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However, this was my first time ever taking the initiative to touch a man, a very mysterious experience. I touched his adam’s apple and felt it roll around. I touched his chest and felt a strong and powerful heartbeat. I touched his abdomen and felt its toughness and heat.

My hand lingered around his lower abdomen, unable to determine whether to continue downwards. After all, I was still very shy. After listening to his pleasured and sexy groans, I turned my eyes upwards, smiled, and kissed the two little strawberries on his chest, imitating how he kissed me in order to tease him.

While hearing his satisfied moans, I complacently smiled. I kissed his rolling adam’s apple and my hands began to wander around his chest.

Finally, he said in a low and hoarse voice, “Honey, you are playing with fire!”

Am I? I don’t even have a lighter or matches in my hands. What a rascal!

Just when I was about to protest, he suddenly pressed me under himself and impatiently took off my nightgown. His fiery palms caressed every corner of my body. His hot, moist lips journeyed downwards and finally stopped between my legs.

After he played with my entire body I went limp, I protested by turning over my body in the hopes of being satisfied by him.

He raised his head in between my legs, gave me a sinister smile, and pulled off the bath towel wrapped around his waist with one hand. He once again pressed his body down onto mine. He separated my legs even further apart with his hands and straightened his back, eliciting moans of pleasure from both of us.

I wrapped my legs around his body. He buried his face into my hair and attacked me violently.

I passively followed his rhythm and speed, letting out only fragmented moans.

The night was long, the insects went to sleep, and the Earth was silent. Even the moon covered its face and hid, but the room continued to burn with fiery hot moans…

Under Han Lei’s violent impacts, how many times did I come until dawn arrived?

I clearly didn’t get enough sleep after I was loved by Han Lei all night. Thus, the next day the moment I sat in the car I couldn’t help but lean against the chair to catch up on my sleep.

After arriving at the company, Han Lei smiled without feeling sorry at all and with his fake kindness invited me to continue sleeping on the sofa in his office.

Looking at his not simple and impure smile, I rationally refused his “kindness”. In my entire life, this was the first time I disregarded work and laid my head on my desk and slept for the entire morning.

After eating lunch, I unexpectedly received a message from Qin Hao, inviting me to meet on the rooftop.

I arrived to the rooftop filled with doubt and worry. I wondered whether he was really going to push me down and usurp the throne.

“Are… you really president Han’s wife?” Qin Hao stood beside the railing and looked at me inquisitively.

I nodded my head.

Qin Hao was silent for a long time, a look of shock on his face.

Hey! Are you really that unsatisfied and shocked that I am Han Lei’s wife?

However, I can still accept it if it’s you,” Qin Hao cooly concluded.

“Hey! I say… you actually like our family’s Han Lei, right?” I couldn’t help but ask.

Qin Hao’s handsome face blushed and while gesticulating quickly explained, “What are you thinking! My feelings towards president Han are very pure! That’s reverence! Worship! Admiration!”

Go ahead and explain.

En, I understand… To sum it up, you still like him…”

“It’s reverence! Worship! Admiration!”

“Don’t be shy! Just tell the truth. I won’t tell him!”


Additional Comments:

Today is plum and lizi’s birthdays!!! Our birthdays are the same: same month, date, and year! We are two separate individuals, not twins ^^.

We will have another special release on September 3!


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