The Taming of the Yandere


V2 Chapter 19: Choosing Classes


[This chapter is still about Republic, but since Jiang Muqing is playing it, it’s a bit easier to swallow. Two juicy arcs coming up soon!]


I don’t know why, but recently, every time I hear my name from Jiang Muqing’s lips, a feeling of despair and misery rushes through my head.

Repeating the name by talking drove the thought into the brain. I hadn’t repressed her delusion; rather, I’d nailed it deeper.

It was especially creepier when she typed my name with the number behind it.

“Could you switch a name?”

My heart was aching.


The shoujo turned around, and sat on my lap in determination.

No means no, and could you please not just sit on me anytime you want?!

She wiggled her pale legs under her shorts, and shuffled her body backwards by pushing on the armrests until her head was nearly touching the tip of my nose.

“Keep going!”

Jiang Muqing urged impatiently.

“Could you please come down?”

I was really uncomfortable with her sitting on me.

“No, how could I learn to play games if you don’t teach me by hand?”

Jiang Muqing pouted, showing her discontent.

“But, I can’t do anything with you crushing me like this!”

Her fragrant hair kept brushing over my mouth and nose, and her soft body completely laid on top of me. The shoujo’s pale neck emitted an overwhelming smell of orchids, staggering my senses.

To me, her body was really too soft. It was like a sponge; if I just hugged her a little bit, she’ll probably absorb me.

“Then, how about this!”

She slid forward a little bit, and raised her back. Her head also moved out of my view of the computer screen.

Mm, I can work with this.

I planned to finish teaching her as soon as possible so that I could go to sleep. Through the reflection of the screen, I could clearly see the dark circles around my eyes.

“Your gender is female; then what class would you choose?”

I opened the class selection page.

“What types are there?”

Jiang Muqing curiously gazed at the screen.

“Warrior, Mage, Shepherd, Hunter, and Thief. Five major classes.”

I laid out the options in front of her to choose.

The shoujo scrolled through each of them.

“The armor looks so clumsy; it doesn’t fit her at all!”

Jiang Muqing first saw the Warrior.

“That black satchel is so ugly!”

This was the Mage.

“Is she wearing some kind of rice sack?”

The Shepherd’s costume was decorated with stripes.

“This person wears animal skins and straw; she looks like some feral beast!”

That was the Hunter’s camouflage wear.

“Besides Shepherd, these are all very good classes.”

I furrowed my brows as I listened to her comments.

Although the Mage had low health, her ultimate attacks could be really devastating.

The Hunter’s health was the same, but she could use bows, catapults, whips, and other ranged weapons. She can also set traps to catch monsters, and cloak herself for stealth.

Warriors didn’t have a lot of special abilities, but they had a lot of health and strong melee damage.

Is Jiang Muqing just not used to the game’s aesthetics? I thought it was just fine.

“What is this?!”

I saw a light shine in Jiang Muqing’s eyes, and she pointed to the screen.

It was a female character with a dark expression on her face. She wore a light pouch and leather pants, held a rapier and dagger, and equipped several throwing knives on her leg.

Other characters stood up straight, but this one had her back bent, looking very suspicious.


I replied.

The Thief was a risky class.

People who played it well would definitely excel at the game, but the ones who didn’t would never get anywhere. So, this character really tests the players’ skills and abilities.


[This next part is just a bunch of unnecessary fluff and bullshit. I’m not skipping out of laziness, but rather because I know that you guys would skim past it anyways. Very long story short, Jiang Muqing picks the Thief class and…. Surprise! She’s amazing at it! Wow, totally didn’t expect that.

Anyway, here you go.]


The thin black line became crimson, and the little cougar tumbled from the air and fell to the ground. It twitched for a few seconds, and stopped moving.

“Lv1 Thief, LuFan#10003, picked up “Cougar Skin” x1 and “Cougar Meat” x1. Exp +5.”

The system notified.

“Now you know how awesome I am?”

Jiang Muqing laughed, and turned around to ask me.

“So amazing!”

I anticipated the start, but didn’t expect the end.

Looks like Jiang Muqing still has a little talent in playing these types of games.

Then, the shoujo looked around in confusion.

“Fan, could you not move your legs around so much? There’s a bone…. It’s poking me….”

She squirmed her butt uncomfortably.

“Idiot, you’re the one who shouldn’t be moving, okay?!”

Bones don’t just stick out of nowhere on the human body!


You idiot!

Ugh, you’re bouncing up and down on me in excitement, have you forgotten that you’re still sitting on another person?

Could you not fidget anymore?

I felt that my mind was about to explode from emotionally suppressing “down there”.

“What’s wrong?”

The shoujo kept bouncing without a care, and I really felt like fainting.

“Idiot, get off of me!”

I was near tears.