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  1. The Date(Part 6)


“Eh..That…” I stood at the side of the pool and looked down and couldn’t see the bottom. I started to cold sweat, I didn’t think that the pool would be so deep….


“Little Yan, What are you doing? Hurry up!” Senior Sister beckoned me towards her.


“Well…I don’t know how to swim…” I said scratching my head awkwardly.


“Little Yan, really. You’re so big already and you can’t swim.” Senior Sister pouted in annoyance.


“Ah…I can’t do much about that. I’m always at home, and I wouldn’t usually come to a place like this..” I depressingly said.


“Is that so, then I’ll teach you how to swim!”






“Put some strength into your arms, and move your legs!”


“Oh..Is it like this?”


“Yeah, just like that, you’re doing great!”


Currently Senior Sister was teaching me how to swim on the shallow side of the pool.


“You have a talent for it! It looks like you learn really fast!”


“Hehe…Is that so…” Currently right beside us there was father and another father teaching their kids to swim. We’ve been learning the about same time. And he could already swim around, while I still sank like a rock…


“Don’t worry, practice more, and it’ll be okay!” Senior Sister seeing my depressed look comforted me.


“It’s like this!” Qin Shiyue came over echoing some words.


“Hey…where did you come from?”


“Can’t I come?” Qin Shiyue put her face next to mine unhappily.


“That isn’t what I mean..” I tried to explain while laughing painfully.


“Then what do you mean?”




“Hey, Little Yue…”The class president that was with Qin Shiyue seeing what was happening and wanted to stop Qin Shiyue.


“Eh? What’s wrong Little Ya?” Qin Shiyue turned her head and asked, she didn’t seem like she was willing to leave since she was still standing right next to me.


“Well…it isn’t about should we leave or not, they are on a date…” Zhang Xiaoya whispered to Qin Shiyue while pulling on her arm.


“That’s right, it isn’t good to be the third wheel. Then we’ll go first, bye!” She said, then turned getting ready to go.


“Hey? Don’t you want to play with us?” Senior Sister that hadn’t said anything finally said something.


“Thats…That’s not a good idea…”


“No problem, the more the merrier! Little Yan what do you think?”


“That’s right, the more the merrier.” Seeing Senior Sister’s sincere looking eyes I couldn’t refuse. Truthfully, I didn’t want to agree. Zhang Xiaoya is okay, but the problem was Qin Shiyue, after all she has been nagging me the whole day in front of Senior Sister, giving me a lot of problems…


“Since you said so, I won’t reject your invitation! Oh, right, Sister Xue do you know? The artificial waves are starting, let go!” She said taking Senior Sister to to the deep side of the pool.


“Eh? But I’m teaching Little Yan how to swim…”


“Isn’t he already swimming? Zhang Xiaoya said looking at me on top of the water.


“No, no. Since we’re at a place like this he shouldn’t be able to sink.”


“Alright..” Zhang Xiaoya sighed and thought Ling Yan you really are stupid, after teaching you so long you still don’t know how to swim.


“How about giving him an inflatable swim ring?” Qin Shiyue hugged her chest while asking.


“Oh we can do that!” Senior Sister ran over to the vendors and after speaking to the shopkeeper borrowed a swim ring.


“Senior Sister…you really are fast…” I watched Senior Sister come back with medium sized green swim ring and I couldn’t help but sigh.


“Of course!” Senior Sister covered her mouth giving a proud look.


“Alright, Ling Yan hurry and get into the swimming ring, the waves are starting!” Qin Shiyue pushed us towards the pool.


“Okay…” I said putting the swim ring on.


“Then let’s go!” Senior Sister grabbed my hand taking me towards the deep side of the pool.


But it was uncomfortable to use the swim ring because Qin Shiyue had also taken my hand and was taking me away….


“Hey, where are you taking me!” I shouted at her, currently I was in the float and being pulled away by Qin Shiyue to the middle.


“There’s less people there, isn’t that right Sister Xue?” Qin Shiyue asked Senior Sister behind us.


“There isn’t a lot of people there.” Senior Sister replied.


“Oh  wow…” After Senior Sister’s surprise a wave surged over and I swallowed a mouthful of water. Qin Shiyue wasn’t holding onto me firmly I and I was swept away by the wave.


“Oh..I was hit with a wave…” Qin Shiyue helplessly looked in confusion.


“Eh…” I sighed, “I really shouldn’t have come, where are they now?” I looked around me, and the three were gone. Moreover I was also in a grave situation now, I was swept to the deepest side of the pool where nobody was because it was so deep. I was about to swim towards the middle to find Senior Sister, but then I felt a pain in my leg.


“A cramp…” Now I could only wait for myself to drift over because of the pain.


Then a big wave hit me…


“Little Ya, do you see Lin Yan?”


“Nope.” Zhang Xiaoya shook her head.


“I’ll look over there.” Said Li Xue heading to the side of the pool.


Now the three split up to look for LingYan in the waves.


“Sigh…Little Yan, where are you?” Li Xue looked around her surroundings trying to find a shadow of Ling Yan.


“Eh? Isn’t that Ling Yan’s swim ring?” Li Xue looked at the green swim ring floating on the water.

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