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Chapter 1 Sexual Harassment


Tian Ning High School. Tian Hai City, Tian Ning Second High School. Third Year, Class Two. The language teacher was holding chalk and writing information. Liu Yang lay on his desk, holding a textbook.


Gazing at the textbook in his hands, Liu Yang, in a bad mood, secretly cursed the book. “These ancient people don’t know how to relax. After eating their fill, why would they create these characters? So damn hard to remember.”


What flood? It’s just two more waters? I always read it as water, and it isn’t right? It’s just two more, what’s the difference?


[TL: So the Chinese character for flood is literally 3 characters of water 淼, and water is this 水.]


Who knew what people in ancient times were thinking? It couldn’t be that they didn’t have cow’s milk and didn’t have enough to eat nutritiously. They had something missing from their brain.


Maybe they had abnormalities in the head from malnourishment and were lacking indecency.


Liu Yang lay on his desk, his brain imagining what the ancient people did to make words!


It should be like this!


As a result, a confusing mess and hard to remember characters were made.


“Useless Liu, useless Liu!”


“Oh? Brother Ma, you’re calling me?”


Hearing somebody call him, Liu Yang slowly put down the textbook and turned around to see Ma Hu calling him.


Ma Hu was one of Tian Ning High School’s little lords, as well as one of the four thugs in the school. The school turned a blind eye towards him because he had a powerful background. Well, that’s what he had heard from students.


“Useless Liu, just a moment ago Ye Zi complained about me. Punish her.”


“Punish her, how do I punish her?”


Liu Yang had some doubts. He didn’t know what this punishment was, and he was too lazy to find out. He didn’t like to think hard.


“You do whatever, I don’t care what you do.” Ma Hu looked at his Vacheron Constantin watch on his wrist. “Now until the end of school and 30 minutes after. If I don’t see her punished…”


Ma Hu gave Liu Yang a deep look. “Hehe! I can turn you into a protected species.”


“Alright! I get it.”


Liu Yang reluctantly agreed to his sloppy demands.


He didn’t agree but if you don’t, you’ll be chopped up for fun.


He didn’t want to be targeted again, like an apple on his face being smashed by a fist over and over again. It wasn’t comfortable at all.


However, to punish her, how was he supposed to do that?


Liu Yang racked his brain trying to find ways to punish Ye Zi. Minute by minute, second by second time passed without him doing anything. Soon he would be beaten and thrown around…


Thinking of this, Liu Yang began feeling fear.


Another 10 minutes passed and students were being dismissed. Liu Yang’s heart began to panic.


If he didn’t move now, there wouldn’t be another opportunity. But what was he supposed to do?

Suddenly Liu Yang had an audacious idea, “Sexual harassment!”


Not good, it isn’t okay. To do this people would say you’re a rogue.


However, this would also get him slapped by women. Still, 10 slaps from a woman was better than a critical slap from Ma Hu.


Although he was lazy, he could still do things when needed.


Forget it, just do it.


Liu Yang held his breath and used all his energy to flip the ink on his desk onto Ye Zi’s skirt.




Immediately, a shriek, as if from a lioness, spread throughout the campus.


“Liu Yang, get out and do a horse stance!”

[ED: “The horse stance…is an important posture in Asian martial arts…It is most commonly used for practicing punches or to strengthen the legs and back” (Wikipedia). It’s a kind of partial squat.]


The language teacher was so angry that smoke was coming out of his nose.


“Haha! Useless Liu really is funny!”


Ma Hu burst into laughter and others in the class followed.


They had nothing to do, so they liked messing around with Liu Yang. When he did something stupid, they would laugh to spark something new in their daily lives.


Liu Yang obediently walked outside to stand outside the classroom.


Every time you are looking for me to seek amusement. Why don’t you go find something else to do, instead of messing around with me?


He didn’t have a good reputation in his school, and it made Liu Yang angry at Ma Hu. He really wanted to go and beat him up.


However, Ma Hu was 6 feet with a bulky frame. And he had underlings—they were each tall and powerful, and could beat him into a pulp alone if they wanted.


Thinking of this, Liu Yang felt like the horse stance was actually really good. It builds up muscle.


Finding ways to run away, Liu Yang felt like he was an embarrassment. Everytime he would find an excuse. What else could he do?

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