The Taming of the Yandere


V3 Chapter 2: There’s a Girl


[Okay, there’s a lot of confusion over my last message.

This is NOT hard to understand.

The flashback is NOT a “giant” flashback, as in back to the MC’s childhood. It is merely a long one. V3C2 (this chapter) is jumping forward from the last story chapter, V2C25. So V3C3 jumps BACK to V2C25, and V3C18 jumps FORWARD to the present, continuing V3C2. I guess in ways it’s technically a flashback, though not a “serious” one. I said “giant” because it spans 16 chapters, and I apologize for my clumsy wording.

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From my city to my grandparents’ town takes about a full day’s train ride. After I get off, I need to sit through another hour on the charter bus.

I thought about the busy day ahead, and decided to sleep early.


After a bowl of instant noodles, I brushed my teeth and washed my face in the train’s tiny bathroom. I climbed on my bunk, preparing to sleep.

Although the top bunk was a bit small, it was fairly quiet. The air conditioner on the ceiling was still fairly close to me, so I quickly pulled the white, thin blanket over myself.

An old grandma was also on the top bunk on the opposing bed. I saw that she had long since fallen asleep.


There’s a girl

She’s a little unpredictable

And just a tad arrogant*


*This song is from an incredibly famous Chinese historical drama in 2000s. It’s a bit corny and dumb, but here you go:

A low, graceful male voice trickled from my headphones. A singer had made a cover of an old drama theme song, turning it into a different taste.

I didn’t know how long I listened to the scratchy, deep voice, but my eyelids slowly started to droop.

I felt the fatigue in my body, and shut off my phone’s music app. I took off my headphones, got into a comfortable position on my bed, and prepared to sleep.

But just when I was about to fall into the world of dreams, I felt someone climb up a bunk, creaking loudly.

Who in their right mind hasn’t gone to sleep yet? I yawned.


Why do I feel someone’s hand pressing on my leg?

“Hey, wait, you’re on the wrong bunk!”

In the darkness, I saw someone clumsily climb up the ladder of my bedframe.

The shadow didn’t seem to care, and it managed to succeed. Then, they flopped down on my body.


I unhappily wanted to get up, and see what was the situation, but with my sudden movement, the person slipped and was about to fall over the bed.


A girl’s scream.

“Be careful!”

I quickly tugged at her collar. She wobbled shakily, and fell on top of me in one swoop.

“Lu Fan!”

She cried in hysteria.

“Jiang Muqing! Why are you here?!”

I almost got a heart attack.

“That’s what I want to ask! Why were you missing so early in the morning?!”

The shoujo glared at me. Her eyes were tinged red from tears.

“Ehh, I was just going to my grandma’s house, and I’ll be back in a few days. Aren’t you just fine staying at home? Mom will keep you company.” I explained.

“Lu Fan, you promised me that you were going to be by my side forever. It hasn’t even been that long, and you’re thinking about leaving me behind and run away? Coward!”

The shoujo clasped my neck.

I wanted to break away, but if I moved the slightest bit, her body started to tip backwards. So I held her.

“Absolutely not.”

I wasn’t able to resist, if I were to move just a bit or let go, she’ll definitely fall down. This bunk is way too small!

“I want to go, too!” Jiang Muqing cried.

Since you’re already here, do you really think I can stop you?

When Mom ordered me the ticket, Jiang Muqing wasn’t there to notice, and the whole trip was hidden quite nicely. How did this idiot still manage to come!

“Fine, we can go together, but could you please go back to your own bunk? Don’t tell me that you jumped the train.” Being crushed like this wasn’t the most comfortable feeling.

“Auntie ordered the ticket for me, my bunk is at the neighboring carriage.”

Mom still betrayed me at the end.

“Then go back, it’s really uncomfortable like this!” I pleaded.

“I don’t want to; the other carriage is full of old men. I’m the only girl, is Lu Fan really fine with me sleeping there alone?” The shoujo wasn’t willing.

“Don’t worry, you can go find an attendant if something happens!” I naturally replied.

“Lu Fan!” The shoujo tightened her grip around my neck.

Aaahh, I can’t breathe!

“Ach, alright, since you don’t to go back, then I’ll sleep in your bunk. I’m not afraid of old men.”

I quickly proposed.

“No, I want to sleep with Fan like this.”

The shoujo pressed against me harder.

“I can’t fall asleep; this is a one-person bunk! You’ll fall down.” I reminded her.

“As long as Lu Fan holds me, I won’t fall over, right.”

The shoujo released her clasp, and circled her arms around my neck instead.

Maybe our conversation was a bit too loud, the old grandma on the other side tossed around.

“Are you two done yet, I still want to sleep!”

The grandma turned over angrily, tucking her head to the wall.

“Sorry, sorry.”

I apologized.

“Alright, no more talking, sleep!”

I ordered to Jiang Muqing with a serious tone.


The girl pouted unhappily.

Anyway, it seems like she’s dead set on sleeping with me today.

I could only nudge myself outwards a little, holding an angle with my body so that the girl was kept inside and not about to fall over.

Falling from a train bunk could be serious. If something broke, then we would be in big trouble.

We snoozed silently for a while, but the shoujo grew uncomfortable.

“Lu Fan, I’m so cold.”

She hugged her shoulders.

Jiang Muqing’s clothes were indeed a little bare. A summer T-shirt and shorts weren’t quite enough under the air-conditioner vents.

“I want part of the blanket!”

She started to grope rudely.

“Hey, hey! Don’t just curl in here!” I cried.

The shoujo jerked the blanket open, and snuggled in. She pressed herself to my chest.


This feeling….

It’s so soft….

I’m such an idiot! What am I thinking?!


There’s a girl

She’s a little rebellious

And she’s a little cuckoo

Haa~ That girl

Who’s that girl

Haa~ You’re that girl

Without any way to deal with Jiang Muqing, my head reeled the music I had listened to earlier.