No Protection Tonight


Chapter 35: Famous After One Fight


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“F**k, this guy really ran into some dumb luck. He snagged a baifumei girl!” *

*白富美 (bai fu mei) is a Chinese term for women who are wealthy (usually from family background), have pale skin, and are beautiful.

“I heard that he’s a transfer student. He hasn’t been around for very long.”

“What a softie.”

“Tch, shut up. You should try winning a basketball tournament by yourself.”


I hadn’t expected to gain a bunch of female fans after the basketball competition. It was no wonder that Liu Jie would feel cornered and ask Saozi if she should start wearing special lingerie to keep a firm hold on my heart.

As He Yu arrived, a bunch of people crowded towards him. The two most significant ones were Guo Tao and Li Zhiyuan. Their hatred had been bottled up over the past few weeks, and now that He Yu had arrived, they seized the opportunity to team up and face me.

Their nods and bows towards him attracted a series of murmurs from the onlookers.

“Ah, damn it.”

“Aren’t these two practically proving that San High is weak by going up there and kissing his ass?”

I walked closer and picked up on their conversation.

“Yu-ge, here, have a cigarette. This little brat is really annoying, we should screw him up once and for all.” Guo Tao’s s**tfaced grin couldn’t hide the hatred in his eyes. After I beat the guy up and sent him to the hospital for dumping soup all over Saozi, I was only protected because she pulled some strings with her connections and bribed the principal with twenty thousand. Though it came at a heavy price, I would still do the same if I were to return to that moment.

He Yu blew a smoke ring and drawled, “Punk, how much longer are you going to keep being a coward? You weren’t even in  school when I came for you yesterday, and now you’ve brought a chick to back you up? Are you still breastfeeding or something?”

I squinted my eyes, but I just couldn’t see how He Yu could be as strong as people said. He didn’t even seem to be steady after jumping off a bundle of iron rafters. Maybe the chicks at Chengbei had sucked him dry?

“I brought her here so she can watch you bite the dust.” I shook my head.

“Eh.” The onlookers gasped. My words didn’t register in their minds at first, because most of them thought that I had given up and only come to get beaten up.

He Yu seemed surprised, too. Before he could say anything, his underlings started to chatter.

“Brat, what did you just say to my boss?”

“I’ll f*** you up in mere minutes!”

He Yu waved his hand, and they stopped talking immediately. “Punk, did you go to Liu Jie’s dad? When are you going to stop being a chicken?”

It was obvious that he was worried about Mr. Liu. After all, he drove a million-yuan luxury car. With his status, dealing with He Yu wouldn’t pose the slightest problem.

“I’ll use your head to sweep the ground.” I shrugged.

“Whoa, this guy is just asking for it.”

“He’s just straight up taunting him now.”

“I’d like to see just how much longer he can keep up the act.”

The nearby students buzzed with excitement. He Yu’s face darkened, and he clenched his fist. “Hmph, well I’m f***ing curious to see which one of us will end up in the dirt!” He charged towards me, but I didn’t move.

Liu Jie looked a little worried. “Hey, Feng, don’t space out.”

“It’s alright, I’m here. No one’s gonna hurt you.” I took her hand and realized it was moist with sweat.

The nearby students all thought that I must’ve been scared stiff. When He Yu came in range, I flicked my foot. Globs of mud splattered on his face, making it look like he had poop smeared all over his cheeks.

A wave of laughter swept throughout the crowd, echoing off the hill.

“Is this all you can take?” I asked him tauntingly.

He Yu tried to wipe some of the sludge off, and spat some of it out of his mouth. When he regained his composure, he swore at me. “You motherf***er, f***ing playing dirty with me?”

I kicked another glob at him. He Yu tried to dodge, but it landed square on his face again. “Keep that mouth clean, or I’ll stuff you full of mud!”

“F***, come at me yourself if you have any balls. Or do you even have any?” He Yu shouted.

“Are you sure you want me to do that?” I chuckled at him.

“What, you scared?” He straightened his back. An underling ran over to hand him a napkin, and he dabbed at his face messily.

“Mm, I am scared.” I nodded.

He Yu let out a sigh. “If you apologize to me now, I can consider letting you go.”

“Oh, sorry. What I meant was, I’m scared of destroying that ego of yours.” My words appalled the crowd.

“Zhuang Feng’s crazy, does he really think that he can fight He Yu after a few tricks?”

“Yeah, I heard that He Yu’s really good at martial arts. He can even take on several people at once.”

He Yu’s teeth chattered with anger. “Punk, nobody who acts like this in front of me gets a happy ending. Let’s settle this like real men!”

“As you wish.” I waggled my hand. He Yu’s pace quickened, and he lunged towards me again.

His fist grew larger and larger in my perspective. In a split second, I threw my own strike with the energy of an unbound horse.

A simple counter was the easiest and most direct solution to fights like these. With the satisfying sound of knuckle against flesh, He Yu was sprung backwards into a ditch.

“Ooohh.” A gasp swept throughout the audience. If they thought I was talking trash earlier, they certainly changed their minds and knew it was the opposite at that moment.

About ten seconds later, the silence finally broke.

“What the hell, am I dreaming or something?”

“F***, wasn’t He Yu supposed to be really good at military combat? He couldn’t even take one hit.”

“Are you guys dumb? Did you forget that you’re a part of San High?”

“Aha, our San High has finally grown some real backbone!”

He Yu’s underlings, Guo Tao, and the others were totally confused.

“Should we, uh… get revenge for Boss?”

“Revenge your ass, if our boss can’t even win, what difference would we make?”

He Yu climbed back up with great difficulty. He had dirt all over his clothes, and he hesitated before walking slowly towards me.

“Do you still want to fight?” I asked.

He Yu quickly shook his head. “No, no. Da-ge*, let me serve under you from now on.”

*Da-ge is “big brother”. This is a masculine informal term used for family, but it can also be used for someone who is simply older than you. Of course, it can also be for someone who you think is figuratively “above” you, as this situation exemplifies.

The onlookers were shocked, and each of their jaws dropped to the floor.

“Whoa, are the tables finally going to turn for San High?”

“Feng, you’re too cool, I love you~”

“What a wimp. He’s nothing in front of my Feng-ge.”

He Yu’s face turned crimson, and he turned to face them. They stepped back and shut up instantly.

He turned towards me again. “Da-ge, just accept my proposal.”

“Nah, you’re too weak. You’re not fit to be my underling.” I waved my hand.