The Taming of the Yandere


V3 Chapter 5: No Road Back (Part 2)


“No, what’s wrong?”

My heart started to beat faster.

“Oh, her parents called the cram school, and they said that she left with classmates to study. But from yesterday afternoon, she hasn’t come home for a whole night and day. Right now, the teacher is calling all parents in the student roll asking if anyone’s seen her.”

Mom’s breathing was rapid.

“She did study with us, but I haven’t seen her today. Could anything have happened?”

My head was confused.

“Her family is looking everywhere like maniacs, and any parent would freak out if their child went missing. It’s still not completely safe on the streets, is Qing by your side? Come home early.”

“Mm, she’s right here. Don’t worry, we’ll be home soon.”

I tried my best to control my emotions, and promised my mother.

“Jiang Muqing, Mom just called saying that Mo Shiyu went missing. Do you know where Mo Shiyu went yesterday?”

I returned to our booth, and asked Jiang Muqing.

“I don’t know. Lu Fan, I want to go home.”

The shoujo looked tired.

“Jiang Muqing, answer my question!”

My tone grew serious; she was definitely hiding something.

“Lu Fan, can we go home?”

The girl seemed to be almost pleading.


If Mo Shiyu’s disappearance was really linked to Jiang Muqing, then she could only be at one place, and that was Jiang Muqing’s house. She had hidden her there.

What will happen? I didn’t dare to imagine more, the things Jiang Muqing would do.

First, I have to find Mo Shiyu.

“Yesterday, you went to get some things from your house. Did you get them all? I saw that you didn’t take a lot, how about we go back and get some more?” I tested.

“I-I got everything, there’s n-no need.”

Jiang Muqing started to stutter, and she didn’t meet my gaze.

“But, I left some of my things in there.”

I insisted.

It was obvious.

I violently pulled her from her seat, left a wad of cash on the table, and didn’t look back. She kept trying to escape my grasp, and finally did.

“Does it have to come down to this? Lu Fan, can you not care about her?”

Jiang Muqing stopped behind me, and asked coldly.

“Mo Shiyu is there, right?!”

I turned around and shouted.

“Lu Fan, you only need to worry about me, not for her! Please! I’ll do whatever you want!”

Her shoulders shook.

“I only want Mo Shiyu right now!”

I was nearly mad with anger.

I didn’t care if she was coming or not. I had Jiang Muqing’s house key, anyway. Just in case, I had secretly made a copy of her key long ago.

I walked briskly forward, and Jiang Muqing kept her distance behind me.

I boarded the city bus, and she did, too.

Finally, I arrived at her building’s ground floor. I opened the lobby door with my key, and was about to enter. Jiang Muqing ran to me, and hugged my back.

“Please don’t go, let’s go home!”

The shoujo was shrieking, I had never seen her like this before.

“I must see Mo Shiyu today. If I don’t, I won’t just give up like this.”

I spoke furiously.

It’s all my fault, why did I have to drag Mo Shiyu into this? I should’ve been the only one with this curse, yet I’ve been dragging Jiang Muqing to harm others all along!

I pushed Jiang Muqing back, and rode up to the 21st floor on the elevator. Jiang Muqing had no choice but to follow.

The doors opened, and I made my way immediately to suite 213.

It had almost been a month before my last nightmarish visit, do I have to live through another one? So unlucky.

I unlocked the door, and pushed it open.

“Lu Fan, this is your last chance. If you keep walking, then there’s no road back. If you take me home, we can still be together.

“There is no road back!”

I shoved her aside.

Next, I saw, on the living room’s sofa…


Before I finished, the girl took out a white handkerchief, and muffled my nose.

What a beautiful smell….



I heard my head slam against the floor.