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6.The Date(Part 5)


“Huu….I thought I was going to die….” I sat on a bench under the slide frightened.


“Little Yan, you’re so weak.” Senior Sister gave me one of the ice creams that she was holding.


“It can’t be blamed on me, who knows how fast we were sliding, and the inside was also dark…but Senior Sister it seems like you loved it..” Senior Sister after sitting for a while wanted to go on the slide a couple more times, if it wasn’t because there were too many people my life would already be gone….


“Hmph, Of course!” Senior Sister gave a proud expression, “ The artificial waves in the pool have already started we should quickly go!” Senior Sister looked at the notification board.


“Yeah, let’s go after finishing eating.” I said licking my ice cream.


“Eat faster!” Said Senior Sister eating the ice cream in big mouthfuls.


“You could eat slower…”


“Np pobrm(No problem)…” Senior Sister said vaguely with ice cream in her mouth.


After a few seconds, Senior sister swallowed the rest of the ice cream at once, but some of the ice cream fell out of her mouth onto her chest. This scene was just…just so dirty…


“Wu…So cold…” Senior Sister trembled.


“Hurry wipe it off.” My face turned red.


“Okay, I’ll do it quickly.” Said Senior Sister going to the ice cream stand to get some napkins to wipe the ice cream off her chest. Fortunately I was able to hold back, and I didn’t get a nosebleed…


After finishing Senior Sister ran back over, the two white rabbits bounced in rhythm to her pace as she ran back.


“Puff!” Seeing it, I couldn’t hold on anymore.  The blood broke through and spurted out into a beautiful arc in the air.


“Little Yan, are you okay!” Senior Sister seeing me suddenly have a nosebleed, ran back to the ice cream stand to get more napkins and run back to me. But, Senior Sister your running is scaring me, I’ll have another nose bleed again…


“I’m fine, I’m fine…”I took the napkin to wipe the nosebleed that was on my face.


“Fine, but you’re having a nosebleed!” Senior Sister said worried.


“I’m really fine…”


“Little Yan you don’t have to force yourself, if you’re not feeling well we can go back right now.”


“Senior Sister, I’m really fine.”


“Then why are you having a nosebleed?”




This was a little troublesome… I couldn’t possibly say it’s because I saw Senior Sister’s chest, right? At the moment when I was thinking of what to say, Qin Shiyue and Zhang Xiaoya came over.


“What are you guys arguing about?” Qin Shiyue asked while licking an ice cream. Senior Sister noticed that her voice was somewhat loud a moment ago, causing people to look over. She shyly bowed her head.


“Actually just a moment ago, Little Yan suddenly had a nose bleed, so I got anxious and couldn’t control my voice…”


“Eh? Ling Yan, What did you see?”


“Um..” I scratched my head, seeing Qin Shiyue’s curious eyes, my eyes subconsciously looked away.


“Actually, just a moment ago I went to the ice cream stand to get some napkins to wipe the ice cream off of my chest before I saw Little Yan have a nose bleed…”


Hearing Senior Sister’s explanation, Qin Shiyue looked at Senior Sister’s chest. She looked away with a complicated look as she looked down at her own chest, and then sighed. Suddenly she seemed to have discovered something interesting, with a wretched smile she approached Senior Sister and said something into her ear.


As she whispered into Senior Sister’s ear, her face become more and more red. I curiously looked at Senior Sister and when our eyes met her head looked down.


“Hey, What are you telling Senior Sister?” I went over to Qin Shiyue to ask.


“Of course to say why you had a nose bleed!”




“Alright, We’ll go now and not third wheel, enjoy your date!” Finished she laughingly gave me an OK gesture and pulled Zhang Xiaoya towards the swimming pool. It seems like the two wanted to play in the waves.


“Little Yan, was what Little Yue said true?” Senior Sister asked with her face red.


I awkwardly scratched my head: “Ah… that is…”




Senior Sister didn’t say anything, her head was just getting lower as it reddened.


“Well, Senior Sister the waves are beginning in the pool  we should hurry.” I tried to change the subject to the pool, but the mood didn’t shift to the pool. I can feel the embarrassment recurring…


“Um….” Senior Sister extended her right arm and agreed with a small affirmation.


I didn’t hesitate and took senior Sister’s hand leading her to the pool. On the way Senior Sister didn’t say a word. I was baffled, she was so excited a moment ago but now she was so quiet.


I looked back and saw that Senior Sister still had her head lowered and she was red to the tips of her ears.


“Senior Sister, what’s wrong? Are you feeling ill?” I felt anxious seeing the usually bright and energetic Senior sister turn quiet all of a sudden.


“That’s…Little Yan I want to ask you something..” Senior Sister quietly said.


“Eh? What?”


“Just a moment ago Little Yue said it’s because you saw me that you had a nosebleed, and she said you seemed to want to touch it…”


Shit! Qin Shiyue, what did you say to Senior Sister? But can I touch…No, I need to control myself!


“But, if Little Yan wants to, I’m willing…” Senior Sister’s whole face turned red.


“Senior Sister it’s not what you think. It’s just a careless remark from Qin Shiyue!” I shake my head denying it.






“Is that so…” Senior sister seemed to look disappointed for a second, did I see wrong?


“Alright, We should go swimming now! The waves are starting!” Senior Sister suddenly grabbed me scaring me, but it was just the normal Senior Sister.


“Yeah!” I laughingly replied.

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