The Taming of the Yandere


V2 Chapter 17: The Trivial Matter of Revenge


[Hey, readers! Remember Chapter 5, when I skipped it because it was a game filler? Well, there’s one more coming up right ahead! I really, really want to get along with the story, and Republic just became a pathetic excuse for the author to buy time for plot ideas. Thankfully, the filler wasn’t wasted, and an absolutely delicious arc is coming up ahead. However, I still am cutting half of the chapter off because the filler just is completely unnecessary. Enjoy!]


I didn’t know how long I spoke that night.

I never checked the clock, all I knew was that I didn’t really sleep for the whole night and explained Luo Xue to Jiang Muqing from start to finish.

Luo Xue has already passed away because of a congenital heart disease. The doctors predicted that she wouldn’t live past seven years old, but she miraculously managed to reach thirteen.

To have been able to know her for that long was already quite a wonder. What desires or regrets do I still hold in my heart?

I could never love Luo Xue again, because she’s buried in the black church’s graveyard on the postcard. Nobody in the world would ever have anything to do with her again.

Jiang Muqing’s worry is futile.

The foreign couple moved out of the white mansion in heartbreak, and left the country. The house was left abandoned of unluckiness and superstition.

While I was talking, Jiang Muqing listened quietly and patiently. Her head, tilting slightly, rested against my chest. Not a single word was uttered from her lips.

I’m sure Mom has told her this story already, but it should have a completely different impact when told by me.

Has she fallen asleep?

Still hugging her tightly, I bowed my head to check. All I saw was a small head snuggled against my chest.

Sleep is good.

I can finally take a breather.

Just when I thought she was completely out cold, she spoke without warning.

“I understand.”

She finally murmured.



[Okay, the next portion of this chapter is filler. I’ll quickly explain what happened.

Remember way back when I skipped Chapter 5? I explained it in a post, but it’s been deleted for some reason. In Chapter 5, a female Mage called “HoneyGrapefruitTea” tried to kill Lu Fan’s Shepherd character, but she failed since he kept spamming his “Elena’s Murmur” staff, which revived full health every turn as long as he didn’t attack. He ended up defeating her and getting to Level 2.

Now, back to the present. Guotong (the fat but really smart kid who crams everything on the last day and gets excellent test scores and also a gaming addict) invited Lu Fan to play Republic again. Lu Fan gets a lot of invites from clans because he’s a Level 2 Shepherd, which is really rare since Shepherd is such a shit class. He meets Guotong at a pub, and surprise! He brought a friend along with him!]


When I arrived at the bar, I realized something. Guotong, who always waited for me before the agreed time, is somehow late today?!

“Guotong, where are you, I’m already at the pub.”

“I’m a little busy, I’m clearing levels with a chick right now! I’ll be there as soon as possible.”

Guotong replied in the chat window.

“You’re even trying to pick up girls in games? And there’s a strong possibility that they’ll be a guy.”

I sent a smirking emoji.

“I know this person, she’s in my neighborhood. She even went to the same middle school as me.” Guotong said.

“There are actually girls who play this game?”

I thought that girls only played those beauty and cosmetics flash games online. *

*TL-note: Forgive him.

“Then, I’ll see you later.”

“See you.”

After a while, a familiar female mage pushed open the pub’s shutters. Guotong’s warrior character with flashing armor followed closely.

“Lvl. 3 Warrior, DreamOfMillionShoujos”.

This was Guotong’s username.

“Lvl. 2 Mage, HoneyGrapefruitTea”.

Eh, I’ve seen this name before…


Oh my god, how is the Mage that I “mercilessly killed” with Guotong?

I immediately hit the “crouch” button, but my floating name is still visible through the table?!

They looked left and right, looking for their “friend”.

Soon, the female Mage focused her eyes on me.

Her soft features suddenly because pointed, and the player started making angry emoticons.

But, the character’s face showed more embarrassment than fury.

It’s pretty cute.

“You bastard!” She exclaimed.

The Mage didn’t even think about the nearby customers, and brought out her staff to conjure a fireball spell.

If she really did that, the entire pub would be destroyed.

“Hey, Yu, wait a second! Stop what you’re doing, don’t you know that the guards will lock you up if you make trouble in the city?”

Guotong quickly grabbed her wrist.

“But, Guo, this guy stole my first time!”

She pointed her finger at me angrily.


I was stunned.

First time?

Say, girl, can you please be a little more specific? There could be some serious misunderstanding here!


Guotong’s jaw dropped.


“Come, let’s fuck this bitch up together.”

His face quickly darkened, and a short sword appeared his hand.


Well, I learned a lesson today.

Brothers are like limbs, and women are like clothes. Limbs belong to other people, and clothes belong to yourself.