Chapter 2: Neighbor


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The dog food that Yu Wan made for Yu Diandian was unique, healthy, and delicious. When she finished making it, she placed it in Yu Diandian’s dining area. Then, the door bell rang.

Yu Wan hurriedly wiped her hands and opened the door.


“Hello, here’s your order.”


Yu Wan took her lunch from the delivery man. Her eyes wandered to the workers going in and out of the door opposite to hers, and she couldn’t help but wonder: Why was the moving process for this neighbor taking so long? It was already the fourth day since she had ran into the workers in the elevator.


“Thanks, how much do I owe you?”


“Thirty-five total.” *
*TL-note: By conversion rate it’s five bucks, but if you factor in stuff like comparisons of wages and living expenses between Chinese and Americans, it’s around ten.


“Okay.” Yu Wan put the food aside. It wasn’t until she touched her pockets that she realized she was still in her pajamas.


“Uh, please wait a minute. I’ll go get my wallet from my room.”




Yu Wan looked for quite a while. It was her fault for keeping her room messy.

She took out a fifty-yuan bill and hurried back to the door.


“Here’s your change. We look forward to your next order.”


The delivery man left, and Yu Wan walked to her kitchen with the food.

“Majesty, are you done eating? Isn’t it so~ scrumptious?”


However, she didn’t hear any response from Majesty. Yu Wan made towards Yu Diandian’s dining area in confusion. Immediately, she nearly jumped in surprise!

Yu Wan pointed towards its direction, and her voice quivered as she shouted, “You! You! Why’re you here?!”

Red Bean wasn’t physically able to answer her, and Yu Diandian inched closer to its side. “What are… what are you two doing together!”

Was this a sign of Yu Diandian being in a relationship?

It was hard for Yu Wan to accept this.

Red Bean woofed twice, and suddenly brushed its head on Yu Wan’s ankles obediently. Then, it lifted its head to gaze cutely at her. Yu Wan never did have any mental resistance towards dogs, much less for a cute one like a Samoyed. Her heart melted with its innocent attention.

“Are you trying to win over me, the mother-in-law, or something?” Yu Wan pouted.




“Hmph, my Majesty isn’t that easy to woo.” Though Yu Wan’s tone wasn’t friendly, she still stooped down to pat Red Bean’s head.

Red Bean barked and started to munch at the healthy lunch that Yu Wan made. Yu Wan raised her eyebrows in surprise. Her food was Yu Diandian’s favorite in the world, yet it didn’t seem bothered at all while watching Red Bean eat it.

Don’t tell me, is this true love?

Red Bean ate very happily, and the single meal was quickly devoured by the two dogs. As Yu Wan stared at Red Bean’s delighted face, she suddenly remembered the question that had popped into her head earlier: “Wait a second, where did you come from?”

Crap, that guy from yesterday must be going nuts if he’s realized that his dog was missing.

Yu Wan quickly got to her feet. “Red Bean, I’ll take you home. Just lead the way.”

As she spoke, she made towards the doorway. “Come, come.”

The two dogs followed Yu Wan to the elevator. But when she looked back, she saw Red Bean stop and sit on the floor. She walked back towards it, “What’s wrong, don’t you want to go home? Your owner has to be losing his mind.”

Red Bean woofed twice, then got up and trotted towards 702. Because the owner was still in the process of moving in, nothing stopped Red Bean from its grand entrance into the residence.

“Red Bean, is this your house?” Yu Wan furrowed her brows. “Wait, if this is where you live, then that means that the person yesterday… He’s my neighbor?”

“Oh hello there, doggie. You’ve finally come back.” A worker from the moving company exclaimed. He turned his attention to Yu Wan. “You are?”

“Hi, I live right across. Red Bean ran into my apartment earlier, so I took him back.” Yu Wan said.

“That’s awesome. Mr. Shen went down right after he realized that his dog was missing, but it turns  out he was in your apartment instead.”


“Ah? Do you have his number, I’ll call him right away.”


“Sure, sure.”


The worker gave her a number, and Yu Wan dialed it in her phone. Mm, she was informing him of his dog’s safety out of the goodness of her heart. This was definitely not an excuse to get his number.




“Hi.” He sounded a little short of breath, so maybe he was freaking out. But why did his voice still sound so elegant and stirring? Yu Wan’s thoughts wandered from one place to the next.


“Who is this?”


“I’m your neighbor.” Yu Wan almost forgot to answer his question. “Um, you don’t have to look for Red Bean anymore, it’s back home already. I ordered takeout and left the door open when I went to get my wallet, so that’s probably how it got in. I took it back to your door.”

The other end paused for a moment. “Okay, understood.” Then, he hung up. Yu Wan gazed at her phone screen. Understood? Just like that? This neighbor was quite the cold character.

Ten minutes later, Shen Qingzhou arrived at his apartment.

As soon as he entered the door, he saw Red Bean sprawled next to a girl. Red Bean wasn’t particularly friendly to everyone and was rather jumpy around strangers, so he was naturally surprised by the scene.

“Welcome back, Mr. Shen.” The worker said. “Everything’s in place, so if there’s nothing else to do, we’ll take our leave.”




The moving company workers left, and Yu Wan turned as soon as she heard him. Today he was wearing a white shirt along with black pants. His had a remarkably well-built figure, and his chilly pupils were as exceptional as ever.

She felt struck for a split second upon seeing him. His attractiveness had shaken her to her core.

It was a while before Yu Wan managed to speak. “Mr. Shen?”

Shen Qingzhou glanced at her, but didn’t speak. He walked into the living room and faced the Samoyed at Yu Wan’s feet. His voice bore a low, commanding tone, “Red Bean.”

It silently got to its feet, trotted over to Shen Qingzhou, and woofed weakly.

Shen Qingzhou probably didn’t lecture his dog because of the presence of a guest. He glanced again at Yu Wan. He never would have thought that the person on the phone was the girl he’d met yesterday, much less for her to be his neighbor.

However, these matters weren’t important. “Sorry for bothering you,” he said flatly.

Yu Wan paused. “It’s fine, it just came over to eat. It didn’t bring much trouble.”

Shen Qingzhou’s brows furrowed. “You fed it?”

Yu Wan frantically waved her hands. “Don’t worry, it’s not anything bad. My Majesty’s lunches are plenty nutritious.” Yu Wan knew that letting someone else feed their dog carelessly was one of the last things dog owners would do, so she didn’t miss a beat while explaining.

Shen Qingzhou didn’t reply, but he sat down on the sofa. After a while, he looked back and saw Yu Wan still standing there and said, “Do you need anything else.”

Yu Wan shook her head.

Shen Qingzhou, “Then you can leave.”


Yu Wan and Yu Diandian walked to the door.

“Woof, woof!” Red Bean suddenly barked several times. Yu Wan turned back and saw that Red Bean was calling to her Yu Diandian. She glanced a bit awkwardly at Shen Qingzhou and laughed dryly, “They seem to get along quite well.”

Shen Qingzhou immediately thought back to the dumb thing that Red Bean did yesterday, and his expression changed. “Red Bean, go. Time-out in the office.”

Red Bean whimpered without a trace of defiance. It trudged bashfully to the office.

Yu Wan stared at Red Bean’s retreating figure in sympathy. “Ah, it didn’t really do anything wrong, relax.”

Shen Qingzhou’s gaze was still cold. “How should I address you?”

Yu Wan looked at him in surprise. She hadn’t expected for him to ask for her name. She felt like she was supposed to feel a bit excited, but his piercing eyes were too pressuring. “I’m Yu Wan.”

“Okay, Miss Yu. I’m sorry for what happened yesterday and today.”

“It’s… okay.”

His apology sounded very calm and at ease. Even if she held any prejudice against him, she didn’t think it would stay after his words.

“Mm, I still have things to do. You’re welcome.”

A crisp and curt guest dismissal. Yu Wan nodded, “Bye. Majesty, let’s go.”

As they left, Yu Wan closed the door behind her. In the moment it clasped shut, she saw him stand up. Oooh, his legs are long.

Yu Wan clacked on her keyboard for two days in her apartment. She only left to take out the garbage, and every time she did she would glance habitually towards 702. The door remained shut, and there were no signs of life inside…

On the third day, Yu Wan was finally forced out of her house by a phone call from the Xinggu Company.*

*TL-note: The company that Yu Wan’s brother recommended.

The weather was very hot, and Yu Wan was already sweating by the time she reached the coffee shop.

A cool breeze greeted as she pushed open the door, and Yu Wan let out a sigh of relief. She normally would never go out in the scorching heat, but she couldn’t help it today…

As she scanned the shop, Yu Wan’s phone rang.

“Weiwan, are you here yet?” The rep from the company said.

“I just came in, where are you?”

“Eh… Just came in? You’re the one wearing overalls by the counter? That’s really you?”

“It’s me.”

The other end seemed thunderstruck. It wasn’t a while until they spoke, “Look to your right hand side by the window. I’m waving my hand.”

“Oh, I see you.”

Yu Wan hung up her phone and put it in her bag. She walked towards the windowsill.

Luo Qian was a bit stunned. She never would have thought that someone who wrote such a blood-curdling mystery bestseller like “Underworld of Wolves” would be a sweet girl…

Because her assistant was the one who reached out to Weiwan first, she thought all along that the author was a man.


“Hello, I’m your manager for the upcoming TV-drama from Xinggu. I’m Luo Qian.”


“Hi, just call me Yu Wan.”


“Please take a seat.”


The two sat down, and Yu Wan smiled at Luo Qian’s curious stare. “What’s wrong?”


“You’re really Weiwan.”


“So?” Yu Wan raised a brow.


“Sorry, sorry. It’s because you look so young, so…”


Yu Wan pursed her lips. “I’m not really young, I just look tender.”


Luo Qian laughed out loud at her straightforwardness. “Haha, I’ve read all of your novels. I would have never guessed that the icy Weiwan-sama would be like this.”

“Ah? Are you disappointed?” Yu Wan fluttered her large eyes.

Luo Xi shook her head. “Not at all, I’m actually excited. I never guessed that Weiwan was such a pretty lady instead of a middle-aged man. I honestly don’t know what would happen if your readers found out about this.”


“Let’s leave that as a mystery.”


Luo Qian smiled and returned to the topic. “Yu Wan, I brought the contract with me today. Take a look.”

She passed the files to Yu Wan, who flipped through them and said, “You guys don’t have any problems with the conditions I set, right.”


Luo Qian said, “None at all. Our company is fine with you writing the script for ‘Underworld of Wolves’, too. After all, as the author, you know best what gets to stay and what has to go.”


“Mm, I hope you people would put my opinions first. I don’t want my story to be altered beyond recognition.” Yu Wan’s tone was relaxed, but Luo Qian could feel her seriousness about this.


“Sure.” Luo Qian replied, “Then why don’t you move on to the section on remuneration.”