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Chapter 7 Don’t Mess With Me


A whole night of devil’s training tired out Liu Yang. But the next morning, Liu Yang felt refreshed, not one bit tired. He actually felt better than before.


Liu Yang clenched his fist over and over again, feeling comfortable strength.


Liu Yang put on his clothes and ran out of his house vigorously.




Liu Yang felt his speed increasing until he was as fast as an aircraft. He was going so fast, he could probably overtake a supersonic plane. Slowly, slowly, then move forwards, accelerating.


Luckily, it was early morning and nobody was around to see him running so fast. He didn’t want to be caught and put into a lab to be tested like a lab rat.


“Swish!” Arriving at the campus, Liu Yang looked at his wristwatch in shock: “This…is too fast! It’s even faster than last time.”


Liu Yang happily thought: Haha! Having the system is great.


Liu Yang swore in his heart: With the system, I will pass the exam for Tian Zhong University. Dad, I can do it.


Walking to the classroom, he passed by Ning Jingjing and recalled what happened yesterday. He couldn’t help but blush and lower his head as he walked to his seat.


“Hmph!” Seeing Liu Yang pass by her and not asking for forgiveness for last night, she was a little angry.


“Stupid Liu Yang, looking at other people like that and not apologizing,” Ning Jingjing pouted and resentfully muttered.


“Brother Ma, I saw that guy go into Sister-in-law’s room for several hours yesterday,” Huang San said.


Ma Hu, thinking about Liu Yang and Ning Jingjing in the same room, was enraged.


Ma Hu angrily said, “Good, Liu Yang, you dare? Fine, I will just see you today.”


“Huang San, get Liu Yang into the bathroom. It seems like he’s been feeling a little too relaxed lately and he thinks he can bully the Dark Horse.”


Dark Horse was Ma Hu’s nickname on campus because of his long neck that was bent forward, so he was called Black Horse.


[TL: Ma Hu’s nickname is actually Dark Horse Head which doesn’t really feel right so I just put Dark Horse.]


Huang San crazily walked up to Liu Yang. “Liu Yang, go to the bathroom with us.”


Liu Yang stood up and smiled. “Alright! I also needed to go, so let’s go together!” Liu Yang said as he swaggered over towards the bathroom.


Actually, Liu Yang also knew that if anybody provoked Ma Hu at school, they’d be beaten up in the bathroom. They beat people up in the bathroom because the school wouldn’t find out and expel them. They didn’t care about being expelled, but they were afraid of their parents. If the principal told their parents, would they still be alright? But Liu Yang was fearless because he had the super system Ren. Now wasn’t the same as before.


Following Liu Yang, Huang San pinched his arm and thought, “Am I dreaming, is this really Liu Yang? The one that I wanted to beat up to be happy? Isn’t this too stupid?”


Finally at the entrance to the bathroom, Liu Yang stopped. He was thinking about a few things, like how he should apologize to Ning Jingjing. Behind him, Huang San thought Liu Yang was stopping because he was afraid. He smiled grandly and said, “It’s too late to be afraid now. You’re gonna get beat up!” Huang San smirked as he grabbed Liu Yang, dragging him in.


“Brother Ma, I brought Liu Yang.” Huang San, dragging onto Liu Yang, was all smiles.


Ma Hu walked in front of Liu Yang with a grin and said, “Liu Yang, I warned you over and over again. And yet you still dare. Are you taking my words as trash?”


“Say what you did with Ning Jingjing last night.”


“What did you not do?” Liu Yang replied.


“You dare? A man and a woman in one room, what did you do? I feel like you need to see what’s going to happen soon.” Ma Hu angrily shouted.


“Huang San, destroy his leg for me. Let him learn from his mistakes,” Ma Hu, panting with rage, said to Huang San.


“Okay!” Huang San smiled evilly, approaching Liu Yang, and said, “I warned you already, but you didn’t listen. Now you will learn from your mistakes.”


Finished speaking, Huang San took out a steel pipe from his sleeve. It was about as thick as a clenched fist and was about to fall upon Liu Yang’s thigh. Seeing it was about to hit him, Liu Yang put his all into using teleportation and quickly appeared behind Huang San, patting his chest in fear. “So frightening. Luckily, I have the super system.”


Turning around, Liu Yang raised his kick and let it fall onto Huang San’s back, and after that, Ma Hu was also kicked by the same foot.


The two men kicked screamed miserably, “Ah…..”


Liu Yang walked in front of the two and said coldly, “From now on, don’t mess with me.”


Liu Yang left and Huang San crawled up in front of Ma Hu and cried out: “Brother Ma, we need to teach him a lesson. Let me take revenge, he’s way too arrogant. Just look at my leg, he kicked it until it started swelling. It hurts, wuwu!” Huang San said while stretching out his swelling leg towards Ma Hu to see. He looked at Ma Hu, dispirited.


“Thump!” Ma Hu kicked Huang San’s wounded leg. “I will not let him go. Liu Yang, just you wait.”


“Ah!” Huang San yelled out, he actually started to cry.


Huang San cried out in his heart, feeling wronged: Wuwu! You fuck! Why did you kick me? Are you sick? You seriously kicked my swollen leg.


But he didn’t dare to do anything in front of Ma Hu because he was Ma Hu. On campus, he was third of the four young thugs. Although he wasn’t the top, he was still from a wealthy family. But to deal with a small nobody like him, it would take nothing more than a snap of two fingers, so he didn’t dare make any trouble for fear for his life.


Ma Hu limped from the bathroom to the infirmary before he fished out a cell phone to make a call.


“Hey! Brother Long, help me beat somebody up tomorrow.”


On the other side, Sun Long laughed and said, “Little Ma! Alright, alright, I will send some people over to your school tomorrow…”


Hanging up, Ma Hu smiled as he laughed. He clenched his fist and said, “Hmph! Liu Yang, tomorrow is the day of your death. I won’t let you leave this campus alive. Tomorrow after school, I won’t let you go, just you wait.”

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[TL:Hello Everybody! So I decided to drop this novel after I saw that the author had given up on the novel and had started a new novel. I’m sorry for getting everybody’s hopes up after translating a couple chapters! This is my fault on not looking at the site thoroughly to make sure that the novel had been dropped by the author or not before picking it up to translate.  -ScipioM]