The Taming of the Yandere


V3 Chapter 4: Hot Air Balloon


The city’s largest library, Shili Library, lied at the center, right between the city hall and a public park.

To encourage reading among all citizens, books were free to borrow. With only a citizen’s ID, anyone could receive a free library card and borrow up to three books at once.

The library was large, with two underground floors of bookshelves and five stories of reading space. Electronic catalogs littered every floor, allowing anyone to search the precise location of any book in the library.

To us students, the library was an excellent place to study.

The air-conditioners were perfect for the summer heat, and its silence built a great learning atmosphere. Free hot water was also provided, and making tea to counter the summer was also a great option.

Going to the library on the weekend felt much more efficient than studying alone at home.

There were no distractions of computers and television, and no strange problems to worry about at all.

After eating breakfast with Jiang Muqing, I hurried outside to study before the sun came up and it got too hot.

I waited at the meeting point for Mo Shiyu, but she didn’t show up for a long time. Weird, Mo Shiyu was never late. Did something happen at home?

“Mo Shiyu told me yesterday, she can’t come because she’s busy.”

Jiang Muqing, who hadn’t said a word since the day started, told me.

“Why didn’t she call me?”

I took my phone out in confusion, checking the records.

“She told me yesterday, asking to tell you. We don’t need to wait for her.”

Jiang Muqing hoisted her bag, speaking clearly.

“When did she tell you, how do I not know?”

I remembered that we stayed together for the whole day yesterday, there wasn’t any time where it was just the two of them?

“I bumped into her yesterday when I went back to my own house, and she told me.”

Jiang Muqing gazed at me with a soft expression.

Jiang Muqing did go back yesterday, saying that she wanted to bring some belongings to use at our house. But Jiang Muqing and Mo Shiyu’s house were in opposite directions, how did she meet her?

“How did you two meet?”

A suspicion grew in my heart.

“This is a secret between girls, do you really want to know?”

Jiang Muqing smiled lightly at me.


Although I felt pleased that the two of them could talk to each other individually, I felt that something was wrong.

“Does Lu Fan doubt me?”

Jiang Muqing’s face fell.

“No, not at all.”

I denied quickly.

“Then let’s go.”

She suddenly tugged my elbow.

Jiang Muqing pulled me to the city bus stop without another word.


When Jiang Muqing was discussing problems with me today, she wasn’t the same as she used to. She seemed to have learned Mo Shiyu’s tutoring strategies, and explained in a much more stable and slow manner. She laid out all the steps in her soft, delicate voice, and this proved as an excellent progress point.

“Lu Fan, do you understand now?”

Jiang Muqing’s tone was steady. In the quiet library, she purposefully lowered her voice.

“Yeah, I really do.”

I smiled at her.

“Then, we don’t need to invite Mo Shiyu to study anymore.”

The shoujo leaned towards me. A shadow fell across her face.

“Why? Isn’t it just fine learning together?”

I laughed a little awkwardly.

“I don’t like the way she’s next to Lu Fan.”

The shoujo lowered her head, speaking coldly.

She paused, and murmured.


“She annoys me to death.”

The shoujo’s eyes shined with an evil light.


I grew more suspicious.

She and Mo Shiyu….


It was as if the three of us were on a hot air balloon, only that Jiang Muqing wasn’t a reliable companion. Rather, she was weighing us down, down to the spear-throwing cannibals waiting to eat us.

Perhaps, I’m just thinking too much….