Chapter 36 – Bag-giving ambassador


On the other end, when the meeting ended it was already 8 pm.

The woman sitting at the right-most side of the table tried to sneakily move her hips. They’d been sitting for almost five hours and it was really tiring.

As everyone was packing up, she made sure to appear like she just happened to look at the guy sitting in the centre.

Everyone else looked worn out, but her Big Boss was still sitting straight. During the meeting that had lasted these few hours, other than that one video call he answered mid-conference, he didn’t say a single word more than necessary. Even his instructions and questions were simple and to the point.

After declaring the meeting over, Chu Ying got up and strode quickly out of the conference room.

The woman stopped looking and silently sighed. Before anyone could leave, the Boss’ assistant came back in.

“Director Chu said, everyone has worked hard tonight so he will treat you guys to something big and you can order whatever you want, tomorrow bring your receipts to claim back the money.”

The top management of a big corporation don’t need this big meal. So, though no one looked particularly joyous, everyone still made sure to express their thanks.

As they filtered out of the room, another female worker squeezed her way to her side and whispered, “After seeing the Big Boss for five hours, I think I’ve almost had my fill of him.”

Ever since the new boss had taken up office, the female staff of the company had started working a lot harder. The boss was handsome, rich and single – basically everything a girl could ask for in a guy.

What a pity, their teenage dreams were shattered an hour ago.

The employee seemed to remember something and said, “Did you see that news on the web? There’s quite a few commercial bloggers saying that Su Yi is Director Chu’s girlfriend. I heard the voice just now, I think it really is Su Yi.”

“I don’t know.” Saying so, the woman turned around and waved her hand. “I’m not feeling very well, I won’t be going. See you tomorrow.”

Just when she reached the parking lot, she met Chu Ying who was preparing to get into the car and drive away.

She didn’t think too much then, hurrying forward.

“Director Chu!”

Chu Ying stopped in his movement and looked up, silently waiting for her to continue.

“That,” the lady put her hair behind her ear and asked softly, almost embarrassedly, “I didn’t drive here today, are you free to… send me?”

She made sure it was obvious what she was actually trying to say. She felt that in this day and age, it’s not about who came first. A good man is someone anyone can try to get. It’s really up to one’s abilities, and even if Su Yi was good looking, her background and her education definitely wouldn’t be as good as hers.

Chu Ying frowned. “Then why are you in the parking lot?”

The woman paused. “Huh?”

“I’ve seen your résumé.”

The woman’s lips curled up. “I’m very honoured…”

“A well-educated woman, who forgot to bring her car keys.” His voice was cold. “Then how did you get here this morning?”


“Take your own cab home, I’m your boss, not your driver.” Chu Ying gave her a once over. “Anything else?”

The other was strict, and she unknowingly lowered her volume. “No…”

“Then step aside.”

After the SUV drove off, the colleagues watching the show from behind looked out and got in their cars as if nothing had happened.

It made her lose so much face! How could there be this sort of guy! Being his girlfriend must really suck!

The woman angrily stomped twice then stalked towards her car.

Chu Ying drove to his old residence. He’d promised his mother a few days ago that he’d be  home for dinner today.

Just when he went in, he saw a familiar figure on the sofa eating dessert with a sour face.

“Ying-zi, you’re back.” Liu Xi looked up from the junk food. “I’ve waited for an eternity here.”

Chu Ying’s expression remained unchanged as he took off his suit jacket and passed it to the maid. “Why are you here?”

“Why do you speak to Little Xi like this, the other came specially to find you,” his mother said, walking out of the room. “Come, you’re just in time for dinner.”

At the table, Father Chu asked as he ate, “How’s the company.”


“I heard you fired Qi Lian?”

“He should have been fired long ago.” Chu Ying didn’t even look up. “There’s no one left in the company? You dare use this sort of people.”

Father Chu frowned. “Everyone changes. He may be bad now, but it doesn’t mean he was never good.”

Liu Xi nodded his agreement. “Uncle’s right!”

It was at the end that Mother Chu said, almost off-handedly, “Right, Little Ying, Ruolin’s back, do you know?”

“I don’t.”

“The moment she came back she asked after you.” Mother Chu smiled. “If you have time go find her and have a chat, talk about your past.”

Liu Xi said, “Auntie, are you trying to set him up on a blind date?”

“How is it a blind date?” Mother Chu disagreed. “Ruolin and Chu Ying have known each other since they were kids, they grew up together and are childhood friends.”

Chu Ying said, “I have no time, I won’t see her.”

“It took her a lot of courage to come ask me, you’re not being kind,” Mother Chu said. “Just going to meet her won’t cost you much. Time’s like water in a sponge, if you’d squeeze it you’d definitely find some.”

Chu Ying’s expression didn’t change. “I have a girlfriend.”

The rock left many ripples on the lake surface. The table was silent for a few seconds.

“Who?” Mother Chu’s eyes widened and she immediately threw that Ruolin out of her mind. “Tell me, which girl, is she pretty, obedient?”

“Pretty and obedient.” Chu Ying’s lips curved. “You know her.”

Mother Chu was even more excited. “Really? Tell me who it is.”

“Su Yi.”

Liu Xi sucked in a deep breath.

His brother was really too cool. How long has it been and he’s going to bring her home?

Mother Chu looked confused and thought about it for a long time. “Who?”

After the commercials, the imperial-harem show replay, that Mother Chu chased every night, started playing.

Chu Ying tilted his chin. “Her.”

Mother Chu looked to the side. The opening credits were playing on the TV and the actors were appearing one by one, with a character introduction by each one. That lady who could make her angry every single night appeared soon on the TV, a row of words appearing beside her.

Rong Fei – Su Yi

Mother Chu was confused and shocked.

Before she was able to react, her son got up. “I’m full, take your time.”

After finishing, he turned around and went upstairs.

Liu Xi knew that if he didn’t run away then, he would be interrogated by Mother Chu. At once he ignored how he wasn’t full yet, hurriedly saying something to politely excuse himself before following Chu Ying away.

“Damn, brother, that’s really too awesome! It’s really just here and there and you’d already tell your family?” After making sure no one else would hear, Liu Xi finally couldn’t help asking, “Does Su Yi know?”

“How’s that any of your business?” Chu Ying glanced at him. “Say, what did you look for me for?”

Seeing how his brother’s path to a bright future with the one he loved was clear and his own was covered in thunderstorms and rain clouds, Liu Xi felt really pitiful and sad.

“Hey, don’t mention it, I was chased back to Beijing by the girl I love.”

Chu Ying opened his phone and took two looks. “You’re over a hundred pounds, which girl’s able to chase you away?”

Liu Xi said pitifully, “Am I really that bad? Hey no, I’m already so sad, why are you still playing with your phone, you never used to play with your phone.”

Chu Ying ignored him, opening his notifications. Su Yi had posted a Weibo two minutes ago.

[Su Yiv: One bed, two people. [pic]]

In the photo was half of her face without make-up, a humanoid figure vaguely seen in the background, whom Chu Ying identified as Chu Xi at a glance.

He looked down and realised that the comments on the Weibo were rather interesting.

[This is… a public declaration of their relationship status?]

[I’m guessing that the one behind would be @Chu Ying]

[Bless 99]

Chu Ying found himself in a good mood as he continued looking and asked the person standing behind, “What does bless nine-nine mean?” (nine-nine in this case is read as ‘jiu jiu’, and sounds like ‘jiu jiu’ which can mean ‘for a long time’).

“It means to bless something to last for as long as the sky and the earth do.” Liu Xi looked skywards, speaking by himself, “Do you think I still have a chance of successfully winning her over?”

Chu Ying scrolled down more.

[Su Yi xx district fans group: # Su Yi 0722 birthday celebration ## Yi Yi, when is the official party schedule going to be released?]


Chu Ying’s eyebrow quirked up briefly. 22nd, that’s next week.

A message popped up at the top of his phone just then.

[Goddess Su Yi: Chu Xi is fighting for my bed with me and was squeezed into the corner of the bed, Chu Ying’s woman will never admit to losing.jpg]

After a certain app unveiled a function to edit stickers, Su Yi had really gotten into using them.

Behind him, Liu Xi was still mumbling to himself and Chu Ying interrupted him. “Ask you something?”

Liu Xi immediately stopped. “What is it?”

He pursed his lips and hesitated for a moment. “What do you give as a present on a birthday?”

“Birthday? Whose birthday?” Liu Xi asked. “Su Yi?”


“Then you’ve asked the right person.” Liu Xi sat upright, slapped his thigh and said, “Girls are the easiest to please. For those that don’t want much, the lower class ones, lipsticks would do; for the ones that are middle-class just give them sums of money in 520 and 1314 or so; for the ones that are higher, you don’t need to say anything, just give them bags. It’s the best if you can give a few at the same time, it’d get you through. Su Yi must be at the top of the golden pyramid, how about you do this, give her all three. I’ll give you an idea, go make an LV tree in front of her hotel room door and hang ten or so bags on it, wear a suit and bring a bouquet of roses to give her a surprise.” Here, Liu Xi couldn’t help snapping a finger, impressed by himself. “It’d make her extremely touched!”

He’s clearly experienced – it was really easy to tell he gave away a lot.

Chu Ying looked at him with disgust.

“What? Women nowadays like bags, am I wrong?”

“I know why that girl’s ignoring you.”

Liu Xi asked, “Why?”

“The way you are, who dares go with you?!” Here, Chu Ying jeered, “Bag-giving ambassador.”


Wu Xue was amazingly efficient; the details of the livestream was settled very quickly.

The platform was called Battle Cats TV, just bought over by a big boss. They were buying all sorts of main streaming at high prices, though most of it was centred around gaming.

The other offered a really high price, high enough that Wu Xue wanted to sign a three year contract for Su Yi, but in the end only signed for one day.

The day was drawing closer. Others can’t wait for their birthdays, but Su Yi was completely falling apart over it.

Since they were going to host it online, she naturally couldn’t let the fans down. But after trying she realised that, of the online games currently trending, each was harder than the next!

What are people doing nowadays?! It’s already so hard to live, why do they have to create games that were so hard to play?!

Two days before the live-stream, Wu Xue said casually, “You’ve prepared for the live-stream?”

“Yeah.” Su Yi was playing with the phone, not even looking up. “I’ve been practising a lot recently.”

“Really?” Wu Xue said with surprise. “What are you practising, why don’t I know about it?”


Wu Xue kept thinking that she was joking. She laughed about it and even added, “Then you keep practising, try to become number one.”

It was not until the day of the livestream when Su Yi typed on the keyboard and changed the room’s name to ‘Su Yi’s birthday livestream / Unbeatable on Link-Up / Random lucky draw of fans to hold friendly competition’, did Wu Xue realise how serious this was.

What friendly Link-Up competition?!



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