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Chapter 3 Trash, I’m Trash


Liu Yang ran home and once he reached the doorway, he heard a mocking voice coming from inside. “Bing Yan, do you really want to abandon Yang Yang and me? Yang Yang, he…” At this time, Liu Hai’s voice stopped, having a hard time saying each word. His pain broke his voice. He held his throat, breathing with difficulty.


“Yang Yang? You’re talking about your trash son!” Song Bing Yan stopped and the corner of her mouth rose in ridicule. “He’s useless… Sorry, that’s not a problem I should be worrying about. Goodbye!”


Song Bing Yan walked to the door and recalled something. She turned back and spoke one sentence: “Not goodbye, we never saw each other.” Finished speaking, she left heartlessly and even turned to look at them coldly, as if she wasn’t looking at them.


Walking out of the door, Song Bing Yan brushed past Liu Yang without taking notice of his return. It was even at the door.


Granted, if she did notice Liu Yang, she wouldn’t have stopped. Although he was her son—a part of her—she didn’t care for her own sake. For her rising future, she wouldn’t glance back at her past at all. Looking at these people, Song Bing Yan had no further thoughts. She didn’t want to go through the hardship, and she couldn’t take the hardship for her life.


Starting from today, she was going to live a fairy-tale city life.




[TL: Sound of crying]


He had just gotten his money back from Xu Xing and Liu Yang was pretty invigorated, but at the doorway, he heard his mother’s heartless words!


Liu Yang’s mind went blank and, like a knife, he felt like a thousand ants had bitten into his heart.


Trash. Correct, he could be considered trash. His grades from middle school to high school were trash. He was a blockhead—no, he couldn’t even compare to a blockhead. He was like a stone.


He remembered going to school and being called to the office and his teacher would call him a blockhead. Wrong, he was a rotten piece of wood that couldn’t even be carved in.


Liu Yang shook his head of his bottled-up tears and laughed bitterly. “Even my mother has abandoned me, I…really am useless.”


I am the trash of my generation, I am trash. I can only score 20 points in every subject. I’m a fool who can’t even play games. Even in a simple fight, I’m being bullied. I’m not only trash but a spineless coward… If I’m not trash, then who is?


God, why do you do this to me? What did I do to wrong you?


After crying for a while, Liu Yang wiped his tears while carrying his school bag. No, I still have my father. I can’t do this, I need to cheer up.


After a moment, Liu Yang stepped inside and discovered Liu Hai, still in painful tears. Liu Yang walked in. “Dad!”


Liu Hai wiped his tears and looked up at Liu Yang. “Yang Yang…”


He wanted to say something but was interrupted by Liu Yang. He knew his father was suffering—after all, he had been married for twenty years. How could he not be in bitter pain? Liu Yang forced a smile and said, “Dad! Don’t be sad. With such a cold person, it’s not worth it. If she didn’t leave now, she would’ve left later. Don’t worry, I can take care of you. We can take care of each other. I don’t believe the Earth would stop turning with her gone.”


One of these days, I will make her regret doing this. Liu Yang nervously clenched his fist.


Watching his son, Liu Hai thought it was fine, as long as this child kept living. “Alright, we can still live happily.”


Inside his room, Liu Yang laid on his bed, looking at the roof and thinking of what his mother said today. “He was trash, trash…”


Actually, the words he said today to Liu Hai he didn’t even believe himself. Was he really trash?


It probably wouldn’t convince anybody; Liu Yang couldn’t even convince himself. Then he thought about his father and how his mother had cursed him. He didn’t want to be trash, he wanted to be strong, wasn’t he just daydreaming?


“I don’t want to be trash, I can change, I can change…” He slowly fell asleep, talking to himself.


“Ding… System starting. System searching for owner.”


“Ding… Searching for compatible owner. Continuing search.”


“Ding… Cannot find suitable owner. Authorizing system three.”


“Swish!” A light fell over Liu Yang. “Brain linked. System bounding.”


“System beginning assimilation with brain.”


“Ding! System matching successful.”


Liu Yang’s brain ceaselessly continued to ding.


In a moment, Liu Yang was brought into a virtual space.




“Where is this?” Liu Yang looked shocked at the open space. In front of him was a sea of clouds and he couldn’t see anything in front of him.


“Don’t tell me this is a dream? Or is this Hell? Can somebody tell me?” Liu Yang muttered to himself quietly.


“Owner. You are not dreaming, nor are you in Hell.” A voice answered him after he had finished speaking.


“Who? Who?” Hearing somebody actually answer him, Liu Yang was frightened. He hurriedly searched around, but he found nobody around him.


“Shit, I’m not going to die, am I?!” Liu Yang said with doubt in his face.


“Owner, you’re not dying. You’re still alive.” Suddenly a white light appeared before Liu Yang’s eyes.


“Ah! Ghost, ghost…” Suddenly seeing Ren, Liu Yang tried to flee.


He wanted to run away, but the artificial intelligence Ren pulled him back. “Owner, I’m not a ghost. I’m called Ren.”


“Ren?” Liu Yang stopped struggling and glanced back. He found a lump of light pulling him back.


“Owner, hello!”


“Uh, he…hello!” Having Ren frighten him a moment ago, he was still pale. He spoke the one sentence as he trembled.


“You… Who are you?” Liu Yang asked, stammering. He didn’t dare offend the monster in front of him.


“Owner, I’m called Ren. I came to Earth from 3 billion light years away in space.


“What? What did you say? You came from 3 billion light years away in space?” Liu Yang mouth fell open in shock.


“Yes, Owner.”


“Haha! I really am dreaming, yep, I’m dreaming.” Liu Yang didn’t believe what Ren had just said. He felt he was dreaming so he suddenly opened his two eyes and discovered he was still sleeping in bed.


“Huhu~~Huhu…” Gasping, Liu Yang patted himself and nodded before going to put on his clothes.

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