The Taming of the Yandere

V3 Chapter 10: The Hardest Girl to Chase


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To be honest, I have two different views on gays and lesbians.

I support gays, but not lesbians.

Of course, I’m not homosexual. My perspective is as of an outsider’s.

Because China has a severe gender imbalance, gays restore it a little bit and lesbians make it worse.

In this situation where there are more wolves than prey, as a wolf myself, I would much rather see my counterparts, not my prey, devour each other.

Then, what was Jiang Muqing and Mo Shiyu?

Of course, my mind was a field of blankness upon the presentation of this unusual scenario.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have disturbed you two, please continue.”

After saying that, I ran back to the classroom. I felt as if the entire world was bent*.

*“Bent” is Chinese slang for homo.


Mo Shiyu didn’t look like she was willing at all, pushed up against the wall like that. She was definitely forced upon by Jiang Muqing.

Furthermore, I’d never detected any sign of homosexuality from Jiang Muqing after being with her for such a long time. I felt that there was definitely something wrong with her suddenness.

Could it be that yanderes turn lesbian after receiving a shock? That doesn’t make sense at all!

Of course, I’m already far into uncharted territory. The hypothesis wasn’t entirely ridiculous, but I decided to sit back and keep observing.

Homosexuality isn’t a disease, but curing a yandere and turning them into a lesbian just didn’t feel right. A lesbian wasn’t the norm for a Chinese high school girl.

Just as I was worrying over all these details, my phone started to ring.

I saw on the caller ID that it was Guo Tong. Does this guy want me to play video games again? I don’t have the time for that, I thought. I’d barely touched my homework for the day.

I decided to let it go to voicemail.

But it kept on ringing and ringing, Guo Tong was really a relentless guy. I picked it up.

“Hey, Guo Tong, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, are you free this weekend?”

For once, his first sentence wasn’t about gaming.


I didn’t really have plans.

My summer homework was just about done, and the cram class was nearing its end. I probably deserved a break.

“Why don’t we go watch a movie?”

“Which one, are you gonna treat me to it?” I joked.

“Of course I’m paying for you, so please come no matter what.”

Guo Tong’s answer was a bit surprising.


My Android Girlfriend 2, I heard that it’s not bad.”

“Uh, that doesn’t really sound like something I’d watch with you…”

No matter what, that definitely sounds like a romantic movie! And with an android? I’m not going to go watch a movie about love between robots and humans with another guy!

“Of course it’s not going to be just the two of us. I’m bringing a girl.”

Guo Tong chuckled.

“Since you’re going with a girl, don’t drag me along!”

Are you asking me to go as a lightbulb? *

*Lightbulb = Chinese slang for third wheel.

“Fan, please. I’m just really nervous by myself, can you help me out? I’m not even officially going out with her! Having another friend come with us will probably ease the awkwardness a bit.” Guo Tong explained.

Guo Tong’s reasoning wasn’t really wrong. If a first date with a girl isn’t so inclusive and private, maybe it’ll turn out on a brighter side. *

*TL-note: No, not at all. You can hang out with a group of friends and invite her along sure, but don’t try anything romantic on those occasions. Get to know her instead. Inviting a third wheel on an actual date would be a sign of weakness and disrespect.

“Well, alright. Which lucky girl did my little Guo managed to snag?” I snickered.

“Do you still remember the female mage in Republic?” *

*The one that LF defeated using his staff that kept healing him.


I suddenly understood.


“I don’t have such a degenerate friend like you!”

Guo Tong forced the mage to enter his guild by using me to make her a red-name player, then developed his friendship from online to offline. *

*Volume 2, C17-18

Who says that gamers can’t get girlfriends?

Though, I vaguely remember him saying that the female mage was his middle-school classmate.

“I’ve come all this way to get a girl with similar interests to mine, it’ll be a shame if I fail now.”

Guo Tong sounded very assertive on his end.

“Does she like gaming, too?” I asked.

“Yep.” He replied.

Ah, otakus are still attracted to otakus.

“If you two were middle-school classmates, why didn’t you do anything then?” I was curious.

“We were all too young and dumb during that time, and this girl isn’t easy to deal with. I’ve tried too many ways, but it seems that video games are the only solution.”

Guo Tong sighed.

Could she be the reason that Guo Tong embarked on the journey of otakus? Just what kind of girl fell his heart hook, line, and sinker? My curiosity was sparked.

“Not easy to deal with?” I asked.

“Have you heard about otaku girls who have no heart, no emotions, and no words? Conventional methods are rendered useless against her!”

Guo Tong’s tone contained a desperate and lamenting air.


What was that? Could she be harder to handle than a yandere?