The Taming of the Yandere


V3 Chapter 6: The Wolf in Sheepskin (Part 2)


As a yandere, Jiang Muqing was incredibly sensitive to all girls close to me. A normal, academic relationship was romance in her eyes, and triggered her strong negativity. I should have caught that on earlier.

It was all my fault, and none of Mo Shiyu’s.

Jiang Muqing, whatever revenge you have, take it all out on me!

I was prepared.

But I didn’t know what was betted on in the promise, although it didn’t matter what it was. Without freedom, even if we had won, there was no way to resist.


I kept yelling, but Jiang Muqing didn’t seem to hear. With her slender arms, she pulled me up and sat me down on a chair.


The girl spoke icily.

Jiang Muqing took out a red candle, and lit it with a lighter.

The quivering flame didn’t light up the room too much, but it did create an uneasy atmosphere.

What is she trying to do?

Jiang Muqing took the candle, and walked to Mo Shiyu. She held the girl steady with one hand, and waved the candle closer to her face with the other.

The girl’s soft face felt the candle’s scorching heat, and lurched backwards in fear. But it was useless, as she was crushed down on the sofa by Jiang Muqing, and had nowhere to go.


I looked upon in horror, and shouted.

“What, are you hurt?”

Jiang Muqing turned her head, and looked at me listlessly.

“This has nothing to do with her, come at me if you want anything!”

“Since Fan isn’t willing, then let’s do some stuff that Fan likes.”

Jiang Muqing laughed coldly.

“What I like?”

What I would like is for you to let us go right now.

Jiang Muqing sized up the girl’s adolescent features, and put the candle on the nearby coffee table. She seemed to have given up on melting her face off.

“Since Lu Fan likes her, then…”

Jiang Muqing started to undo the buttons on the girl’s white shirt.

Mo Shiyu looked at me in fear, shaking. Her undershirt was quickly taken off, exposing her thin bra.

The girl’s torso was almost completely barren in front of me.

She turned her head in embarrassment, but Jiang Muqing forcefully yanked her chin forward.

The girl started to sob, and cried till her eyes were bloodshot. And I had no way of saving her.

“Isn’t she beautiful? Are you happy?”

Jiang Muqing asked me.


I was getting dizzy from seeing Mo Shiyu.

“Do you want a better look?”

Jiang Muqing picked up the candle.

The flickering light reflected in the girl’s enlarged pupils. Her eyes were glassy, more like a corpse that Jiang Muqing was free to play with.

I felt, at this moment, she must hate me.

Her naked body was reddened by the heat, motionless like a statue. She seemed to have given up completely.

The candle slipped a bit, and a drop of the blistering oil landed on the girl’s pale shoulder, making her writhe in pain.

The wax slid down her collarbone, and made its way slowly to the curve of her breasts.

“Ahh, I’ve dirtied the thing Lu Fan likes!”

Next, Jiang Muqing stuck out her tongue, and licked the girl’s breast.


I had broken down in the sight of this.

Besides closing my eyes to protect the girl’s dignity, there was nothing I could do.


I felt the uncontrollable biological urge…


To think that even in times like this, I’m excited….


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