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Chapter 2 My Tea Egg Money


“School’s out, I should go back home.” Liu Yang said to himself.


After being in the horse stance for 10 minutes, he was feeling sore.


After seeing the language teacher leave, he made gestures behind the teacher’s back. “Walk slower, you might just fall to your death.”


Liu Yang limped into class and gathered his books to go. Then he heard somebody laugh behind him. “Haha! Useless Liu, you’re quite amusing! Next time, why don’t you show us something even better?”


Liu Yang wanted to just beat this glasses-wearing boy up. But he didn’t have the courage. Not knowing if it was a gift from the heavens, he was cowardly and weak.


His fist were clenched and he was ready to attack, but he seemed to have lost his courage.


Liu Yang reluctantly shook his head. In class, even the whole school, regardless whether they were shorter or taller than him, they would all bully him.


Liu Yang thought of the many times he could’ve spoke back, but didn’t have the courage to!


“Useless Liu, we’re leaving.”


It pained him to hear them call him useless. You’re fucking useless. But he could only complain to himself.


Don’t think about it. Let’s go home.


Liu Yang looked at the sky. Can someone as useless as me turn over a new leaf?


“Liu Yang, you still haven’t gone home yet?”


Ning Jingjing was in the student council. She had been assigned to lock the gates after school. So when everybody had left already, she would close the gates.


Liu Yang put down his bag and turned around to see Student Ning Jingjing.


Ning Jing was a third year in the 2nd class. She was also one of the most beautiful girls on campus. Ranked 1st on the prettiest girl chart, she had many pursuers.


She wasn’t only beautiful—she was also a model student. She was in the top three, and the teachers said she was a really good student.


From the beginning of middle school, Ning Jingjing had been in Liu Yang’s class. The two of them were neighbors separated by one house.


Originally, Ning Jingjing wasn’t supposed to be neighbors with him. She came from a wealthy family and had several houses around Tianzhong City. Her father was an entrepreneur.


But he heard that her hometown was here. Her father cherished his dead grandfather and mother so he bought a house here and had Ning Jingjing go to school here, since he was always occupied with business.


Liu Yang looked at Ning Jingjing. She was really beautiful. Ah?


He had never seen her so close. She really was beautiful. No wonder she was ranked first for prettiest girl on campus.


She saw Liu Yang look at her, but Ning Jingjing was a more traditional kind of girl—she wasn’t like other girls who would just go slap a person or seduce a man.


Ying Ning Ning turned red and softly said, “What are you looking at?”


“Very pretty, very pretty, hehe!” Liu Yang suddenly realized what he had said, and tried to hurriedly explain. “No no, what am I looking at? I see nothing!”


Seeing Liu Yang try to stupidly explain, she calmed down. “Why haven’t you gone home! It’s already evening.”


“Hehe! I’m leaving soon, you go back first!”


“Alright! I’ll go home first. Do your homework and I’ll check it for you tomorrow morning!”


Liu Yang sheepishly smiled and said to Ning Jing Jing, “Yes sir!”


Watching Ning Jingjing leave, Liu Yang had a heart of gratitude. Over the years, when Ning Jingjing was in his class, she was the only one to not laugh at him.


She always encouraged him and his studies.


Suddenly Liu Yang had some fanciful thoughts about his classmate next door.


“Impossible, how could she look at a trash student like me.”


Liu Yang shook his head, trying to get rid of his delusions.


She was probably only helping him because she saw he was poor and pathetic, and had some sympathy for him.


Yep, she could never like me. I should just forget what I thought of before.


Liu Yang picked up his bag to run home. He had to go past a shady alley he wanted to avoid.


After turning into the alley, he was suddenly stunned, ready to turn around and leave. It was a pity that behind Liu Yang that there was a 6 foot guy looking at him like a demon.


Liu Yang was scared, and he whimpered, “I think I went the wrong way.”


Squatting on the ground was a blonde guy smoking. Seeing Liu Yang, he spat his cigarette on the ground and stood up to walk over.


“Xu…Bro Xu! How….how are you!”


Watching him come closer and closer, Liu Yang greeted him, scared.

Xu Xing was also one of the the four little lords of the school—he even had a higher status than Ma Hu. Liu Yang was also most scared of Xu Xing.


It might be because Xu Xing beats him up a lot! But fear of him was imprinted onto Liu Yang.


“Useless Liu, why are you going home so late today!”


“That’s, Bro Xu..”


Xu Xing didn’t let him explain and interrupted Liu Yang’s words. “You’re just really slow walking down this long path!”


“Yes yes yes, Bro Xu, how did you know?”


“Every time you give the fucking same excuse. You can’t change your lines and say something different.”


Xu Xing couldn’t bear Liu Yang another moment and hit him on the back of his head. “That same phrase everyday. It’s hurting my ears.”


After hitting him a couple more times, he put his hand down and said, “You have money today? Several of us are having some financial difficulties, you see, so we would like to borrow some.”


Borrow your ass!


Everytime you say it’s borrowing, but when I ask for it back, you beat me up. Then you ask, “I owe you money?”


However, everytime Liu Yang would cry and say, “No, Bro Xu, you don’t owe me money!”


Thinking of this, Liu Yang felt annoyed. In his pocket was some money that he was going to buy a tea egg. If he gave it to them, wouldn’t he not be able to eat it?


His family already wasn’t wealthy and all the money they had was earned by his father selling vegetables and doing odd jobs.


In order to be admitted into a good university, his father had bit the bullet and rented an apartment in the most expensive district in town so that others won’t ridicule them.


Alright! Xu Xing had more power than him, so he couldn’t fight back.


Seeing Liu Yang hesitate, Xu Xing pressed him, “Useless Liu, hurry up, I still want to smoke.”


“That’s, Xu… Bro Xu, I don’t have money today.”


Liu Yang stated, afraid of being hit.


“No money?” Xu Xing doubted him, “How can you not have money? Don’t you have money every time? Don’t tell me you’re afraid I won’t pay you back?”


“No no no!”


Hearing those words, Liu Yang knew that if he didn’t explain immediately, Xu Xing was going to get angry.


“Bro Xu, I really don’t have money. If you don’t believe me, check!”


While he spoke, Liu Yang turned open his pockets and pants pockets. He even unzipped the door down there.


Carefully checking him, Xiu Xing found nothing and decided to just forget about it, “Alright, I believe you. Let’s go!”


Seeing Xu Xing and his group leave, he couldn’t help but laugh, “I’m so smart! Hiding the money.”


Liu Yang leaned on the wall and took off his shoe. A hidden 10 yuan fell out.


Picking up the money form the ground, Liu Yang couldn’t help but kiss it, “My tea egg!”


“Great! Useless Liu, you dare play this move against me. You really are looking to die today.”


Xu Xing and his group knocked Liu Yang against the wall. Seeing the wall, Liu Yang had his soul scared out of him. “Bro Xu, we can talk about this. It’s just some money, right?”


Hearing those words, Xu Xing let him go. “How much do you have? You have 50?”


“Money isn’t the problem! I just don’t have the money!”


“Fuck. Those that fuck with us, we kill.”


“No, Bro Xu, we can talk about this. You see over there, beautiful women are watching!”


Liu Yang wanted to speak, but Xu Xing didn’t believe him.


“Peng peng peng!”


After being hit a few times, Liu Yang fainted.


“There’s 10 yuan, we can get a few smokes for each of us!”


As Xu Xing and his group prepared to leave, Liu Yang unexpectedly stood up.


Seeing Liu Yang stand up, Xu Xing curled up his lips, “What? Did I hit you too lightly and you aren’t staying down!”


Xu Xing laughed and approached Liu Yang.


Liu Yang didn’t know what happened, but in a split second he raised his hand and hit Xu Xing.




Xu Xing was stunned, not expecting Liu Yang to actually hit him. He clutched his bleeding mouth. “You have the guts to hit me.”




One after another, Xu Xing was hit until he almost lost consciousness.


Xu Xing’s other two men saw Liu Yang, suddenly courageous. One by one, they left, saying, “I need to go to the bathroom!”


“What did I just do?”


After a few people left, Liu Yang woke up. “What happened?”


He found Xu Xing lying on the ground. Liu Yang was shocked. “Ah! Bro Xu, what happened to you?”


“No, I need to run.” He ran away, but turned and went back for his money.


“This is my tea egg money, I’ll take it back!”

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