The Taming of the Yandere


V3 Chapter 7: Despicable Me


Jiang Muqing licked and chewed at the girl’s breast.

“Fan, you really are happy.”

Jiang Muqing’s eyes swiveled to my crotch.

I know, my little buddy is getting uncontrollably excited. As a healthy adolescent boy, this was unavoidable.

“It seems that Fan loves this body very much, then I’ll express my love to Fan, too.”

As she spoke, Jiang Muqing took a permanent marker from under the coffee table.

Isn’t that the marker she used last time to write all those Post-It notes?

What does she want to do?

Jiang Muqing waved the marker under Mo Shiyu’s skirt, scraping it against her skin. Next, she dragged it upwards, resting against the inside of her thigh.


The violated girl felt the strange sensation, and seemed to suddenly wake from a slumber. Her body started to convulse, and she clamped her legs together tightly.

“What are you doing?! What the hell are you doing?!”

I cried out loud in shock.

Using a marker to take away the shoujo’s virginity? To think that Jiang Muqing would think of such an extreme measure. *

*It is implied that the marker’s cap is on.

“Doing what Fan loves? Fan must want to do this to her, right?”

She smiled.

“I don’t have the right to do that, and you don’t, either! You’re breaking the law! Please, stop!”

I shouted in fright. I knew that if Jiang Muqing really carried through her act, we would never be able to fix anything.

“To make Fan happy, I would do anything.”

Jiang Muqing seemed to be insane, and her hands crept beyond the cloth.

“Enough! What do you want?”

“I said, I just want to make Fan happy.”

“You won’t achieve that at all like this, let her go! Please!”

I begged her like a dog.

“Fan is a liar. He says that with his mouth, but his body is still honest. You must crave for the next step in your heart.”

She looked at my excited crotch, and gave me a cold grin.



Think about what could be changed about this tragedy?

Think about what can change Jiang Muqing’s actions?

What can I take advantage of Jiang Muqing?

The only weapon I have is…

The fact that she loves me.


With this simple emotion, maybe I can take control of all what happens next.

I’m such a genius.

A despicable genius.

Is this the only way?


I steadied myself, and wrapped up my weak, frightened look. I lifted my head up, and started to laugh. My mind spun, planning the next steps accordingly.

“Continue! Please, continue, I’m so excited. Strip off all her clothes, it’s much better that way!”

The words “I’m such a bastard” echoed in my heart. I let go of all my emotions.


Jiang Muqing saw my crazed look, and seemed to stop.

“That’s right, I do love Mo Shiyu. I thank you for doing all of this for me today. If you would let me do her right here and now, I would be happier.”

I cackled.

Jiang Muqing, if you love me, would you really let me do those things with someone else in front of you?


After hearing that, Jiang Muqing fell silent. Her hand stopped, too.

It was clear that she wasn’t willing.

“So as long as I love them, you’ll do this to any girl? I’m so happy, I’ll make a list right now, there are a ton of girls who I like in our class. Snatch them all up, I want to see them sexy, just the way she is right now.”

I kept talking trash.

You’re not the only girl I like, I’m a massive f*ckboy. As someone who loves me, how do you feel?

“As long as I destroy every girl that Lu Fan likes, Fan would love me at the end.”

Jiang Muqing stood up, took out a sharp pair of scissors, and pointed it to Mo Shiyu’s neck.

Just as expected, murder was the yandere’s answer to the problem.

“Kill her then, kill them all. I would still keep loving girls.”

I smirked.

Could you really get rid of every single girl?

“Then when will Fan let me… have my turn?”

Her face straightened.

This reply was a little out of my expectations. Does she consider herself in that group?

“Do you think I will ever love a woman who kills everyone that I love?

I pretended to look at her with disgust. Nobody loves a murderer.

“No, I can’t be like this!”

Her brows knit together, and her pupils dilated. A frightening expression appeared on her face.

I seemed to have hit rock-bottom. This was her limit, that she would do something that will cause me to not love her.

Just as I anticipated, Jiang Muqing lowered her knife from Mo Shiyu’s neck. She walked to my side, and pointed the scissors to my face.

“If you kill someone I love, I will never be with you.”

Facing the sharp edge, I repeated without so much as a twitch.

Are you hearing this right? If you hurt others, we will never stay together.

“No! If that’s the case, then Fan won’t be unfaithful if he’s dead. I’ll carry Fan’s ashes by my side, and Fan will never leave me again.

The scissors started to shake, and she started to apply just the slightest of pressure. Pain blossomed on my cheek.

Good, her attention has successfully been diverted from Mo Shiyu to me.

I can’t go back anymore.

“Since you like ashes, then why don’t you sweep some from the street! My ashes aren’t any different from the dust on the ground. Do you really think that we’ll be together if you do that?”

I laughed. Even if I become ashes, I will never love you.

“Then I’ll die with you. I’ll kill you first, and then myself. That way, our souls can be together!”

She still seemed stubborn.

“Do souls really exist? Humans only have one chance in life, and they lose everything once they die. How will you ever be with me?”

What a joke.

“I believe in souls; I believe in the afterlife.”

The shoujo was very determined.

“Even if you’re right, do you think my soul could be bound like the tape around me right now? What’s going to stop me from chasing the other ghost girls? Will we meet each other again? Do you really think our fates could be that entwined?”

I ripped apart the shoujo’s innocent dreams. Even if I become a spirit, even if there is an afterlife, I will never love you.

“Then, Lu Fan will never love me even if he dies?”

The pair of scissors clanged to the floor, and she sank to her knees.

She’s finally understood.

Jiang Muqing’s pale, lifeless face inched closer to mine.

“I will never love the way you are right now.”

I glanced at the unconscious Mo Shiyu on the sofa, and gazed at the shattered girl in front of me.

“The way I am right now?”

Jiang Muqing looked around her, and it seemed that she woke up from a dream. She noticed what she did wrong.

“The girl I love will never do something like this.”

I spoke coldly.

“I don’t want to do this, either. I don’t want to hurt anyone. Lu Fan, you forced me like this. When I saw the two of you together like that, I couldn’t control myself at all.”

Jiang Muqing lowered her head, almost in shame.

“Jiang Muqing, you have a disease.”

I stared at her intently.

“Are you saying that I’m insane?”

“No, not like that.”

I exhaled.

“Then, is how I love you the disease?”

“How could it not be? Look upon yourself, and wake up! Your state right now only makes people afraid of you.”

I looked at her broken expression, and lamented.

Who could bear this kind of love. What can I do to save you? I don’t want to see that expression anymore.


In the darkness, the shoujo gazed at me in deep thought. After a while, she seemed to have figured something out, and suddenly leaped up.

“Sorry, Lu Fan, I’ve falsely accused you.”

She suddenly apologized to me.


Is everything alright, now?

“You don’t love Mo Shiyu at all, I was being delusional.”

Jiang Muqing had returned to normal, and stared guiltily at Mo Shiyu.

“Why do you say that?”

Didn’t I admit that I love Mo Shiyu?

“If Lu Fan really does love someone, will he really say bastard stuff like ‘I love all the girls in our class’ in front of her?”

Jiang Muqing gazed at me silently.

“Acting like a bastard will only make the people who love you sad, isn’t that so?”

The shoujo’s eyes reddened, and she wiped at them furiously. She shouted,

“Idiot Lu Fan!”