The Taming of the Yandere

V3 Chapter 8: A Douche with a Messenger


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That night.

I sent the nearly-broken Mo Shiyu home, but when I returned to Jiang Muqing’s house, she had already left.

Has she gone back?

I thought, and locked her door.

I’ve come out again with no casualties, but the sacrifice this time was larger than before. To have Jiang Muqing realize the severity of her problem, I molded myself into a douchebag, who eats from a bowl while gazing at countless pots.

“There are a ton of girls who I love in my class!”

“I dream of seeing them naked!”

“Kill them then, kill them all. I will still keep loving girls.”


Though it was very shameful, it did make Jiang Muqing understand that getting rid of “love rivals” with violence was not the way to go.

If you kill a douchebag’s lover, he won’t be afraid; rather, he’ll go find a new one. There is no end to killing the lovers of a douchebag.

Then, to be with the douchebag and prevent him from having second thoughts, Jiang Muqing thought of killing the douche and carrying his ashes. So I dismantled that argument by reminding her, ashes don’t look any different from the dust on the streets. Carrying a douchebag’s ashes does not give control of him.

At last, the shoujo realized she couldn’t have me stay peacefully by her side using physical measures. So she let go, dressed Mo Shiyu back in her clothes, and cut the tape binding our hands and feet.

Of course, she did notice that I didn’t really like Mo Shiyu, and wasn’t cheating at all.

If anyone were to love someone, they would do their best to show the best side of them, and not a hateful douchebag.

But it wasn’t that bad. Even if I didn’t say those words, I doubted I would still remain friends with the Class Pres. I only worried whether she would tell her parents what happened or not.

If her family were to know, Jiang Muqing would definitely be taken by the police, and escape my grasp. Of course, there was no telling what the stubborn and colorful Jiang Muqing might do then.

But Mo Shiyu somehow miraculously managed to keep this immense humiliation to herself, and returned home alone quietly.

After finding her relatively unharmed, her family didn’t press further, and the event was quickly left behind.

Later, I called her many times, but she hung up as soon as she took the call. Of course, I could understand why.

Afterwards, she would probably change her number, and avoid me in the future at all costs.

Jiang Muqing didn’t do anything rash afterwards, either. Besides eating and going to the bathroom, she spent her time locked in her room.

Although we lived under the same roof, she didn’t speak with me at all.

Every day, I would knock on her door, but she never answered. I leave without a word, and return to my room.

Once, I tried to unlock her door with the key, and swung it open. She was changing clothes.

Then, she turned around without hesitating, and stared at me. Her shining eyes looked angry, yet cute.

Her attitude was something like “Look all you want; I’m not going to recognize you anyway”.

I quickly shut my eyes, closed the door, and ran all the way back to my room.

But even after that, she still kept talking casually with my mother, as if I were thin air.

So Mom became somewhat of a messenger between us two.

“Mom, what do you want to eat tonight?”

I set down the bags of groceries on the table.

“I ate a little too much for lunch, and my stomach is still full. I don’t think it’s digesting right, how about we have something light for dinner?”

Mom replied.

“Then, what about vermicelli?”

I looked at the bags.


“Jiang Muqing, is it okay if we eat noodles tonight?”

I called out to the office, but heard no answer. She was clearly ignoring me.

I glanced exasperatedly at Mom, and she glared.

“Did you bully my Qing again?”

“It’s your Qing who bullied me!”

Her eyes caught the faded marks of duct tape on my wrists.

“Ohh, what’s this…. What did you two go do?”

Mom rubbed my hands in sympathy.

“It’s fine, it was just the plastic bags. They’re from the handles.”

“Hmph, I’m telling you, don’t trouble my Qing. She’s practically my god-daughter now.”

Mom huffed.

“Ah, whatever. Ask her whether she wants noodles or not.”

She glared at me again, and called out to Jiang Muqing.

“Qing! What do you want to eat tonight, Fan will make it for you!”

Eh? Why did it become whatever she wanted to eat? Mom, don’t troll me! If she were to flare up and ask for a full-course, I really wouldn’t be able to meet her demands.



I fried three eggs, each for one of us.

Then, I cut up a tomato into slices, minced some green onions, and peeled some garlic. I threw them all into the pan and sautéed them, making a soup base.

I filled up a pot of water with the tomato base, and started to boil it.

Not too long after, the noodles were done. I ladled out three bowls, and placed an egg on top of each.

I felt like the meal was still missing something, so I took out some cooked sausage from the supermarket, and dropped a few slices into the broth.

What was the name of this dish? Tomato sausage noodles with egg? What a chaotic mix.

“Mom, come eat dinner!”


“Call Jiang Muqing for me.”