The Taming of the Yandere


V2 Chapter 18: Red-Name Players


[Okie, remember the previous chapter, where I skipped the filler? There’s another big one right here.

Let me summarize. Now, if you violate any rules in-game, your account will have a “red-name”. Players with a red-name most likely won’t be able to join any guilds because nobody trusts them.

Right now, Guotong and the Mage are about to kill Lu Fan.]


“Just let it happen, Fan.”

Guotong sent me a private message.

“I’m not someone who doesn’t fight back.” I replied.

If I die, it’ll be in the path of battle. I won’t take surrender as an option.

“Fan, Fan, I’m still on your side. I have an idea, and I need your help.”


Guotong hasn’t betrayed me?!

“What?” I asked.

“She’s a very powerful mage, but she keeps on refusing to join my small guild. If she became a red-name player, then no other guilds will accept her, so….”

Guotong explained.

“So you want to let her kill me, become a red-name player, and have no choice but for you to take her in.”

I laughed.

Guotong is really cunning! By having her completely destroy me, he’ll have her completely within his grasp!


[Then, there’s a bunch of some bullshit filler over here…. Lu Fan gets killed, Guotong and the Mage get locked in prison and are banned for 12 hours. But just as Lu Fan prepares to shut down his computer….]


“Fan, what are you playing?”

The girl’s lazy voice came from my back.

Jiang Muqing?! I felt a shock.

Can you not just appear behind me without a sound?!

I nearly had a heart attack because of you.

“Would you please knock before entering?”

I cried to her.

“Do I really need to? What does Fan have to hide?”

The girl asked suspiciously.

“It’s just common courtesy.” I replied awkwardly.

“Does Fan think that I’m not polite enough? Is that right?”

The girl inched her face closer, staring at me with her large, shiny eyes. It was one of the most intimidating things I had ever seen.

“No, definitely not.”

I wasn’t prepared to retort at all.


If Guotong can get girls to play games, then why can’t I have Jiang Muqing play, too? Virtual gaming isn’t all that complicated; it’s no more than watching cutscenes, clearing monsters, and watching the loot drop from their bodies.

It’s been proven that girls can maneuver their way around games, and games can in return invoke their interest.

“This is an online game; do you want to play?”

“It’s really true that boys only care about anime and video games. Even Fan isn’t an exception.”

Jiang Muqing seemed to be condescending.

“Eh, you’re not entirely wrong, but some of the bigger guys like to play sports.”

I’m merely a normal boy, apologies.

“That’s interesting, basketball looks very cool.”

It looks like Jiang Muqing prefers sporty guys.

“Eh, I don’t like playing basketball, it seems that I’m pretty far from your ideal guy.”

I trailed off.

“So what if you play basketball or not, Fan is my only one. Even if Fan can’t do anything, I will still love Fan.”

Jiang Muqing immediately reverted.

“Then what if I’m a retard?”

I kept testing her.

“Who cares if you were? I said, Fan is my only one.”

She repeated again with confidence.

The sickness has progressed quite far.

“Just because I saved you?”

By being so dead-set, you’re really putting a lot of pressure on me!



“Because in this world, only Fan cares about me the most!”

The shoujo tilted her head and gazed at me. Her luminous eyes didn’t hold a single shred of doubt.

Her stare really made my hair feel like standing up.

“Oh, then if I like to play this game, would you come play too?”

I couldn’t sit through her scrutiny, and turned around quickly to face the computer screen.

“Of course. Whatever Fan likes, I like.”

The girl was very stubborn.

Well, at least I can safely assume that she is a little interested in gaming.

I quit my account, and signed up for a new one.

“Please enter your name.”

A window appeared on the screen.


I asked Jiang Muqing.

Girls probably prefer cute names; baby, snow, flower, or some other shit.

“Lu Fan #10003”.