No Protection Tonight


Chapter 32: Duel


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I didn’t care about what they said, and kept walking towards my classroom. Suddenly, someone slapped me on the shoulder. It was Wang Xiaopang, and he had a horrified expression on his face. “Feng-ge, they really took you out in such a short amount of time?”

“Who?” I asked.

“He Yu! Oh, I understand. Hehe, sorry Feng-ge, I shouldn’t have mentioned him.” Wang Xiaopang scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

“What the hell are you talking about, explain it clearly to me.” I had an ominous feeling that something had happened in the days whenI was gone.

“Eh, Feng-ge, didn’t He Yu mess your head up?” Xiaopang inquired confusedly.

“Who the flying f**k is that, I’ve never heard of him before.” I scoffed.

Quickly, I learned that He Yu was the school brute in Chengbei High*. Yesterday, he had come to my school and stirred up a ruckus about me bullying one of his underlings and him wanting to crack my head apart. The boys in my class were scared out of their wits, but Liu Jie stood up for me and got in a big fight with him. Although He Yu stood down because he didn’t want to mess with a girl, he promised that he was still going to beat me up.

*The blonde douche’s high school.

That was the reason why Xiaopang thought the wound on my head was caused by He Yu. I explained to him that it was an accident, but the guy didn’t really seem to believe me. I didn’t know this He Yu, but judging from Xiaopang’s face, he seemed to have quite a bit of power.

The bandages on my head attracted a lot of attention wherever I went. If I had been hurt back then, it wouldn’t be a big deal at all. But now that I’d become somewhat of a legend at the expense of making more and more enemies, it wasn’t unreasonable that people would automatically make assumptions.

Just as I entered the classroom, there was a big uproar.

“Whoa, am I going blind? Zhuang Feng actually came!”

“See, his head got totally messed up! He Yu’s bite really follows through his bark!”

“Ah, he just got too cocky. Nothing ends well when you make beef with Chengbei High.”

I smiled bitterly at their words. Our class had more girls than boys, so a light breeze was just the same as a thundering storm to them.

The moment I sat down, Liu Jie got up and walked to my side. Her face lit up as soon as she saw me and she said, “Feng, you’ve finally come… Eh, what happened to your head!” She paled at the sight of my bandages.

Before I could say anything, she started to shake in anger. “That bastard He Yu, he actually ignored my warnings, I’ll have my dad take care of him!” She took out her phone to start dialing.

I quickly took her little hand. “Jie, don’t be too hasty. I got this by falling down the stairs. See, it’s already scabbed over.”

If I were to rely on her father to retaliate, what kind of man would I be?

Liu Jie’s eyes reddened as she took a closer look. She lightly touched the bandage, “Does it hurt?”

“It’s alright.” Her care for me was obvious. For some reason, I felt a bit guilty; after all, my intimate moment with Saozi had only been a few hours ago. If Liu Jie were to know about that, she would flip.

I didn’t want to look at her. The lass had specifically called Saozi to ask about my whereabouts, and even tried to change herself to steal my heart.

If my mind was a room, then Saozi was a large bed that made everything seem cramped. I didn’t really have more space to store anything else.

However, the girl was still stubborn. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t moved. Though I knew how to make Liu Jie happy, I couldn’t get over the lump in my chest that was blocking the way.

“Uwhh, did you fall during your trip back home? You’re always winning fistfights, yet you’re so clumsy.” Liu Jie pursed her lips.

I suddenly felt that her worried look was surprisingly cute.

“Hehe, everyone makes mistakes. It’s almost healed, so you don’t need to keep it in mind.” I slapped her thigh, and Liu Jie’s cheeks flushed. Though, she didn’t look like she was about to return to her seat.

She explained that she had asked the homeroom teacher to switch seats next to mine a few days ago.

During first period, everyone in class was glancing at me. Something seemed to be going on, and Liu Sanmao told me that the school forum was blowing up.

Now that I had a phone, I immediately entered the forum for San High. Recently, someone had created a thread with the title “Zhuang Feng is a Cowardly B**ch Who Hides Behind Women.”

The thread owner was He Yu. His arrogance was blatantly displayed in his words, full of insults and pointed questions. He said that the blonde douche was his underling, and that he would definitely beat me up since I didn’t know any better.

I signed up for an account, and set my ID as “He Yu’s Daddy”. I posted, “Come, Daddy’s waiting for you at San High. I’ll treat you real nice.”

The s**thead was just too annoying, swearing up and down at the people in our school. He even called Liu Jie a dumb slut, and that she must be blind to like me. I held the urge to shoot back at him.

However, they thought I was just a troll and responded by calling me all sorts of colorful names. When they demanded a photo, I wrote “He Yu’s Grandpappy” on a piece of paper, raised a middle finger, and took a selfie.

The thread was in an uproar after that. In merely five minutes, there were hundreds of replies. It seemed that the entire two schools were following the drama.

“LOL, I like this kid, straight up suicidal!”

“You can keep boasting all you want; He Yu will make you regret it anyways.”

“What the hell, even the little s**ts from San High are losing their heads?”

There was even support amongst the hate.

“Haha, Feng-ge, I’ll gladly serve under you. We can beat back the hooligans!”

“Go mess He Yu up for good, restore our San High’s glory!”

In no time, He Yu himself replied to me. “Mm, you’re a naughty one, aren’t cha. I’ll wait for you on the hill behind your school. Try to bring some people, or else it wouldn’t be interesting.”

His words sparked another wave of heated discussion. Chengbei High’s students jeered at me to stop hiding behind my screen and come out.

The small crowd who was supporting me earlier instantly dissipated. Wang Xiaopang whispered at me, telling me to not go, that it was suicide.

Liu Jie was also getting anxious. “Feng, I should just talk to my dad. He’ll take care of this problem.”