The Taming of the Yandere


V2 Chapter 22: A Familiar Face in the Underwear Store


Although our chances looked hopeless, there was another incredibly simple solution.

“How big are you?”

I didn’t waste any time, and asked directly.

“Sixteen.” *

*In Chinese, the word for “big” is 大. It’s also used for age, informally. If you ask someone how “old” they are, you’re asking how 大 they are. This term is typically used for, but not limited to, asking a child what their age is or among teens. The formal way is just asking what your 岁 is, which means age. Jiang Muqing thought that Lu Fan was referring to her age, and not her breast size.

The shoujo didn’t quite understand what I meant.

“I’m talking about your bra…”

As soon as I said that, my face started to steam up.

I thought, since we were at a mall, I could find an underwear store just fine. I’ll buy something Jiang Muqing’s size, and sneak it back no problem.

“Lu Fan is so perverted…”

I had to awkwardly explain my plan.

“How big does Lu Fan like?”

The shoujo started to ask weird questions.

“This isn’t the time for that, just tell me your measurements.”

“I… Right now, I…. might be a little small, but in the future they will…. Grow bigger….”

The shoujo started to stutter. She looked flustered, seeming to beg for my forgiveness.

“Just tell me your measurements, do you want to get out of here or not?!”

And, what does your bra size have to do with me anyway!


She hesitated for a long time, and finally came close to my ear. With a voice no louder than a mosquito, she told me.

“Okay, got it.”

Although I didn’t know what the letters and numbers meant, at least I got her size. Now, all I have to do is find a saleswoman from an underwear store, and I’ll be able to buy a bra that fits her.

“Stay here and wait for me, I’ll be back soon.”


The shoujo nodded.

“Oh, yeah, do you have any preferences? Since we’re buying, get one that you want.”

I thought that I shouldn’t buy something that she didn’t like.

“If Lu Fan likes it, I’ll wear it.”

The shoujo covered her mouth, and laughed lightly.

Because I was about to do something never attempted before, I was incredibly jittery from head to toe. Maybe I looked really funny to Jiang Muqing, and she wasn’t scared anymore.

“Then I’ll just buy whichever. If you don’t like it, don’t regret it.”

Well, this just made my day easier. All I need to do is find something the right size.

“I definitely won’t.”

The shoujo looked at me with expectant eyes.

First, I informed the saleswoman of the situation. Then, I left the many shopping bags under the cashier’s counter for safekeeping.

Next, I embarked on the solitary journey to find the legendary women’s underwear store.

Looking at the directory, I saw that the closest one was just on the second level.

I rode up the escalator, and quickly found it.

The store was just as I expected. All kinds of styles were on full display, with sizes that would make anyone blush. The lights were colored a gentle amber, giving customers a very safe and private feeling.

Yet, this safe atmosphere was quickly broken by the arrival of me, a boy. With my lone entrance, both customers and staff were shocked, but they quickly calmed down. Their surprise was replaced with a suspicious stare.

“I need to buy underwear.”

I pulled my face together, and spoke naturally to the saleswoman.

“This is a women’s undergarment store; we don’t provide men’s wear here.”

The staff member replied stiffly.

“I’m buying for my girlfriend.”

I replied icily.

“Oh, alright!”

She seemed to exhale in relief.

“The size is…”

I told her accordingly, the measurements that the girl needed.

“Alright, what style do you want?”

The saleswoman asked carefully.

“Whatever is fine, just not something low-quality.”

I answered.

“First time I’ve heard someone be so careless while buying for their girlfriend.”

The saleswoman thought it was strange, but she still went to pick something out.

Eh, the reason why I have no requirements is because my girlfriend doesn’t even have preferences to begin with!

“Lu Fan, you’re shopping in a women’s underwear store?!”

Just when I was impatiently waiting for the staff, a girl’s bewildered voice rang out.

Shit, did someone I know see me? I quickly lowered my head, and tried to avoid her.

If it was someone from my class, what would I say?

I’ll be suspected of having some strange tastes….

What do I do?


But when the girl came into sight, I calmed down.

Her short hair was combed neatly, and she wore a white T-shirt with a cartoon design with denim shorts. Was she trying to go for a cute look? Mm, I suppose she does look adorable.

The world is really small, after all. What a coincidence, I never thought that I would run into Jiang Muqing’s neighbor, Room 213.

She’s helped me twice in the past, so I’m really grateful to her.

“Eh, who said that boys can’t shop in underwear stores?”

I scratched my head, and spoke clumsily.

“Are you buying for your girlfriend? You two are really picking up the pace! Has it advanced to this level, already?”

The girl’s eyes were full of surprise and amazement.

“Eh…. I guess….”

I didn’t have any other excuse to explain why I would appear at such a place.

“If I’m not wrong, your girlfriend is my neighbor. Is that right?”

The girl smiled widely.

“I don’t think it’s your business to know who my girlfriend is!”

I snapped back. Her questions were really annoying me.

“Forgive me, forgive me.”

Just then, the saleswoman lifted a bundle of underwear, and brought one from the pile for me to see.


When I saw the cloth, my throat clammed up.

The bra in the saleswoman’s hands was a very elegant lace design, I didn’t have any strength to look at it any longer.

Seeing it made my whole body feel weird, and I didn’t have the courage to even touch it.

“It’s fine, just put it in the bag!”

I gestured to the saleswoman while blushing furiously.


But the girl with short hair took the bra from the saleswoman.

“What age is your girlfriend, wearing something like this is too old-fashioned!”

She raised the bra, and furrowed her brows.

“How do I know if it’s too old-fashioned or not?!”

I didn’t want to look any further.

Could you not wave a bra around a boy’s face, and press it against yourself to check in the mirror?

“My neighbor would definitely not want this.”

As she spoke, the bra was thrown back to the saleswoman.

“Eh, am I buying, or are you buying?!”

I felt like I lost the consumer’s privilege.

“As a girl, I definitely know more about a woman’s preferences than you do. I’ll help you pick one out.”

She wasn’t wrong. Doing this kind of thing was a forced task anyway, if someone else were to offer their help, why would I reject it?

“Then… Thank you, I’ll wait outside.”

I rushed out of the store, blushing.

“Don’t you want me to try it on for you? The boyfriend’s preference is also a very important factor when a woman chooses her underwear.”

Just when I was about to exit, she asked mischievously.

“I don’t think that’s necessary!”

Aaahh, I’m blushing even more!