There were no fancy restaurant nor a romantic date, Han Lei directly brought me home and personally prepared a candle-lit dinner.

I always thought that this kind of dinner was time consuming and corny but it couldn’t be denied that I really liked this candle-lit dinner prepared by Han Lei.

After enjoying the “long awaited” two person dinner, we moved to the corner of the living room — the bar.

Han Lei was a man that liked to appreciate fine wine. He believed that wine could be pleasing, enjoyable, infatuating and even intoxicating. Thus, he started to have a hobby of collecting fine wine and even had a cabinet and a bar made in the corner of the house. The cabinet was full of the wine that he had collected: red wine, white wine, hard liquor and even some foreign wine that I didn’t know of.

Han Lei made me sit on the bar stool in front of the bar. He walked into the bar and took out a few bottles of alcohol from the cabinet. He took out a wine cup, smiled confidently at me and began to quietly concoct a drink.  

It was undeniable that when Han Lei was bartending, he was very dashing, faintly smiling, a confident expression, skilled techniques, a happy atmosphere, all of these made me go crazy.

After a while, Han Lei smilingly handed me a glass of wine, a transparent triangular glass that was filled with a dim amber liquid. It was very beautiful and there was also a cherry adorned on the edge of the glass. The entire entity was just like an attractive noble lady seducing people, making me love it so much.

After seeing my expression full of love, Han Lei smiled and chuckled. He spoke in a deep magnetic voice, “This is my original creation, specifically designed for you, it’s called, ‘My Woman’.”

I picked up the glass and looked at Han Lei’s handsome face and those eyes that were gradually darkening. My heart couldn’t help but beat faster with an unspeakable sweetness.

Looking at the wine in my hand, I sweetly smiled. This was a wine that belongs to only me.

I slowly raised the glass to my lips under Han Lei’s indicated gaze. I took a sip, en, it was little sweet!

“How’s the taste?” Han Lei looked at me expectantly.

En! It’s a good drink, somewhat sweet. I like it!” I continued to sweetly smile.

Ultimately, under Han Lei’s satisfied gaze, I somewhat reluctantly finished sampling the wine.    

When I placed the glass down, Han Lei came out of the bar and stood in front of me. At the moment, I was leaning against the edge of the bar. Han Lei put his hands on the bar behind me, trapping me between him and the bar, forming an ambiguous and loving posture.

Han Lei smilingly bent down looking for my lips, lightly licking my lips with his tongue and said, “It really is sweet, it suits you.”

I raised my head to meet his touches, letting out moaning sounds. At the moment, I just wanted to kiss him.

After our lips lightly touched, Han Lei pressed his forehead against mine, closed his eyes and somewhat aggrievedly said, “Four days, I haven’t held you for four days already. We haven’t made love in four days!”

Really, why was he expressing that at this point in time?

As I didn’t mind being the one to initiate it, I pulled his head down and blocked his “complaints” with my lips, kissing his sexy lips.

Han Lei laughed at my initiation and “thirstiness” but in the next second, he immediately took back control. He thrust his tongue into my mouth, searching for my tongue to play with, engulfing my entire mouth and not letting off any corner.  

This was such a passionate and wild kiss ah. I had to use both of my hands to clutch onto his shirt to barely steady my gradually limp body and I couldn’t help but moan with satisfaction.

Han Lei passionately kissed me, putting his hand on my chest and caressing my breasts through the clothes.

I couldn’t be outdone either, extended my hand into his shirt and caressed his body.  

He let out a pleasurable groan and that hand was still lingering on my chest. He withdrew his tongue and lightly bit my lips, enticingly saying, “Let’s return to the room, en?”

The me at the moment was already dazed, what else could I do? Nod ah!

The room was dimly lit and the air was permeated of the lingerings of our lovemaking. My entire body was limp as I faced Han Lei sleeping on his side, enjoying the quietness after our passionate lovemaking, letting the man beside me to continue sleeping.

Han Lei was also facing me, lying on his side, smiling sexily. He took my hand, slowly gliding it until my fingers touched his lips. He parted his lips and lightly bit my finger, seemingly sucking, seemingly licking, so ecstatic.

When the index finger was numb, I closed my eye and pouted: “Stop fussing, I need to rest.”

Hearing this, Han Lei chuckled and obediently let go of my finger, turning to play with my hair. He smilingly said, “I’m going on a business trip tomorrow morning for two days and one night. The latest I’ll return home is Sunday night so these two days, please watch the house with the little brat!”

I still didn’t open my eyes and mumbled, “You’re doing it on purpose!”

Han Lei innocently said, “Aiyaya, Honey, what are you saying? I don’t understand.”

Just continue acting, you clearly know that the brat was unobtrusively hostile toward me but you still insist on us getting along with each other. Did you want to give me a hard time or want us to entertain you?

I refused to respond to him. I only felt his warm breath near my ear as he said in a low, husky voice, “Honey, let’s go for another round!”

I trembled a bit due to his warm breath and before I thought of how to reject him, the doorbell suddenly rang.