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  1. The Date(Part 7)


“That can’t be…” Li Xue thought of the worst outcome, but it had to be improbable that Ling Yan that couldn’t swim was thrown away by the wave and drowned.


“Sister Xue, have you found Ling Yan?” Qin Shiyue came over from another side asking.


“Not yet, but I found his float.” Li Xue held Ling Yan’s swim ring.


“This is the deep section, could he have drowned…” Qin Shiyue helplessly said. Then they saw a floating figure on the water, but he didn’t seem to be moving on top of the water.


Seeing him, Li Que’s expression changed and called out in alarm: “Little Yan!”




“Eh…Where am I?” I woke up to a pungent smell of medicine. I slowly opened my eyes to look around and everything was bright white. Is this heaven? Wait, no, there’s something next to me…


I slowly sat up and felt dizzy. My lungs felt uncomfortable as I breathed, and every breath made me want to cough. But, Senior Sister wasn’t next to me? Where was she?


Ah..I remember, because of the waves in the swimming pool I was pushed away and I got a cramp in my leg. Then a big wave swallowed me up.


“Hmm…” Senior Sister rubbed her eyes getting up beside me.


“Senior Sister, this is…”


“Little Yan…Wu…” Senior Sister didn’t wait for me to speak and immediately hugged me.


“Little Yan, I’m sorry….I’m sorry..” Senior Sister tightly hugged me while sobbing.


“Senior Sister, don’t apologize, it’s not your fault, I was just being careless..” I laughed awkwardly.


“It’s all my fault, because I wanted you to go play with me…” Senior Sister lightly held me, not letting me go. It didn’t feel too bad though.


“Today was my date with Senior Sister, of course I would be with you!”


“But you didn’t have to be brave, what if you got in a worst accident…” Said Senior increasing her strength in holding me.


“I’m Senior Sister’s boyfriend, wherever you want to go, I’ll go with you because I like Senior Sister the most.”


“Stupid…Idiot…why would you say that…” Senior Sister buried her head into my chest. But Senior Sister’s shy appearance was so cute…


“Haha…” I laughed twice and then lightly held Senior Sister. Senior Sister’s body trembled for a split second as she felt the contact then relaxed onto my chest. I gently caressed Senior Sister’s long hair, feeling warm on the inside.


“Hello!” Qin Shiyue suddenly opened the hospital room door.


“Eh…Uh..Sorry to disturb, you two continue and don’t mind me. I’ll just be going now.” Qin Shiyue moved out of the room and closed the door.


But when she came in all the warmth in my heart just disappeared…


“Senior Sister.. You should probably let go of me…” Since Qin Shiyue entered, Senior Sister held me more tightly as if she was afraid I would run off.


“I don’t want to…”


“…Ah, right, Senior Sister did you come and save me?”


“No, it was the lifeguard that saved you, we were to weak to move you in the water…”


“Is that so…”


“Hey, Have you two hugged enough?”


Qin Shiyue suddenly opened the door again, but this time with Zhang Xiaoya behind her.


“Uh.. Classmate Ling Yan are you alright?” Zhang Xiaoya asked quietly behind Qin Shiyue.


“Ah, because of your guy’s luck I didn’t drown to death.” I jokingly said.


“Actually it was my fault, if I had stopped Little Yue, then Senior Sister wouldn’t have taken you and then this wouldn’t have happened…” Zhang Xiaoya looked down waiting to be condemned.


“Actually it wasn’t class presidents fault, it was my own…”


“You two, don’t put me off to the side!” Qin Shiyue suddenly called out, “When I came in I was a third party, and now my friend is even putting me off to the side, sigh…”


“Alright Xiao Yue, don’t make any trouble. It’s seven o’clock now, and since Little Yan has finally woken up, we should go back home now.” Senior Sister released me and faced Qin Shiyue.


“Since Sister Xue said so, Ling Yan hurry up!” She said throwing my clothes to me.


“Couldn’t you have just handed them to me?” I grumbled.


“Alright, We’ll wait for you outside, you have five minutes to change!” Said Qin Shiyue pulling Zhang Xiaoya and Senior Sister out of the room.


“Sigh…” I picked up my clothes preparing to change, but the clothes I had on was gone, I blushed. Damn who was it that took my clothes off! Qin Shiyue? It can’t be. Zhang Xiaoya, impossible. Don’t tell me it was Senior Sister? Can’t be…I can’t say for sure, could it be the doctor here…


After wearing my clothes and preparing to leave, the door opened.


“Senior Sister. Didn’t you say you were going to wait outside? Why did you come in.” Because I wasn’t looking at the door, I didn’t see who had come in, and I don’t know if it was Senior Sister.And I guessed wrong..


“Little brother, I am not your girlfriend.” A young woman’s voice came from behind me.


“Eh?” I looked behind me to find a woman with a white lab coat standing behind me.


“Ah..I’m sorry, I thought you were somebody else….” I awkwardly scratched my head.


“No problem.” She shook her head, “You really are something, not knowing how to swim but still going to the deep end of the pool.”




“And your girlfriend really is something, carrying you here and giving you artificial respiration…” The doctor walked over the desk and sat in the chair.


Wait wait, she just said something pretty serious. Senior Sister gave me artificial respiration? Ahhhh!!! I didn’t feel it, what a pity!


“Why are you taking so long!” Qin Shiyue opened the door and came in.


“I’ll be right there…” I got out of bed and put my shoes on, “Thank you for today, doctor…sister?”


“No need for thanks,It’s my job and just Sister Tan is fine.”


“Then thanks Sister Tan!” I finished and went out with Qin Shiyue.


“Youth sure is great….” Doctor Tan drank a sip of her coffee, “and painful…”


We walked out of the sick room and I realised it was an emergency room which was in the amusement park.


“Alright, we need to go this way. You better protect Sister Xue!”


“You don’t have to say it, I already know!”


“Well then, bye bye.” Qin Shiyue pulled Zhang Xiaoya towards the bus stop next to the amusement park.


“Be careful while going home.” Senior Sister waved towards them.


“I know!” Qin Shiyue replied.


“Then we should also go.” Senior Sister turned towards me and said.




“Senior Sister I’m sorry, because of what happened to me you couldn’t go have fun…” While going home I felt guilty because of what happened and it ruined the first date with Senior Sister….


“Don’t worry about it, as long as Little Yan is okay, we can keep going on dates in the future, we have a lot of time.” Senior Sister disapprovingly said.


“Haha, there is that…”


“Little Yan, you really are so adorable!” Said Senior Sister giving me a bear hug.


“Senior Sister, can I ask you something?” I suddenly remembered what Sister Tan had told me while I was in Senior Sister’s arms.




“The…I heard the doctor tell me Senior Sister gave me artificial respiration, is that true?”


“Yes…” Senior Sister hearing what I said turned red, but her reaction just made me want to tease her more.


“Oh, If only I woke up at that very moment….” I said while sighing. Then I looked to the side at senior Sister who was walking next to me. Now her face was red to the roots, it was too cute!


“If Little Yan wants to….” Senior Sister said quietly.


“Ah, what did you say…huh…”Without waiting for me to finish I felt a soft sensation on top of my lips. Senior Sister  she…she kissed me! We were on the street right now, there was a lot of people! I was just kidding right now, I didn’t think she would take this seriously! But it didn’t feel too bad…


I don’t know how long, but maybe because of the passerby eyes Senior Sister finally left my lips.


“It…It’s…It’s now what you’re thinking!” Senior Sister’s face was red, as her words were also incoherent.


“Oh…” I was also somewhat embarrassed.


“Ohlala, Doing something like this in public would disturb the bystanders.” As the atmosphere became awkward a short loli came over, with a face that seemed to resemble me.


“Eh? I’m so sorry!” Senior sister hearing her apologized.


“Little Yan what’s wrong?” Senior Sister seemed to notice my abnormal state.


“Ah…No..Nothing…” Hearing Senior Sister I finally came back.


“Oh? Big Brother you couldn’t have forgotten about me?” The little loli smiled and ask.


“Of course how could I.” I looked straight at her with eyes full of anger, if it wasn’t for her how could it have happened.


“Eh? You recognize her? Senior Sister’s head had a question mark floating on top of it.


“Not only does he recognize me, we’re siblings!” The loli laughingly replied.


But, currently in front of Li Xue it didn’t seem like siblings meeting each other, it was as if their life’s enemy was in front of them.

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