The Taming of the Yandere


V2 Chapter 23: She Needs a Girl-Friend


Light novels and gaming have proven to be ineffective on distracting Jiang Muqing’s attention. Introducing my hobbies to her not only took to little effect, but also induced horrible side effects.

Novels nearly made Jiang Muqing believe I was a madman, and gaming was close to pulling out her violent side. Thankfully, I realized the problems of these taming methods, and stopped before they became too big to deal with.

Since my own hobbies weren’t her path to take, I’ll use others’ friendship to cure her.


The girl whom I still haven’t asked her name picked out a bra for Jiang Muqing.

It was sky-blue, without any designs or special bits. The refreshing color accentuated the shoujo’s natural beauty; this kind of young, adolescent charm only appeared in girls her age. *

*Lu Fan is NOT a pedophile. The original Chinese raw didn’t make it seem so weird, but my English translation came out pretty strange. If Lu Fan does seem like a pedo, it’s my fault.

Jiang Muqing was very happy and content after she received the underwear, and I let out a breath of relief.

Then, she finally put on the orange one-piece dress. Walking in front of the mirror, Jiang Muqing observed herself for a long time, and didn’t turn around.

“How is it?”

I was getting a little tired.

“Perhaps, what I am right now is still a long way from what Lu Fan wants.”

She stood by the mirror, spacing out.


Why did she say that? Wasn’t she happily trying out her clothes a moment ago?

The saleswoman thought it was strange for Jiang Muqing to look so sad, and smiled as she turned Jiang Muqing around.

“Isn’t she beautiful?”

The dress fit perfectly, as if tailored for Jiang Muqing specifically. Its warm color seemed to wash off the girl’s usual darkness, and her every smile was like the sun. She looked like the lucky princess in fairy tales, and I was her most loyal guard.

When she turned around, I suddenly thought I was looking at the past’s Luo Xue, feeling a rush of joy and excitement. But then I realized that it was Jiang Muqing, and my euphoria melted to pique.

However, I need to keep the cheer on my face, because she needs it more than I do.


I smiled lightly to Jiang Muqing and the saleswoman.


The short-haired girl picked out a suitable bra for Jiang Muqing, and Mom really appreciated her help on buying clothes.

Attraction between same sexes don’t need any explanations. With similar needs and pleasures, they can become the closest friends. *

*I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but Lu Fan is not implying homosexuality. This is an English translation side effect.

Every girl needs a close female friend, and Jiang Muqing is no exception.

If she had someone to open up to and vent, Jiang Muqing wouldn’t fall into such a soul-sucking solitude, and wouldn’t seek for my explicit interest. Nor will she be able to keep her yandere traits.

With a friend like that, awkward things like coming to me for help when her bra strap broke wouldn’t happen.


[This was all a flashback to recent events. Here comes a transition to the present, which is Lu Fan eating ice cream with Mo Shiyu. You may recall in the start of Volume 2, Chapter 20. Chapters 20-22 was a flashback since Mo Shiyu asked him what was on his mind.]


I lazily propped up my head in the ice cream shop, doodling mindlessly on scratch paper. I brooded about a suitable candidate for the female friend.

“Lu Fan, you’re not acting like you usually do today.”

Mo Shiyu sipped the chilled juice in her hands, and peered at me suspiciously.

I didn’t blame her. I didn’t even take notice of most questions she asked me today.

“Lu Fan, since you’re so out of it today, then let’s go home after this problem.”

Mo Shiyu looked a little angry about being ignored.

“Aww, don’t do that. I was just thinking about some things, let’s keep studying.”

I exhaled and tidied up my feelings. I should focus on schoolwork right now, I can worry about Jiang Muqing later.

We studied the textbooks a bit more, did a couple more worksheets, and finished our juice. We finished reviewing all of the classwork and homework material, and decided to head home.

Outside of the ice cream shop, I waved goodbye to Mo Shiyu. A normal day was about to end, but something unexpected happened today.

Just as I was turning around to head to the bus stop.

A furry object slammed into my naked leg. Its claws sunk into my flesh.

It was Jiang Muqing’s black cat.

Stretching out on my foot, it mischievously bared its teeth at me. It licked its fur, then stuck its bacteria-ridden tongue to my skin.

“Don’t lick! Get off!”

I seemed to have scared it. It meowed unhappily, leaped off, and returned to its master.

Its owner was wearing an orange dress, standing out in the crowd.

“Jiang Muqing, why are you here?”

I was a little surprised, and a grim feeling rose in my heart.

The school’s honor class’ cram school was already over, so it was natural that Jiang Muqing would come to mine. I had miscalculated. God knows how long she’s been watching me and Mo Shiyu.

“Lu Fan?”

Jiang Muqing stood in front of me with her head lowered. Her face was stiff.

“Lu Fan?”

Mo Shiyu noticed that something was wrong.

She came back, and looked at the both of us. She seemed stunned, and remained silent.

And Jiang Muqing stared into my eyes, as if trying to discern the truth.


I didn’t know what to say. In other words, I wasn’t brave enough to promise her anything in front of other people.

To be honest, if I had curled my arm around Jiang Muqing’s waist and told Mo Shiyu that she was my girlfriend, Jiang Muqing would’ve immediately returned to normal.

“Are you classmate Jiang Muqing, who transferred to our school this year? Hello, I’m Lu Fan’s classmate, my name is Mo Shiyu.”

Mo Shiyu paused for a long time before breaking the silence. She politely extended her right hand, but Jiang Muqing looked to have gone dumb. She stared at me, and completely ignored Mo Shiyu.

Her expression was exactly like a wife whose husband betrayed her. She looked extremely helpless, standing blankly.

Her interrogating eyes made the ends of my hair stand up. Although I didn’t betray her at all, a strange feeling of guilt riled up in my heart.

“You’re joking, right.”

Jiang Muqing’s lips trembled.

“Classmate, are you alright?”

Her tone was concerned.

“I’m fine, how couldn’t I be? Everyone’s perfect, I’m the only one who’s not.”

Jiang Muqing’s face was pale, and she started to giggle maniacally.

“Classmate Jiang Muqing, you….”

Mo Shiyu saw her abnormality, and stretched her hand reassuringly.

“Get out of my way!”

Jiang Muqing pushed her arm away, and ran to the road.

The black cat was about to follow, but it realized a large truck was approaching fast, and stopped its paws.

And Jiang Muqing wasn’t looking at all, sprinting straight forward.