No Protection Tonight


Chapter 37: Touch


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Liu Jie’s friendliness won over my affection for her. If she had viewed Saozi as a love rival and started questioning endlessly, I would’ve thought of her as petty and dumped her, for good reason. However, Liu Jie’s behavior was excellent and I couldn’t really pick out any problems with her.

I had to admit, she’s quite intelligent. She knew what to ask and what topics to avoid.

“Ah, I’ve already prepared lunch at home. It’s just some simple home cooking, why don’t you come along?” Saozi invited her. Jeez, she was bringing her home after what was only their second meeting?

“Sure, sure. I love home-cooked dishes.” Liu Jie pleasantly nodded her head.

Saozi had Liu Jie sit at front to chat, so I sat at the back.

Along the way, the two started to gossip.

“Jie, there shouldn’t be any other girls who are cuter than you at your school, right?” Saozi asked as the traffic light turned red.

“Eh, not really. I think Meizi-jiejie is much more feminine; there must be too many guys who want to touch them.” Liu Jie reached out and squeezed Saozi’s bust, then glanced at me.

Ack, I could only smile along. Though I had low-key spent most of my early morning massaging them into many different shape. By licking and biting, I displayed my abilities to their fullest extent. Saozi had moaned along with my tongue’s every movement, though things like these definitely needed to stay secret.

“You don’t need to envy me, maybe yours will grow even bigger than mine in two years. Though, your legs are so pale and long, and your skin is so smooth. Feng, you haven’t been groping her, have you?” Saozi rubbed Liu Jie’s thighs.

I believe that ship has sailed. I’ve already been on the first hill, and even further in my dreams.

With full contact with Saozi’s upper body and intrusion against Liu Jie’s lower body, it was really funny for the both of them to suspect me.

I could only smile along. With two beauties touching each other, they were practically testing my self-control. The scene was way too exhilarating.

Crap, after they finished complimenting each other, the topic turned to me. “You know, Feng brings you up all the time, and he even asked me how to treat girls the way they want to be treated.”

“Ahh, no way. He’s way too cold, and he’s never looked straight at me before.” Liu Jie complained. Because she didn’t want to make me mad by talking about it with me, she lamented to Saozi instead.

“Hmph, he’s just a dunce and afraid to make mistakes. Just be patient, this kid is truly a disappointment. He says your name in his sleep all the time.” Saozi’s ability in making up stories on the spot was truly amazing.

But her story was full of holes. How did she know that I said Liu Jie’s name in my sleep? Was she listening beside me the whole night? What else could this be other than a hilarious joke?

Though when Liu Jie heard her, her cheeks flushed with excitement. She didn’t seem to suspect Saozi’s words at all; I was sure that if Saozi wasn’t right there, she would’ve kissed me immediately.

To be honest, I didn’t know what to do in terms of advancing my relationship with Liu Jie. Since I was indeed a blockhead in the nitty-gritty part of relationships, Saozi’s idle chat appeared to crack the glass between me and Liu Jie.

“Hehe, I knew it. He’s just cold on the outside and hot on the inside.” Liu Jie beamed.

She was a little blockhead herself, too. Maybe because she never lacked admirers or met anyone that caught her eye, she had fallen head over heels for me in a fit of dizziness. And she was a prime example of how girls lose all sense of logic while in love.

When we got home, I was surprised to see the rare sight of Tangge cooking. When Liu Jie came in, Tangge immediately greeted her. I was a bit irked; was he about to bring up the matter of money again? He promised Saozi that he wouldn’t cause me any trouble.

Liu Jie was quick. She took out the bowls and chopsticks and laid them out on the dinner table, not seeming like an outsider at all.

Soon, the table was full of steaming hot dishes. I sat with Liu Jie on one side, and she kept pinching food for Saozi. However, I was shunted aside.

Crap, I was such a failure. When Liu Jie bumped into them and we went to the restaurant, it was the first time we had eaten together. Back then, she pretty much didn’t stop pinching food for me. Maybe she realized that I wouldn’t change my attitude towards her no matter how well she treated me, so she started to do the opposite to try and achieve the same effect.

“Meizi-jiejie, you’re so beautiful in your wedding photo. You look like a divine goddess in it.” Liu Jie praised.

Saozi laughed, “That was when I was young.”

“You still are. When you came to our school last time, the boys were all betting on whether you were eighteen or twenty.” Liu Jie said solemnly.

“That little mouth of yours is just too sweet. I really don’t understand how someone down-to-earth as Feng was able to chase you down.” Saozi asked curiously.

“I chased him first, and he’s not humble at all. When you’re not around, he likes to bully me. He even spanked me in front of all of our classmates.” Liu Jie pouted her lips. Oh dear, who knew what she was going to say now.

Back then, I wasn’t sure myself whether I could really defeat He Yu. If she had been hurt somehow, there was no way I could face her father.

She described me like a filthy pervert, taking advantage of her in broad daylight. But before Saozi could speak, Tangge started to applaud.

“See, Jie, my cousin here just has a birdbrain in his noggin. When he likes someone, he doesn’t know how to express himself, so he wants the whole world to know how true his heart is!” I found that Tangge was really a massive pervert himself. It would be a waste of talent if he didn’t write a sequel of “The Golden Lotus.” *

*The Golden Lotus is a Chinese novel written in the 17th century. Zhuang Feng is pretty much saying that Tangge should go write p*rn.

“Is that so, Feng.” Liu Jie raised an eyebrow at me. Tangge kept throwing looks, then started coughing.

“Erm,” I replied.

This girl was really getting out of hand. Since she knew that I feared Saozi and Tangge, she was going to expose every little thing.

“See, I know him best. He’s been a candid fellow ever since he was young, always blushing even if he simply held hands with a girl, much less spanking someone. He just wants to prove his feelings towards you.” I felt a little awkward at Tangge’s “compliments.” If he knew what was going on at three in the morning in the bathroom, I wonder if he would faint in anger.

“Mm, I’m fine as long as he doesn’t want to bully me.” Liu Jie mumbled.

Saozi didn’t look happy at the sight of me wolfing down my food. She reached out her foot and nudged me. Since it was summertime, I was wearing shorts. The touch of her little foot against my leg was an indescribable excitement. And because Tangge and Liu Jie were right beside us, it was practically playing with fire.

Maybe Saozi liked the thrill of cuckolding. Tangge was never good to her, and kept thinking of ways to leech off of her. Along with his impotence, he was pretty much a massive thorn in the side especially for such a refined woman like her.

My heart thumped beat after beat, and I swallowed hard to distract myself from her enticing foot. It was clear that she wanted me to say something, but I didn’t know exactly what.