the phone in the living room rang. It was probably a call from Han Lei.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew past. Just as I was pulling myself together, both of their figures were long gone. When I walked into the living room, they had obediently sat on the sofa beside the phone stand, their gazes saying, “don’t tell him that we’re here”.

When I had just sat down on the other sofa beside the phone stand, Grandma Han immediately helped me press on speakers. Very quickly, Han Lei’s pitiful complaints transmitted through the line.

“Honey! I’m so miserable!”

Han Lei’s “honey” made the two elderly smile with a tacit understanding, waiting for me to answer with an expression of ambiguousness and teasing.

I couldn’t help but patted my blushing face, cleared my throat and said, “What’s wrong? Still haven’t found Grandpa?”

Okay, I also learned how to lie through one’s teeth after being contaminated by Grandpa Han.

“Oh yeah! What’s worse is that even Grandma is missing now!”


Of course, because both of them were sitting on your sofa.

Of course, because both of them were sitting on your sofa.

Han Lei ah Han Lei, don’t be too happy yet. I could assure you that the place that Grandma told you guys was definitely not your house.

After hearing Han Lei’s words, Grandma Han couldn’t help but snickered. It seemed like that she was quite happy and excited for the upcoming results of her prank.

Just at this time, Grandma Han’s snicker was heard by Han Lei. He asked in a questioning tone, “Do we have guests at home? How come I can hear a woman’s voice?”

I wanted to shed tears ah. We not only have guests and a woman at home, there was actually a man too! You don’t know how much I want to tell you guys the truth but do you think I could?

The truth was that I couldn’t.

Because the two of them shifted their eyes onto me. They tacitly raised their right hands and gestured across their necks as if it was mine. The meaning of it was, “If you dare betray us, we will do you.”

As my life was being threatened, I decided to sacrifice Han Lei and them. Forgive me!

“There’s no one around. I’m watching TV and it just so happens that a woman was laughing that’s all!” I heard myself replying to Han Lei like this.


“Okay, you guys have to set off soon. Be careful on the road! Let’s talk about it again when you guys come back!” I quickly hung up the phone as I was afraid that I would impulsively choose to sacrifice my life in exchange for telling them the truth.

But, was the possibility of this high? My reasoning replied: No.

It looked like I have also learned how to be a bit of a blackbelly. Sure enough, when one was near ink, one would be dyed.