No Protection Tonight

Chapter 38: A Lovely Harem


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Liu Jie seemed to take pleasure in my awkward state. However, she thought that I was being scolded, while in reality I was just forced to keep my mouth shut.

Fortunately, Tangge didn’t bring up the subject of money. It seemed that he was still keeping true to his word. Though, it wasn’t that I wasn’t willing to flog a dead horse, it was just that I hadn’t quite accepted Liu Jie in my heart yet. I didn’t want to owe her anything.

After lunch, Tangge left to go to work. Since there was still a lot of time, Saozi had me go take a nap in my room, promising me a surprise later. Then, she brought Liu Jie into her bedroom.

I got a bit curious watching their suspicious behavior, so I tiptoed over to the room. The door was open  just a crack, and I could clearly hear what they were saying.

“Meizi-jie, this is for you.” Liu Jie took out an elegant case from her bag.

“A deluxe skin care kit from Aqua Secret? * This must be worth thousands of yuan, it’s too expensive. I can’t accept this.” Saozi hurriedly tried to reject the gift.

*Random fictional brand.

“Meizi-jie, I didn’t buy this. My dad’s friends like to send us stuff all the time, and I have way more at home. I can’t possibly dream of using it all, so just take it. It’s thanks for helping me put makeup on.” Liu Jie grinned.

“You’re just too nice. Here, come sit down.” Saozi’s affection for the skin care kit was scrawled all over her face.

“Meizi-jie, isn’t this bra sexy? But he can’t see it even if I put it on.” Liu Jie sounded mournful as she took off her top and revealed her smooth stomach. The circle of black lace around her breasts could make anyone start to daydream.

“Pshh.” Saozi couldn’t hold back her chuckle. “My little dunce, the reason why I had you get that kind of underwear wasn’t for him to see, but for you.”

“For me? What good will that do?” Liu Jie pursed her lips.

“See, you don’t understand.” Saozi shook her head. Liu Jie looked thirsty for new knowledge.

“Everyone has two sides to them. For example, no matter if you’re at school or your house, you’re always a little princess and loved by everyone. But for Feng, you reveal your insecure side. The very fact that you called me to ask how could you attract his attention demonstrates that you don’t know what to do and you don’t have a lot of confidence. I wanted you to buy lingerie so you could look in the mirror and admire your own body. Over time, you will notice that it’s impossible to hide your own beauty, much less to the opposite sex.” Saozi explained as she applied eyeliner onto Liu Jie’s face.

“So that’s how it is?” Liu Jie seemed a bit dazed.

“Mm, and that kid only seems apathetic on the outside. In reality, he’s quite the pervert at heart.” Saozi commented. Though, she did have the right to say that; after all, I did jizz all over her underwear.

“What’s more, he always underestimates himself. Boys from the countryside all have wariness rooted in their hearts. They tend to walk around with their tail between their legs.” Saozi started to thoroughly psychoanalyze me.

“No way, he acts really lofty in school. He’s pretty much number one in Year Three and a basketball god right now, and he can have any girl he wants.” Liu Jie didn’t seem to believe her.

“Yes, that perfectly demonstrates his ambition and desire. He wants to prove that he’s not below the city kids. But here’s my question, with all of those admirers, is he two-timing you with any of them?” Saozi was rather direct.

Liu Jie immediately shook her head. “Nope, his morals are fairly upright. I’m the only girl by his side. The other girls know that I’m formidable, so they could never dare to come close.”

“Upright morals? Tch, Saozi’s not afraid to tell you this. Every night, he curls up in his blankets and watches Japanese AVs. If he would rather f*p alone rather than hook up with his admirers, what does that mean?” Saozi’s words were frightening. When she had bought a phone for me last time, she loaded a lot of p*rn into it. Even when I looked through them out of boredom, I never jacked off to any of them before. I’ve been steadily drained throughout the past few days anyway, and I wasn’t close to recovering.

“He’s very focused on romance.” Liu Jie responded.

“Focused? Bullcrap, he watches those videos with one guy and lots of girls all the time. That just shows how thirsty he is for women, and why he hasn’t done anything with anyone yet. He’s unconfident because he thinks that since he’s from the countryside, the city girls would regard him as below them and reject him; this includes you, too.” Saozi exposed another shocking piece of information. But this just made me feel nothing but awkwardness. Before meeting her, I never knew that I could watch p*rn on a phone. How could she slander me like this?

“I’ve never held any contempt for him before. Rather, I really admire his honesty and bravery. He’s got a shine that doesn’t need anything to support it.” Liu Jie stated.

“Sure, you like him, but he doesn’t know that yet. Most boys and girls have a sense of competitiveness in their first relationships, and some are like wild beasts when it comes to initiative. However, he’s like an old monk settling down.” Saozi’s analogy was fairly accurate.

“Yeah, when I confessed to him, he rejected me. I was crying so much that day, I wanted to find someone to go beat him up.” Liu Jie lamented.

“Haha, it’s no wonder he would reject you. If you were a normal girl that lacked good looks and a good family background, but suddenly a gaofushuai* said that he liked you, how would you react?” Saozi tried to expand Liu Jie’s perspective.

*gaofushuai, or 高富帅, is a term for men who are tall, rich, and handsome. The tall part is because most men in China tend to not be over 170 cm (five foot seven). This is mostly because the great majority of families in 20th century China didn’t have enough to eat. The new generations (90s and onwards), however, are picking up quick.

“I would run and hide from him, as far away as possible. He definitely made a bet with a friend or something to play with my feelings.” Liu Jie replied without hesitation.

“Exactly. You’re the school’s esteemed baifumei*. When you suddenly confessed to him like that, he must also have guessed that you might have been involved in some sort of sick joke or were just messing with him. He might have even taken offense and could still be conflicted over whether he’s good enough for you. There’s even a saying: One’s only crime was to carry a jade*.” Saozi scoffed.

*This is a Chinese proverb that basically means, sometimes it feels like someone committed a crime when they get something that’s really good. If your friend won the lottery of a bajillion dollars, people would naturally sort of resent them, even though the friend is innocent and literally did nothing but win a bajillion dollars.

I had no words. It was clearly because I had Saozi in my heart that I was indifferent towards Liu Jie. But somehow, her explanation sounded quite plausible to Liu Jie or anyone else who listened.

“Ah, I understand now! Why didn’t I think of this before? I thought that he was trying to embarrass me, and I almost gave up back then.” Liu Jie smiled and started to laugh.

“It’s good that you didn’t. Feng is a good investment with a lot of potential, so cherish him well.” Saozi reminded.

“Yeah, my dad’s complimented him before too. He said that he’s got guts and a backbone, and would definitely be successful when he enters society. Even if he goes down a dirty path, he would still be a formidable individual.” Liu Jie continued.

I never would have thought that Liu Jie’s father would think so highly of me. If so, it was hardly surprising that he would be willing to loan Tangge money if I fell in with Liu Jie. Since she was pretty much head over heels for me, the decision landed squarely on my shoulders.

In short, the five hundred thousand was just to test my integrity and to pay for his daughter’s groom. The world of money was truly something that I could not understand.