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Chapter 6 Assisting Beautiful Women With A Massage (2)


“Ning Jingjing, why don’t I try to massage it.” “No, no no no…”


Feeling like he said something wrong, Liu Yang tried to explain: “No, I‘ll help you touch it…no…no…” Liu Yang didn’t know what to say.


Seeing Liu Yang red like an apple, Ning Jingjing smiled, “Just like when you were a child, you’re still a fool.”


“Okay, I got it. You’ll massage my foot. My foot hurts, so you’ll help me massage it,” Ning Jingjing said to Liu Yang.


“Okay, okay,” Liu Yang.


Ning Jingjing extended her perfect, white foot onto the table, and shouted at Liu Yang, “Come massage my foot! My foot hurts.”


Today Ning Jingjing was wearing the school uniform with a pink skirt. She had slender, beautiful legs and looking up, she had slender *. This enticing scene would’ve made any man who caught sight want it.


[TL: Okay guys, the raws used * and I have no idea but I’m sure we can all use our imagination ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]


After all, Ning Jingjing wasn’t a little girl anymore, and she had grown up already.


Seeing this, Liu Yang froze and muttered, “Such beautiful legs! Very pretty.”


“Hey! Hey! Liu Yang.” Seeing Liu Yang’s blank look, Ning Jingjing, with a red face, waved her hand in front of his face and yelled.


“Ah!” Sensing that his mind had wandered, Liu Yang lowered his head down in embarrassment.


“Hurry up and start!” Ning Jingjing said.


“Ah! Yes!”


Just touching Ning Jingjing’s legs, he couldn’t help but scream in his heart. “So smooth, so soft.” Liu Yang continued to gently caress it.




After a few minutes, Ning Jingjing thought, “I didn’t think this massage would feel so comfortable.”


Suddenly, Liu Yang stopped and opened his mouth. He was having a nosebleed.


Seeing Liu Yang with a nosebleed, she asked, “Liu Yang, what happened?”


Liu Yang was unable to take his eyes off a certain area, and his mouth would mutter occasionally, “So beautiful, so beautiful…” The place he was looking was on Ning Jingjing?


Seeing Liu Yang’s gaze, she followed it and saw where he was looking.


“Ah!” Seeing the area, Ning Jingjing looked down, embarrassed.


Ning Jingjing knew why Liu Yang was looking—she had worn a very short skirt today, and Liu Yang was sitting opposite of her. How could he not see?


Ning Jingjing’s face turned red, and she pulled down her skirt, glancing at him coldly. “Still haven’t seen enough! Pervert!”


Ning Jingjing couldn’t stand staring at him.How was this her childhood friend?


Hearing those words brought Liu Yang back, and he didn’t know what to do with his two hands, so he didn’t speak.


The two were in a deadlock, neither one speaking.


After a moment, Liu Yang finally said, “Well, Student Ning Jingjing, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you.”


Liu Yang knew it was his fault and decided to try to resolve the issue with her.


“Hmph!” Ning Jingjing looked at him with a cold look.


Hearing Ning Jingjing’s anger, Liu Yang thought to himself, frustrated: Liu Yang, you idiot! Look at what you did! Why did you have to look at others?


Imagine any other man, they couldn’t help but keep staring. My heart has the same impulses.


When he was a child he wouldn’t look, but that was when he was a child. First Ning Jingjing wasn’t sexually developed, and second, he was still a wimpy kid. What else was there to understand?


Liu Yang stood restlessly. After a moment, he said to Ning Jingjing, “This… Well, I’m sorry for today. I have something to do and should go home. See you tomorrow.” Finished, he hurried to go. He knew he made a mess and he shouldn’t be there.


“Hey!” Seeing Liu Yang leaving so fast, Ning Jingjing was at a loss for words. “I haven’t forgiven you, seriously.” She then stamped her foot down and shouted, “Stupid Liu Yang, stupid Liu Yang…”


“Swish!” What was going on?


In high school, although there were a lot of boys seeking her, none of them would be as unruly as Liu Yang.


Returning to her room, Ning Jingjing couldn’t sit peacefully. In her mind, Liu Yang reappeared and was massaging her foot, and she had a comfortable expression.


“Swish!” Thinking of this, Ning Jingjing’s face turned red like an apple as she got up. People couldn’t help but want to take a bite.


“Ning Jingjing, what are you thinking? Don’t you feel ashamed?” Ning Jingjing thought to herself.


After going home, Liu Yang rested for a moment to calm himself down. “Liu Yang! Liu Yang! You really lived this time. Your childhood doesn’t even compare. We’ll see what she does tomorrow.”


“Forget it. I’ll just apologize again tomorrow,” Liu Yang said before going to bed.


“Where is this?” Inside Liu Yang’s dream was a training area.


“Haha! Owner, hello. This is the super training grounds.” A voice suddenly said beside him.


“Training grounds?” Liu Yang asked.


“Of course, today we will start step 2.”


“Ren, I have a question. How long is this going to take for me to be invincible?”


“I’ll calculate it,” Ren stated.


“Calculations complete.”


Liu Yang said, excited, “Tell me, tell me.”


“A minimum of fifty years,” Ren said, deadpan.


“Ah! That long!” Liu Yang was at a loss.


“Is there a faster way?”


“Yes, five years.”


“Also so long, five years! Alright, five years, let’s start!”


“Okay. Bear with it. Hehe!” Ren smiled evilly and said.


“System zero starting. Hehe!”


Feeling the evil smile from Ren, Liu Yang asked, “Ren, what’s system zero?”


“System zero won’t let a person die even till the last breath. Thus it’s called system zero,” Ren explained.


Hearing this, Liu Yang became scared and shouted, “I don’t want to, I don’t want to. Quickly stop it.”


“Sorry Owner, the system has already started.”




“It can only stop once it’s over.”




Five minutes passed, ten minutes passed… 280 minutes passed. Liu Yang finally stopped.




“So tired, I, I….” Before he finished, he fainted.



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