After entering the company, I first went to Han Lei’s office with them.

After Han Lei led Ouyang Shuai into his office, Qin Hao opened his eyes widely with an unfathomable expression and asked me, “Who is that kid?”

“My child ah!” I playfully said.

“Stop fooling around, that child doesn’t look as if he is more than 10 years old. Don’t tell me you had him when you were 15? If that’s true, that child is definitely not Han zong’s.” Qin Hao calmly explained.

“Hey! Xiao Hao Hao, I didn’t think you knew my age so well!”

Qin Hao gnashed his teeth and said, “!”

Petty man.

I poked Qin Hao’s arm and after letting him watch Ouyang Shuai with me, I quietly asked, “Did you see that brat yet?”

Qin Hao nodded while sizing up Ouyang Shuai.

“Take note of his expressions. Do you feel a sense of familiarity?” I continued asking.

After hearing what I said, Qin Hao once again earnestly observed the little friend. Then, his eyes started to become more and more bright as if he met a distant friend.

It seemed like he noticed that the brat and him possessed the same reverence, worship, and admiration toward Han Lei. I was right that they were the same type of people.

I bet that Qin Hao took a liking to this friend, Ouyang Shuai, considering the expression he had when he was looking at him. It was a tenderness that was as soft as water.

As expected, bosom friends meets bosom friend, two pairs of eyes brimming with tears.

As I expected, Han Lei quickly sent Ouyang Shuai to Qin Hao to take care of. Thus, another one of Qin Hao’s capabilities was unearthed — an almighty babysitter.

The brat was originally not willing but after meeting and interacting with Qin Hao for an hour, the two could be said to have established a deep and inseparable friendship.

I couldn’t even catch a glimpse of their silhouettes until lunch time. I reckon that these two went to who knows where to profess their reverence, worship and admiration towards Han Lei.

After work, Ouyang Shuai and Qin Hao reluctantly parted ways and the three of us came to the Han residence.

Tonight the Han residence was brilliantly lit, bustling with noise and excitement. Everyone gathered together to celebrate Elder Brother, Han Si’s successful abduction of Elder Sister-In-Law, Su Yue Yan, back home.

At the dining table, Han Si smiled contently and complacently. While Su Yue Yan was shy and lowered her head, not daring to meet our teasing and provocative expressions and smiles. Hence she placed all her attention on Ouyang Shuai, the only outsider in the family.

The brat was very well-behaved, his mouth as well as his smile was quite sweet. He pleased everyone to the point where they didn’t know where was east or west. Everyone adored him and rushed to cultivate feelings with him especially our Mother-In-Law. She loved the brat to the point of being biased, completely ignoring Han Si who was our original main character and bestowed the leading role upon Ouyang Shuai.

Although Ouyang Shuai received the full attention of our Mother-In-Law, she had an even more important thing to do. Hence she hardened her heart and reluctantly parted with the brat and “borrowed” him to the group of men. When she stood up and clapped her hands, us women immediately stood up and “forced” Su Yue Yan into a room to “extort a confession”.

We pushed Su Yue Yan to sit in the middle of the bed. Mother-In-Law and I sat on her side while Han Min and Han Hui moved the chairs to sit in front of her.

“Hey, hey! Honestly confess! What method did Han Si, that dumb kid, use that made you forgive him?” Mother-In-Law sinisterly smiled and asked Su Yue Yan.

Since Mother-In-Law has already spoken our thoughts, the remaining three of us wouldn’t be unreasonable either, tacitly showing an ambiguous and YY (imaginative) smile.

Su Yue Yan’s slightly blushing face turned even more red when she saw our “fierce expressions”. She lowered her head and played with her fingers, shyly confessing in a low voice, “It wasn’t anything special. The first day he came to find me, I locked him out the door. The next day, he came to the entrance of my company holding flowers and I pushed him away when he tried stopping me. The third day, he came to my house again…It just so happens that everyone went traveling… Then he pulled me into the room … four days and four nights …”

“Woah!” I gasped, that refined and gentle Han Si unexpectedly… As expected, you couldn’t judge a person based on their appearance.

Hmph!” Han Min snorted.

“Four days and four nights! Wild ah!” Han Hui admired.

“As expected of my child!” Mother-In-Law laughed, “Did he use a necktie?”

“…” Su Yue Yan blushed and refused to answer.

As for whether Han Si used a necktie or not, it seemed that only the parties involved would know.

After getting to know everything that we wanted, Mother-In-Law clapped her hands satisfiedly and expressed everyone to disperse. She was itching to rush back to the living room to continue interacting with the brat.

After everyone left the room one by one, Mother-In-Law suddenly grabbed my hand, furtively glanced at me and whispered in my ear, “Why isn’t this child our family’s?”


Uh, I also want to know why…

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Four days and four nights…. *blush* I’m amazed that Su Yue Yan’s waist is still….. *ahem*