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  1. The Date (Part 4)


“Little Ya, your swimsuit fits you so well!”


Qin Shiyue rushed out of the changing room at Zhang Xiaoya with envy on her face, making her feel a little embarrassed. Zhang Xiaoya’s clothes were all gone and had been replaced with a black bikini. With her well-rounded figure and black hair trailing down to her waist, it gave her a mature look.




“Of course really, the bikini suits you completely!”


“Thank….Thank you….” Zhang Xiaoya looked down, embarrassed.


“What’s there to be shy about, we’re all girls! Let’s go and play!” Qin Shiyue pulled Zhang Xiaoya’s hand to leave. By the way, Qin Shiyue was currently wearing a one piece, and with her loli figure, it was even more dynamic.


The two girls were in the biggest water park in the city. Because there were a lot of people in the pool, the two walked around to see if there was anything interesting.


“Little Yue, slow down a little…” Zhang Xiaoya somewhat couldn’t keep up with Qin Shiyue’s pace. It seemed like Qin Shiyue didn’t hear her as she continued pulling on Zhang Xiaoya’s hand, moving forward in a run.


“Hey? Isn’t it…”




“Xiao Yan, Xiao Yan, this looks fun!’ Senior Sister looked excited at the water slides.


“Then we should go later since we’re still waiting for everything to digest. Having an upset stomach would be pretty bad.”


“Yeah, yeah!” Senior Sister nodded enthusiastically.


“Isn’t that Sis Xue? Why are you here?” Qin Shiyue came over to Senior Sister with Zhang Xiaoya behind her.


“Little Yue? And Little Ya?” Senior Sister looked at the two girls questioningly.


“How are you, Senior Sister?” Zhang Xiaoya asked Senior Sister politely.


“Oh, looks like Little Yan’s here too!” Qin Shiyue finally noticed me standing next to Senior Sister.


“Huff…Oh, it’s Ling Yan, I thought it was a girl wearing swim trunks coming out….” She let out a breath of relief.


I felt lost, even Qin Shiyue didn’t recognize me for a moment. The class monitor saw me every day but didn’t recognize me?


“Are you two on a….date?” Qin Shiyue smirked at us.


“Of course!” Senior Sister wasn’t planning to hide it at all and admitted it.


“Oh, is that so, then we won’t bother you two, we’ll be going first! Qin Shiyue said, pulling on Zhang Xiaoya’s hand to go. Then she suddenly remembered something and turned back towards me.


“Ling Yan, remember to get protection at night, or it might be bad.” Finished, Qin Shiyue smiled and left with Zhang Xiaoya.


“Seriously…” I shook my head in annoyance.


“Little Yan, what does she mean to get protection? Is the public security at night getting worse?” Senior Sister asked me, puzzled.


Senior Sister really is stupid….


“It’s not in the way you think it is, and you don’t really need to think about it.” I didn’t want to explain to Senior Sister about the human body in this kind of public location.


“Alright, Little Yan, you don’t have to be so stingy!” Senior Sister pouted and looked away.


“Haha….” I awkwardly laughed.


“As compensation, you have to go have fun with me!” Senior Sister said, pointing at the water slide.


“We’re going now?”


“We’re going now!”




Senior Sister watched me promise. Then a smile floated onto her face as she grabbed my hand to go to the water slide.


This water slide was the biggest in the city and was very popular. And it was the weekend, so there was already a huge line. The slide even had a popular selling point that two people can go at once, which attracted a lot of sweethearts to come. Now I was in line with Senior Sister…


“Ah…There’s a lot of people..” Senior Sister complained as we waited in line.


“Today is a weekend, there’s bound to be a lot of people,” I helplessly shrugged my shoulders.




After waiting ten minutes in line, we saw a couple go down together in front of us. After two seconds, there was a female scream. Only this didn’t dampen Senior Sister’s spirit but made her more excited. I was scared…


As I got to the entrance of the slide and saw the dark, sealed slide, I became even more afraid.


“Little Yan, hurry!” Senior Sister was already sitting down at the entrance of the slide and was waiting for me to start.


“I’m…I’m coming…” I looked at the slide and my legs trembled. I can’t be afraid here, Senior Sister would look down on me.


I braced myself and went to sit in front of Senior Sister was. I’ll say this much: I didn’t want to be in front of Senior Sister but it’s because of height.


When there are two people, the shorter person has to sit in front of the taller person so that nothing unexpected happens. The person managing the slide said so…


I sat down in front of Senior Sister and she held me tightly. The person managing the slide pushed on Senior Sister’s back and then we slid down. And then an ear-piercing scream resounded through the whole water park…

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