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  1. The Date (Part 2)


“Little Yan, look, how is it?” Senior Sister picked up a pink bikini and asked me.


“Not bad, it fits Senior Sister,” I replied honestly.


“Then I’ll try this one out. Little Yan, wait a bit for me!” Senior Sister entered the fitting room.


Because of Senior Sister’s moments of excitement, we were now going to the water park to have some fun. However, we didn’t plan to go to the water park and didn’t bring any swimming suits. Luckily, the amusement park sold swimming suits.


After a minute, Senior Sister finished changing into the swimming suit and opened the fitting room curtain, turning to me. I went over. At this moment, I was already watching her intently. Senior Sister’s curved figure, fair white skin, in addition to the pink bikini. It was simply an existence that could kill men!


“Little Yan, how is it?” Senior Sister looked at me expectantly.


“It looks great, it really suits Senior Sister,” I answered honestly.


“Really? Then I’ll buy this one!”


“Why don’t you try more?”


“That’s not needed because Little Yan said this one looks good, so I’ll go with this one.” Finished speaking, Senior Sister entered the fitting room to change back into her clothes.


“Little Yan, do you need to buy a swimming suit?” Senior Sister changed her clothes and walked out, asking me.


“I can just randomly buy some swim trunks, it’s alright. I’m a guy and don’t really need to carefully choose.”


“Is that so? I wanted to have you try this swimsuit…” Senior Sister, I don’t know when you took out a school swimsuit.


“This…forget it…” I bitterly laughed.


“Then let’s go pay!” said Senior Sister, taking the swim trunks to go to the counter. It seemed like she was intending to pay for me too. I naturally couldn’t allow a girl to pay even if the girl is a nouveau riche Senior Sister. So I decisively blocked Senior Sister.


“Senior Sister, I can go pay.”


“Eh? Could you?”


“Of course, going out on a date and making the girl pay is embarrassing…”


Even a loner like me knew the major rules of a date, but Senior Sister didn’t know. Don’t tell me that she was a natural airhead?


“Oh! Then please!” Senior Sister gave the swimming suit and swim trunks to me.


“All together is 389 yuan,” the employee said, smiling.


[TL: About 61 USD]


So expensive? It’s only two swimming suits? If it was outside the park, 90 kuai would be enough to buy this. The amusement park was several times more expensive. My heart is bleeding, this amusement park is such a swindler… Forget it, give the money first and talk later. After paying, you cannot always return it, and it would be embarrassing if Senior Sister saw. But going back to the topic, I only had cash in my wallet. I threw my card out at home and I didn’t know how much was in my wallet. I don’t know if I have enough…


[TL: Kuai is a slang term for Yuan. It’s like bucks for dollars.]


I nervously took out my wallet and opened it to find four red Grandpa Mao’s lying peacefully inside. I felt relief. But my heart was still hurting! Because 400 kuai is about half a month’s living expenses. But in front of one’s girlfriend, what was 400 kuai?


[TL: He’s talking about Mao Zedong who is printed on the hundred bill in China.]


“Little Yan, do you not have enough?” Senior Sister saw me tangled at checkout and came over to ask.


“Nothing, It’s just…” I scratched my head in embarrassment.


“I’ll pay for my own, and you can pay for yours, okay? After all, it is my own stuff. It doesn’t feel right if you use your money.” Senior Sister apparently noticed the four Grandpa Maos in my wallet and the numbers on the checkout.


Hearing this, I felt my nose turn sour and momentarily had tears in my eyes. I, Ling Yan, to have such an empathetic girlfriend, I can die without any regrets!


After settling the bill, we went to the water park.


“Little Yan, let’s meet up there in a bit!” Senior Sister finished and went into the female changing room.


Okay, I’ll also go change my clothes.


“Little girl, this is the men’s changing room, the female one is over there.” I was about to enter the changing room and a man about twenty years old obstructed me. I saw that he had the amusement park work clothing, so he must be one of the staff.


“Bro, look closer, I’m a guy,” I calmly explained. I would usually be really angry by now, but after getting used to being considered a girl every time, I would just calmly explain and not get angry. I felt like the way I was thinking was a little dangerous…


“Little girl, don’t be troublesome. No matter how I look, you’re a girl, alright?”


“Take a look,” I said, showing my ID. On my ID, there was my name and a photo of a girl, and clearly written “Sex: Male”. The man frowned, looking at the photo on the ID and then at me in disbelief. He was thinking right now, how could there be such a cute boy?!


“Can I go now?” I asked the confused man.


“Eh, you can.” The man finished and gave me back my ID, but he blankly looked at me. I didn’t look at him and entered the changing room.


As I entered the changing room, the changing room turned quiet, as if a teacher had normally walked into the classroom.


After two seconds, people began to discuss.


“Why did a girl come into the men’s changing room?”


“You’re right, don’t tell me I went to the wrong one?”


“We couldn’t have walked into the wrong side, it was clearly written outside.”


Hehe…Do you think I can’t hear you, I’ll tell you after I take off my pants, my XX is bigger than yours!


[TL: I’m sure we’re all smart people and know what he means.]


I didn’t control these people looking at my locker. Without hesitation, I took off my clothes and the embarrassed people covered up their eyes. Of course, there were also people with eyes open wide, looking at me. But of course, after I took off my pants, the people behind me froze. I naturally put on my swim trunks and exited the changing room.


I was kept at the doorway for a while, Senior Sister should’ve already changed by now and was waiting for me? I better hurry up and not let her wait any longer.


“Little Yan! Over here, over here!” Senior Sister waved towards me from the crowd.


“Senior Sister, I made you wait. There was something that took a bit of time.”


“No problem, I just came out too. Okay, let’s not talk that much and go have some fun!” She took my hand and led me towards the swimming pool.


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