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  1. The male lead is actually…


Of course, since it was only the first rehearsal, no makeup was applied. I put on my glasses too and it was okay.


But after rehearsal began, I discovered a serious problem. I looked through the list of characters and discovered the male lead wasn’t here! How was I supposed to practice?


Senior Sister saw my concern and said, “It’s no problem, Little Brother. The male lead probably went home, and he doesn’t appear until later, don’t worry~”


That’s right…the first part was the female lead’s life, and the male lead doesn’t appear.


“I got it,” I replied.


“If you know then that’s good, hurry up and rehearse,” Senior Sister urged me.


“I know I know…” I finished and went to start practice. Senior Sister was now sitting on a stool with the script, looking like a director.


Because it was our first time rehearsing, they couldn’t remember their lines. Most of the time, the script was right next to them as they read off of it. I was the same.


First, the female lead would be crying at a funeral for the loss of her parents.


“The child is so pitiful. So small, and without parents, alas…” Playing as the female lead, another student read from the script. To be blunt, he was Passerby A…


“That’s right. This child is so small, what could we do?” Passerby B said.


“I wish there would be somebody to provide shelter for her,” Passerby C said.


Waiting for them to finish, it was finally my turn. But…why is it a six-year-old girl in the script, and more importantly, why is it me?! Why? Could they not find a little loli to play it? What would the spectators think at the time? Sigh, only people in the city would do something like this…


“Wuwuwu…” I read from the script. Yes, I read from the script… I didn’t know how to act like a little girl crying…


“Cut cut cut!” As expected, Senior Sister stopped it.


“Little Brother, your acting is too fake. She’s clearly crying out in pain. Can’t you at least make it look like you’re crying?” she said to me.


“I don’t want to…but I also don’t know how to act…” I said helplessly.


“Okay okay, seeing as it’s your first time, I’ll let it pass. But from now on, take note of your emotions. Okay, now continue.” She finished and sat back down, resuming the rehearsal.


We rehearsed until 7 o’clock.


“Today’s rehearsal was really exhausting.” Finally, Senior Sister declared rehearsal was finished….I was exhausted…


Without delay, I packed up to go back to eat and live stream, I can’t be late! Though I was late every time…


“Hey, Little Brother, wait a moment.” I was about to leave but Senior Sister called me back.


“What, Senior Sister?”


“Oh nothing, just remember to remember your lines, since you won’t be allowed to read from them during rehearsal tomorrow.”


“I know. See you tomorrow, Senior Sister.”


“See you tomorrow.”


I said goodbye to Senior Sister and walked home. While I went home, I thought: why would they have a boy act as the female lead? It really didn’t make sense…


The school was only 20 minutes away from my house, so the entire journey back to my doorstep, I thought about the issue. The first thing I did once I got home was power on the computer in my room.


Sure enough, I was still 10 minutes late…When I went to school I usually began streaming at 8. But because of rehearsal, I was late today….


Starting the live stream, I faintly felt like something was fishy. I had 5321 subscribers yesterday, why was it 4823 now? It was the first time I’d lost so many subscribers, but this was normal for bigger streamers. Sometimes they would tire from the commentary, or they started subscribing to other streamers. It was pretty normal. Maybe I’m just being too sensitive? Forget it, let’s just start streaming.


“Ah~” At 10 in the evening, I stretched in front of my computer.


“At last the stream is over, it really was tiring…” It was probably because I stayed up too late last night and had rehearsal today. I felt physically and emotionally exhausted. In addition, I’m going to have to work hard until I die tonight…


I got up and washed my face. After that, I went to bed to sleep. I’m too lazy to do my homework. I’ll just copy from Li Ming or Cheng Zixi in the morning…


The next morning, as before, I got ready, ate my breakfast, and went to school. On my way there, I didn’t expect to meet Li Ming and Cheng Zixi. We quickly got to school.


“Hey, how was your rehearsal?” Li Ming asked me.


“It was okay… Right, who’s the male lead? When I was rehearsing yesterday, Senior Sister told me he had already gone home.”


“You don’t know? The male lead is Cheng Zixi,” Li Ming replied as I looked at him blankly…


What kind of fraud was this?!

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