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35.Tomorrow is a New Beginning


“Ah?” I tilted my head and looked at Senior Sister as if I didn’t understand what she had just said.


“Little Yan really is stupid~ I’ll say it again, listen carefully.” Senior Sister held my face and said into my ear, “Little Yan, I like you, would you like to be my boyfriend?”


“Hey, hey hey!” What? Senior Sister confessed to me? No, Senior Sister is a popular girl on campus, how would she like trash like me? She was probably just teasing me, yeah, she’s just playing around with me.


“Senior Sister, are you joking?” After thinking about it, I asked Senior Sister, suspicious. Hearing this, Senior Sister showed a disappointed expression.


“Little Yan, it hurts my heart so much…clearly I’m using all my courage confessing, and you think it’s a joke…” Senior Sister said, feeling wronged.


Seeing this expression on her face, I felt somewhat guilty. For a girl to confess to a guy, it takes quite a bit of courage, after all. But after seeing Senior Sister say it so casually, I thought it was a joke.


“I’m so sorry, Senior Sister…”


“Don’t worry, what’s your reply?” Senior Sister returned to her smiling expression.


“This…” I embarrassedly scratched my head. It was the first time I was confessed to from a girl, how should I answer!


“You don’t need to answer now.” Senior Sister smiled at me, “I will wait for your answer.”


“No, I also like Senior Sister a lot!” I didn’t know what to say right now, my brain had just short-circuited and I said what I felt. Previously, I thought of Senior Sister as an important friend, but since the day of rain and what had happened with Senior Sister, every time I saw her, it would make my heart pound. I began to treasure the time that I was with Senior Sister, and when I saw her happy, I was also happy. When she was sad, I was also sad. I wanted to share her burden. I think this is the so-called “like.”


Hearing what I said, Senior Sister was so excited that she gave me a huge bear hug, “Then, Little Yan, you’re mine from now on!”


Currently, two aunties holding shopping bags walked past us.


“The youngsters nowadays really are open.”


“You’re right, the youngsters are so intimate.”


Hearing the two aunties’ conversation, I promptly struggled away from Senior Sister’s embrace.


“Little Yan~ No don’t, let me hug you~” Senior Sister watched as I struggled and freed myself.


“We can’t out on the streets, Senior Sister, please look at the situation!” I rejected Senior Sister’s unreasonable request. After all, we were in public. Senior Sister, you don’t feel embarrassed, but I do!


“Opf….” Senior Sister lowered her head.


“Acting cute is useless.”


“Tsk….” Senior Sister pouted, turning away.


Senior Sister looks so cute! It’s so moe!


“Well, Senior Sister, how about we return to what we were talking about before?” I took my phone out to look at the time. Because Senior Sister had taken me to the noodle shop to eat noodles, we had spent a lot of time and it was already half past six. I still need to teach Senior Sister how to play the piano and I still need to live stream. Although I delayed the time every day to teach Senior Sister piano, I was still late to the live stream. After being late, the trolls would be angry again….


“Alright,” she said, immediately recovering and taking my hand.


Entering into Senior Sister’s house, she motioned for me to go first. I entered, took my shoes off, and swapped them into the cute rabbit slippers that Senior Sister had gotten for me. At first, I didn’t want to wear these kinds of slippers, but then thought that I shouldn’t be picky in somebody else’s house and accepted Senior Sister’s kindness.


I walked familiarly towards the living room and sat down on the sofa to pick up the piano-teaching materials, and thought about how I should explain it to Senior Sister. After Senior Sister had also changed her shoes, she walked in too.


“Little Yan~” Senior Sister suddenly jumped onto the sofa onto me without waiting for me to react. I was pressed down by Senior Sister and couldn’t move. But Senior Sister wasn’t on me completely, and was rather lying on my chest and hugging my waist with her eyes closed as if…in pleasure?


“Senior Sister?” Watching Senior Sister, I was somewhat puzzled.


“Little Yan, can I just stay like this a little longer….”


So it was just acting spoiled, I didn’t expect this to happen so casually. And the usual normal Senior Sister could also act spoiled. I stretched my hand and patted Senior Sister’s head. Her whole body shivered and then a smile rose on her face.


Who knows how long it lasted before Senior Sister let me go and I sat up.


“Little Yan, let’s begin!” Senior Sister pointed towards the electric piano while smiling at me.


“Yeah! Let’s begin,” I said as Senior Sister pulled me towards the piano.


Along with the beautiful music composition, I realized tomorrow would be a new beginning.


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