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  1. Chosen as a Female Actor?


“Meow meow meow?” My face showed I was at a loss, looking at Li Ming standing in front of me.


“In other words, I was told by the drama club president to find people for the culture festival play.”


“So? The drama club is lacking people? You’re worrying about the play so much? You’re helping pull people in?”


“There were some spicy reasons…” Li Ming scratched his head with a wry smile. “You’re kinda right, pulling people in…”


“No no no, we aren’t pulling people in, we are developing talent!”


Li Ming hadn’t finished before an unfamiliar female voice floated over.


“Female student, I think you’ll do really well!” I don’t know when an unfamiliar female student had appeared, holding my hand.


“And you are?” I asked after she appeared out of nowhere and frightened me.


“Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Li Xue, 2nd year, class A, literature and art committee member, and the drama club president. I’m also Li Ming’s cousin.” This girl strongly introduced herself.


It seems like this girl was Li Ming’s sister, no wonder Li Ming was helping her out.


“Senior, I’m a guy!” I said loudly.


⊙▽⊙ Li Xue’s face was confused as she looked at me, then took another look at me.


“This…This is a boy?” Li Xue said, surprised. “I was born as a girl and I feel like I just lost…so aggravating!!”


You feel like you lost? I didn’t want to be like this…


“I’ve decided! You!” Li Xue shouted at me, “The female lead will be you!”


“Ha?” I had a confused expression, looking at this Senior.


“You don’t know how many people want to be the female lead, you should feel proud!”


“What, why am I performing in the play? And why am I the female lead? Shouldn’t it be the male lead?”


“With your face.” Li Xue laughed, exposing a thread of elderly atmosphere.


“What if I don’t do it?”


“If you don’t do it, there’s nothing to do about it. It seems that I have a friend in the school news who can report about your former glorious deeds. Egh, who knew who went running into the ladies room with long hair at our school?” Li Xue held her head and helplessly said.


“How… How did you know?” Ah! What she said frightened me and she didn’t want to talk about it! So horrible…


“Eh~~, I didn’t expect you to do that. You’re usually so honest looking, this outcome…didn’t expect this…sigh…” Li Ming’s face looked down at me.


“No, don’t! Li Ming, you need to listen to me, there was a good reason!”


“No, don’t say anything, I know, we’re both guys!”


“We’re all guys, your ass!” I was going to explain but I was interrupted by Li Ming. One day, when I still wasn’t familiar with the school yet, I had to go to the bathroom and didn’t know where it was. Unknowingly, I had walked into the girl’s bathroom… Who knew Li Xue would know! Nobody else can know! Otherwise, my reputation would be destroyed!


Li Xue just smiled at my answer.


“Alright…” I replied to Li Xue.


“Hmm hmm, good. I’m expecting a lot from you~” Li Xue said, satisfied. “Tomorrow during lunch, come to the drama club to look for me. Oh, what was your name again, little junior?”


“My name is Ling Yan, but some people call me Little Yan.”


“Alright Little Yan, remember to come find me tomorrow at lunch…”


“I got it, I got it, I’ll see you tomorrow at drama club during lunch.” I impatiently cut Li Xue off.


“I’m waiting for you~” Finished speaking, Li Xue walked out of the classroom.


Sigh… Seriously, one thing happens and when it ends, something else happens…


The next day, I went in front of the drama club room. Seriously, the drama club wasn’t easy to find… Yesterday, after they got me into the drama club, they didn’t even tell me where it was, so I got lost…


I knocked on the door.


“Please come in,” said somebody. This voice with so much energy was, without any mistake, the drama club president and my senior, Li Xue.


“Ah~ If it isn’t my adorable little junior~. I waited for so long, thinking you weren’t going to come…” she said, upset.


“Blame it on yourself, you didn’t tell me where the drama club was,” I complained to her.


“Hey~ Hey~, I forgot~~,” she said.


Really…So carefree…


The drama club was one of the most popular clubs on campus, it was one of the biggest clubs, and it had some of the best facilities. It had a huge theater to rehearse in, and the best equipment such as HD projectors, Sony computers, all kinds of lighting, and even a photo studio. There was even a variety of costumes in the classroom in the back. The school was really partial to this club—they spent a lot of money on it.


“Senior, why is there nobody here?” I noticed that in this huge classroom, there was only me and Li Xue.


“Oh, everybody else is resting. They go rest before we rehearse in the evening,” she replied.


“Why am I here so early? I want to go back and have a nap!” I complained to her.


I saw her smile faintly and put a centimeter-thick book in front of me. “This is the script for the Culture Festival play. You should read it tonight and understand the plot before rehearsal tomorrow.”


What the hell! There was so much, how was I supposed to finish today? I normally read really slowly, and with such a thick script book, it would take me a week! Of course, light novels would be different…


“I don’t think there’s any problem, my little adorable junior~” She smiled at me, but I saw her evil heart inside that radiant outer surface. She was a demon! QAQ


It seems like it’s destined to be a sleepless night tonight….

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