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Chapter 5 Assisting Beautiful Women With A Massage (1)


Early in the morning the next day, Liu Yang went out and Ning Jingjing, next door, had also just come out with a school bag.


“Liu Yang!”


While Ning Jingjing was locking her door, she noticed Liu Yang also leaving for school, then laughed and greeted him, “Good morning! Why did you get up so early today? Let’s go together!”


Ning Jingjing slowly approached Liu Yang’s side.


Today, Ning Jingjing wore a sky blue dress coupled with crystal-like shoes. With her unique charm, Liu Yang’s soul was literally taken away.


“Let’s go!”


“Ah!” Liu Yang was enchanted by Ning Jingjing’s beauty. In addition to her clothes, she was very eye-catching.


Seeing Ning Jingjing walking in front of him, he hurried to catch up.




Catching up to Ning Jingjing, their bodies almost touched. Ning Jingjing’s body had a sweet-smelling fragrance and Liu Yang couldn’t help but breathe in a couple more times.


Suddenly, Liu Yang felt like he lost himself for a moment and looked at Ning Jingjing as she continued walking forward, not noticing his slip up. Can’t look—looking almost gave him a nosebleed.


Liu Yang struggled to turn away and restrain himself. Not allowing himself to do what he had done again, the two had finally arrived at the school.


After his first class, Liu Yang got up to head to the bathroom downstairs. At the bathroom, somebody behind him patted his back. Liu Yang turned around to see that it was Ma Hu’s little lackey, Huang San.


Huang San sinisterly looked at Liu Yang as he slowly reached for Liu Yang’s shoulder.


“Liu Yang, walk. I need to talk to you about something.” Huang San held onto him as they walked.


“Eh?” Liu Yang’s whole face was puzzled. I shouldn’t be familiar with him, why is he looking for me? Forget it, it doesn’t matter. Go with him first. Liu Yang faintly nodded.


After walking into the bathroom, Huang San stopped.


He coldly stated, “Liu Yang, We’re friends and classmates. I won’t hide it, I’m looking for you because of Ning Jingjing.”


“Ning Jingjing?” Liu Yang was puzzled, not understanding.


Huang San saw Liu Yang acting stupid and felt an urge to beat him up.


In the whole Tian Niang high school, everyone knew Ma Hu was fond of Ning Jingjing because of her family. Therefore, nobody dared to chase after Ning Jingjing, since they didn’t want to get beat up.


Thinking of beating him up, Huang San held himself back. He slowly explained to him, regardless if he knew or not. “Ning Jingjing is Brother Ma’s wife, I hope you will keep your distance. If not, Brother Ma might bring some trouble. Don’t blame this brother for not reminding you.”


“Why does it matter if I’m around her, why should I keep my distance?” He also didn’t know what to do. Usually, people wouldn’t even dare to refute. What was going on today?


Huang San advised Liu Yang for a while but was still getting furious. “Liu Yang, I’m giving you some face! I’m telling you, from now on, stay away from Ning Jingjing. The next time I see you and her walking together, I’ll show you the consequences.”


Hearing Huang San’s threats, Liu Yang wasn’t scared at all. He even laughed and said, “Haha, just a little boot-licker trying to threaten people.”


“You…you!” Liu Yang had said his weak point. Huang San became so angry that his face turned red, but when he wanted to talk back, he didn’t have anything to say.


He said he was a boot-licker directly. How couldn’t he get mad?


Huang San turned to leave. “Liu Yang, you’re laughing now, but I will come back to settle accounts with you. Just you wait,” he said, leaving angrily.


“Sigh!” Liu Yang nodded and helplessly sighed.




Suddenly, Liu Yang realized that he had been acting weird the last few days. It was still him, right?


Just a moment ago, he had been cursing, but he was still one of the four thugs’ lackey. Surprisingly, he blurted out that remark.


Liu Yang rubbed his head. “It can’t be that day when they knocked me against the wall!”


The whole afternoon, Liu Yang studied and didn’t have any idle time, which made Shangguan Yuying, who was next to him, shocked.


He scratched his head and whispered, confused, “What’s with Liu Yang today? He’s so earnest today. Either my eyes are playing a trick on me or his brain broke somewhere.”


Saying that, Shangguan Yuying reached out his hand towards Liu Yang and felt his forehead.


“Not right? Everything’s normal? There’s no fever?” Shangguan Yuying didn’t understand.


“What are you doing? Yuying?” Seeing Shangguan Yuying put his head to his forehead, Liu Yang put down his book and asked him.


“No, nothing? You’ve been weird today and I thought something happened to you.”


“Eh?” Muttering that, he looked down again to read, not paying attention to Shangguan Yuying.


Seeing Liu Yang reading again, he tapped on Liu Yang. “Is that really you? You seem like you’re possessed.”


“You’re possessed. I need to do my missed work, stop bothering me.” Liu Yang glared at Shangguan Yuying and continued to read.


“Hmph! Just keep pretending, I’ll watch you struggle.” Shangguan Yuying curled up his lips and blurted out.


Sitting at the front of the room, Ning Jingjing watched the blockhead Liu Yang, sweetly smiled, and said, “Who thought he’d be so serious?”


“Liu Yang, you should probably go home,” Ning Jingjing waited for the students, preparing to lock the door, but she saw Liu Yang still reading and walked over, yelling loudly.


“Ah!” Liu Yang turned and put down his book. “Class Monitor? Do you need something?”


Ning Jingjing laughed and said, “You’ve been acting weird today. Even when everybody’s already gone, you still haven’t gone home.”


“Ah! Oh! It’s the end of the day,” Liu Yang mumbled. He didn’t expect to have sat there all day. Moreover, he was shocked that he had gotten so absorbed into studying.


This really was abnormal, it even scared himself.


Seeing Liu Yang’s dimwitted appearance, Ning Jingjing giggled and said, “Let’s go home together.”


“Okay,” Liu Yang agreed.


This was one of the happiest things he’d done in his life, walking home with the prettiest girl in school.


On the way, Liu Yang bowed his head, not daring to look up. He was afraid that if he saw Ning Jingjing’s beauty, he would get a nosebleed.


The two walked shoulder to shoulder until they reached Ning Jingjing’s home.


“We’re back home,” Ning Jingjing said quietly.


“Umhm! We’re back home.”


“Do you want to come in and sit?” Ning Jingjing asked, blushing.


Even though her face was red, they had both grown up together and had quite a bit of intimate contact without any problems. But Ning Jingjing was still so shy.


“Ah! Okay!” Liu Yang trembled in nervousness. It was his first time being in a girl’s home. Not only that, it was a beautiful girl.


Even though they had grown up together and were childhood friends, it was his first time in her house.


“Woah! So big, so beautiful.” Liu Yang dumbly stated. Her house really was big!


Ning Jingjing’s house was as big as a sports field and the inside was rich and sparkling.


This was probably one of the best districts. After all, it wasn’t in Tian Zhong City. It was naturally superior, although Ning Jingjing’s dad bought other houses in the city which were also decorated spectacularly.


When Liu Yang went into the living room, there was a statue. It wasn’t made out of stone but of gold.


Liu Yang’s jaw dropped in shock. “Seriously rich. If I even had a gold tooth, I would’ve been content.”


This couldn’t be real, Liu Yang nodded his head.


Seeing Liu Yang’s shock, Ning Jingjing smiled and said, “Liu Yang, do you want something to drink?”


“Water!” Finished speaking, Liu Yang lowered his head, thinking he was really too unsophisticated, like a country bumpkin.


“Okay, wait a moment.” Seeing Liu Yang like that, Ning Jingjing didn’t say anything, because she knew that Liu Yang wasn’t so well off. She went to the kitchen to pour some water.


After a moment, Ning Jingjing’s voice traveled from the kitchen, “Liu Yang, the water’s here.”


“Ah!” Walking towards Liu Yang, she wasn’t careful and twisted her ankle. Ning Jingjing started to fall towards the ground. Liu Yang jumped up from the sofa and went to catch her.


He reached out with both hands to catch her, but Ning Jingjing had turned around and her mouth fell on top of his mouth.


“Ah!” Ning Jingjing kissed him, and Liu Yang, feeling excited, kissed back enthusiastically on Ning Jingjing’s snow-white neck.


“Ah!” Ning Jingjing, experiencing Liu Yang’s kiss, tried to stand up and blushed, bashful.


Liu Yang kissed her for a couple more minutes before realizing that a beautiful girl was in his embrace. His eyes looked at Ning Jingjing in shock.


Gradually, everything eased up and Ning Jingjing blushed at Liu Yang’s gaze. “Have you not looked enough?”


Although they had been friends since they were children, they were big now and not children anymore.


“Ah! Sorry! Sorry! I didn’t do it on purpose.” Liu Yang hurriedly tried to explain.


While Liu Yang tried to explain in his mind: So Tempting.


“Hmph!” Ning Jingjing saw that Liu Yang’s eyes were different and snorted coldly.


She wanted to walk away but discovered there was a pain when she moved her foot. “Ah! It hurts.”


Liu Yang supported Ning Jingjing and asked, concerned, “What hurts? Where does it hurt?”


“My foot, it seems I sprained it.”


“Sprained ankle, what do I do?”


Ning Jingjing quietly said, “Take me to the sofa first.”


“Okay.” Liu Yang slowly helped Ning Jingjing towards the sofa.


“Do I need to call the doctor?”


“No need, I just need to rest first.”


What to do, what to do? What to do…Liu Yang thought urgently. Suddenly, from inside his head, “Medical techniques, you can use medical techniques?”


“What medical techniques could I possibly do?” Liu Yang asked.


“You can’t, but I can temporarily start the medical function.”




“Medical function start…”

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