After taking a bath, I wore a spacious T-shirt and walked into Ouyang Shuai’s room with milk in hand, asking whether he was interested.

Ouyang Shuai opened his eyes with difficulty, glancing at me and the milk in my hands. He unadorably pouted and shook his head, his eyes containing deep contempt and dislike. Of course, his contempt and dislike was directed toward the milk, not me.

I shrugged, if you dislike it then forget about it after all forcing someone was not the way to go. Hence, I placed the milk on the table and walked toward him, helping him tuck his blankets in. Even though it was summer but being blown by the AC, if not careful he might catch a cold, then that wouldn’t be fun at all.

At first, I was earnestly tucking his blankets in but when I saw his tender and smooth face, I couldn’t help but extend my claws and groped for a bit. En, it was exactly how I had imagined. I originally thought that the brat would be angry toward my freeloading, even jumping up or at least expressing his “feelings”. But against my expectations, not only did the brat not fuss but he was staring at my … chest with a reddened face.

I followed his sight, lowered my head to look at my chest and discovered that the collar of the t-shirt was too wide. Hence when I bent over, I accidently exposed a wide gap. I really only exposed just a little bit, I swear that it was not on purpose.

I expressionlessly and calmly fixed my t-shirt. I looked at the still blushing and dazed Ouyang Shuai. I smiled, rolled my eyes and mischievously thought.

“Hey! How can you stare at someone’s that like that? You just had to look there!” I pretended to be bashful and coquettishly said.


Facing my teasing, the brat responded by burying his head into the blanket and wouldn’t come out no matter what.

Was he sure that he lived in the US, that open minded country? It was rare to maintain such pure and conservative thoughts.

I was afraid that he would be bored to death so I kindly opened one night light and left the room. I looked at the shut door, smiled and turned around to walk toward my room.

After entering the room, I discovered Han Lei who had taken a bath was currently reclining on the bedhead reading a book. I quickly climbed up the bed and habitually leaned against his shoulder. My gaze stopping at the book in his hands and serenely said, “Truthfully, you already saw through the brat’s true colors already, right?!”

If other people were fooled by Ouyang Shuai’s “mask”, I could still believe it. However, if that “other person” was Han Lei, I believe it was absolutely impossible.

I felt Han Lei’s chest tremble, he chuckled and said, “What do you mean?”

Pretending to be stupid, right?

I coldly said, “Keep pretending and it won’t look like it anymore.”

Hearing this, Han Lei put down the book in his hand onto the nightstand. He gathered me in one arm and faced me with his handsome face. He extended his other arm to lightly tap my nose, eyes glimmering and smiled, “It doesn’t matter if I knew or not, interesting is interesting, right? If it’s interesting, does it matter if I pretended that I didn’t know?”

This man was obviously having the idea of ‘We can entertain him as we entertain ourselves’. Right there and then, I just wanted to describe the ‘adoration’ I felt towards him in the following words: High! Simply too high!

The next day was still a work day so we properly went to work.

The healthy Ouyang Shuai who went to bed early and woke up early used an extremely euphemistic way to express his request to follow us to the company. He even ensured over and over again that he would not disturb us nor delay our work efficiency.

Not surprisingly, Han Lei smiled and nodded his consent.

I twitched the corners of my mouth as I looked at Han Lei’s smile and thought: In fact, this guy had originally planned to bring the brat to the company to “play”. With my incomplete understanding of him, I reckon that if the brat wasn’t willing to go, he would still find a way to tempt him to go.