Mother-In-Law kindly explained, “In fact, this stupid boy brought it upon himself, laughing and chatting with his ex but not letting other people eat with their first love. So, he ate vinegar and said some harsh words, so the docile little white rabbit got angry and left. Thus, we privately bet on when the little white rabbit will explode, but we didn’t expect for her to endure so well, waiting until today to turn over and be the master. Therefore, Han Yu, who bet that the little white rabbit would not rebel, will pay!”

Hearing what Mother-In-Law said, Han Yu looked at Han Si while pouting miserably and aggrievedly said, “Look at how I supported you! The result? Not only did you let me down, you also hurt my wallet! Return my money!”

Just at this moment, Father-In-Law took away the wine in his hands and Han Si was met with only empty air when he tried to grab it. Father-In-Law calmly said, “Don’t waste good wine.”

Han Hui, rejoicing in other’s misfortune, said, “Regretful? To the point of your intestines turning green? Serves you right!”

Han Min coldly glanced at Han Si and coldly said, “This is the conclusion for bullying the little white rabbit. A boring man doing boring things, go kneel down and cry!”

Guan Yi didn’t say anything but continuously nodded, indicating that he supported his family’s wife’s viewpoint.

My mouth twitched as I looked at them. Were they sure that they were all apart of the same family? Were they sure that Han Si wasn’t brought back and raised by them? Why did they not comfort him? Why kick him down even further?

“Good Daughter-In-Law, come say something too!” Mother-In-Law suddenly asked me to participate in the “Mocking People Group”.

Perhaps it’s because I have been with Han Lei for a while, but I unexpectedly blurted out, “En…This recidivist is not worthy to be sympathized with, pitied nor forgiven…”

Han Lei was even more brief, only letting out a snort of disdain.

Cold ah, coarsely cold ah, this entire family is blackbellied and it’s not a normal degree of blackbelliness.

Finally, Han Si surrendered and miserably asked, “Then what do you think I should do?”

“This is easy!” Han Yu smilingly said. “Go run to Eldest Sister-In-Law and apologize. If she doesn’t listen, then you should cry. If crying doesn’t work, then you should argue. If arguing doesn’t work and she ignores you, then you can hang yourself in front of her!”

The standard: 1. cry 2. argue 3. hang yourself.

“No, no, no!” Han Hui interrupted Han Yu and said with longing, “You should buy 999 roses and give it to Eldest Sister-In-Law. You can also plaster “I’m sorry” and “I love you” all over a hot air balloon.

Che!” Han Min snorted, “I say… you should quickly go kneel down in front of her. If she still doesn’t forgive you, then you should just commit seppuku. My hubby can lend you a knife, just remember to return it.”

“Yeah, I can lend you a knife and also let you choose one that you like, just remember to return it to me,” Guan Yi followed.

Father-In-Law remained silent.

Han Lei was about to say something but I only saw him grin evilly and say, “It’s rather easy. If you want it, then just take it back home and confine it for three days and three nights. First, start by acknowledging your wrongs and then discipline it well! Isn’t that a wonderful ending?”

Even though Han Lei was saying this to Han Si, why do I feel that he was saying this for me to hear?

Mother-In-Law was very much in favor of Han Lei’s suggestion. She clapped while nodding and said, “I approve! Why don’t you also try tying her?!”

Once Mother-In-Law said that, I couldn’t help but took notice of our Father-In-Law. I was surprised when I saw his face quickly blush, albeit fleetingly.

Han Si went silent and buried his face into his palms. After a while, he once again raised his head and had an expression of clarity. His eyes had a resolute determination, and he had an overly confident smile on his face. He picked up his suit jacket, walked toward the door, opened it, and said without looking back, “Thank you guys! I will definitely bring her home within a week!” After saying this, he gracefully departed.

When I heard what he said, I couldn’t help but wonder which plan he chose. It’s not Han Lei and Mother-In-Law’s, right?

After Han Si left, everyone consecutively raised their glasses with the same smiling expression and drowned the wine in one go.

After the main character left, everyone couldn’t sit still either. Mother-In-Law held Father-In-Law’s hand, stood up, and said, “You guys should go find places to sleep tonight! Ha!”

“I am going to play all night and will absolutely not return home!” Han Yu pledged.

“I am going to a classmate’s house to review homework tonight! All night long!” Han Hui obediently said.

Han Min didn’t answer Mother-In-Law’s question. She simply asked her hubby, “Which hotel should we go to tonight?”

Guan Yi responded, “We came here last time, so let’s go there this time!”

Mother-In-Law was very satisfied with her children’s cleverness and tactfulness. She ignored Father-In-Law’s blush that wouldn’t dissipate, pulled him and departed.

Father-In-Law looked at Mother-In-Law lovingly and obediently let her pull him away.  

Han Lei chuckled near my ear, “Going to play the “tie” game again?!”

Uh… Mother-In-Law, is it alright to play this game this frequently?

Additional Comment:

It’s quite funny as the tie references to being tied up and the tie for a men’s suit. Father-In-Law will probably be tied up by his tie this time. Ahaha ^_^

Han Hui’s reference to 999 roses is from the song: 九百九十九朵玫瑰 by Samuel Tai.