Benevolent Mother-In-Law Fight Against Evil Mother-In-Law

Is a benevolent Mother-In-Law fighting an evil Mother-In-Law equivalent to Xi Yang Yang bullying Gargamel? (t/n: Xi Yang Yang is a Chinese Cartoon character that fights for justice or on the good side)

How could I have known that Qin Hao would leave and notify someone when Qin Yang was helping me rub the medicinal wine?

In all fairness, Qin Hao is a good comrade. He is responsible and loyal, but he can’t separate private and public affairs and is completely loyal to Han Lei. Under Han Lei’s orders, he changed from an ordinary male secretary to a multipurpose talent, specifically his skills of “coincidence” and super fast “tattletale”. I believe that one day Qin Hao will definitely be considered a hard to come by genius in all of humanity.

How could he be this dedicated? How did Han Lei train him?

Everyone except for Liu Jing treated Han Lei’s appearance as a matter of course. If the circumstances allowed me to, I definitely would have had the urge to immediately get up from the sofa.

Han Lei seemed to be familiar with the two brothers, and after greeting Gao Fan Yu, he smoothly sat down next to me.

Although Han Lei wasn’t wearing his glasses, he still had a tender and friendly expression on his face just like when he’s wearing his glasses. He lightly placed my injured ankle onto his lap. His eyes contained a trace of heartache as he looked down and placed his hand on my ankle. He softly said, “Saving the day on sight… You’re playing a heroine for the looks, right?

Uh…” I slightly struggled.

“You got injured in the end, right?”

En…” I endured the pain.

“Do you know your mistake?”

Ah!!!!” I painfully screeched.

Everytime he asked me a question, he applied more pressure on my ankle. He was abusing me! He was abusing me in front of everyone!

Suddenly, Han Lei’s expression went cold as he expressionlessly said, “Everyone should go home tonight for the time being. If there is anything else, we can discuss it at my house tomorrow. When that time comes, bring that guy too, understood?”

After everyone nodded, Han Lei picked me up and called Liu Jing over before the three of us flamboyantly went home.

After returning home, Han Lei undertook the problem of bathing me as my foot can’t come into contact with water.

He dragged me and stripped me bare in the bathroom with an evil smile. While he washed me thoroughly, he avoided my injured ankle. Whatever amount of tofu I had left was completely devoured by him

Han Lei gently carried me to the bed. I opened my eyes wide and waited for him to finish bathing with a clear head. With what I understand about him, I have a premonition that this night will be very long.

As expected, there was only a towel wrapped around his waist when he pressed up against me and helplessly asked, “Honey, should I hang you and whip you or kiss you real hard?”

I rolled my eyes. I didn’t even have to think about my options before I chose the latter. Hence, I took the initiative and wrapped my arms around his neck and said, “Honey, you don’t need to say anymore, just kiss me!”

In reality, I was tired to the point where I could’ve transversed. I sadly sighed. It would have been better if I had chosen to be whipped.

First of all we have to understand that Liu Jing is an obstinately stubborn and conservative twentyfive year old girl, making people want to slap her.

Also, the thing that I have always wanted to know was actually:

Liu Jing and He Yi were siblings who didn’t share the same blood. They both grew up in an orphanage and were adopted by the same family. The feelings between the two were delicate. When they grew up, He Yi found that he loved Liu Jing, but their adopted parents had already married Liu Jing to a widow’s son who was a young pilot to repay their debt of gratitude. Perhaps the heavens have watchful eyes… Err, no… It’s that the heavens are unpredictable, jealous of the talented. The day that Liu Jing and the pilot got their marriage registered, the son suddenly received an order to change shifts. Unfortunately, the two were married, but they hadn’t done it yet. The young pilot was involved in a disaster and gracefully transversed into another world. The elderly woman was heartbroken. Originally, she had been widowed early on, and now she had lost her precious son. She blamed everything on Liu Jing and not only did she scold her, but she also tortured and abused her. Liu Jing was a stubborn girl, and she also thought that she was at fault. So, she was willing to be abused and kept beside the elderly woman. He Yi originally planned to let go of her and give his blessing if she married well and was happy. However, because things have developed to this stage, he planned to “rescue” Liu Jang. The helpless Liu Jang felt like this was a bad idea even though she also had feelings toward He Yi. She couldn’t let go of the elderly woman and even swore that if the elderly woman doesn’t tell her to leave, then she definitely wouldn’t leave.

The above was Liu Jing’s words added onto by He Yi.

What was originally a simple story of “Bro has the hots while the sis knows”, turned into a huge mess because Liu Jing was a girl with breasts but no brain. Why did she have to make this so confusing?

Everyone who was sitting down looked at He Yi with sympathizing and helpless expressions.

He Yi let out a bitter laugh.

There were a total of eight people who participated in this discussion other than the main speaker, Liu Jing, and the secondary speaker, He Yi. There was also me, Han Lei, Qin Hao, Qin Yang, Gao Fan Yu, as well as… our Mother-In-Law.

From a personal perspective, Han Lei  and I are the owners of the home which is why we are present. Liu Jing and He Yi are the main characters which is why they are present. The Qin family’s two brothers and Gao Fan Yu obeyed Han Lei’s command which was why they were present. However… why was our Mother-In-Law present?

Ahahaha!” Our Mother-In-Law covered her mouth and smiled, “When I was coming here to return this brat’s necktie, I coincidentally listened in. Then, I decided to stay and listen!”

Okay, Mother-In-Law was actually telling the truth. Mother-In-Law indeed came to return Han Lei’s necktie. Recounting yesterday’s events, Mother-In-Law, for the sake of completing seducing our Father-In-Law, kicked everyone out for the night. When she couldn’t find the right material to use to tie Father-In-Law up, she went to the trouble of borrowing a tie from Han Lei. She came purely by chance today to return the necktie.

“If only it wasn’t because it was too late to buy things… if only they didn’t inherit their father’s cautiousness… Each and everyone of them have locked their doors as tight as a deposit vault. If they would let me in, would I have to run here to borrow things? I really didn’t want to use a rope…” Mother-In-Law grumbled.

Han Lei’s handsome face twitched. He truly couldn’t face everyone, especially his own mother. After all, there was a saying: Do not wash your dirty linen in public. (t/n: to discuss very private, personal matters, especially that which may be embarrassing, in public or with other people)

But the most important thing at hand wasn’t why Mother-In-Law was returning the necktie, but to solve Liu Jing and He Yi’s problem so that their feelings can continue to smoothly develop.

For the next few hours, everyone tried to help brainwash, uh, persuade Liu Jing that it was necessary for her to get together with He Yi.

However, Liu Jing’s denseness and confused state had reached the level of immortals. No matter how much we said to the point that our mouths dried up, our voices went hoarse, and our throat began to burn, she still firmly “insists on following her belief” and won’t “compromise”.

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