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  1. Senior Sister’s Sudden Confession


“Little Yan~ Let’s go!” Senior Sister came to my classroom after class ended.


“Yeah, I’m coming.” I put my things away as I responded. Because of the teacher expelling Senior Sister from the club, the members promised to think of a way to have her return. I had even explained as well. However, the teacher said, “It influenced the school.” For that reason, we couldn’t say anything in return. But she didn’t act any different from before and was the same, which made me feel better. Since I promised to teach her the piano, she has come to my class every day after school.


“Hey, you little kid, you’re doing pretty well with my older sister?” As I prepared to leave, Li Ming pulled me back.


“Doing well, I’m just teaching Senior Sister the piano! You didn’t say anything a few days ago?” I said indignantly.


“Are you really teaching her the piano? How long have you played the piano?”


“I’ve learned to play the piano before, I really am teaching Senior Sister to play the piano,” I turned and walked towards Senior Sister.


“Sorry, I made you wait….”


“No problem, it’s my stupid little brother’s fault, saying too many words.” Senior Sister patted my head, “We should get going,” said Senior Sister, holding my hand and pulling me out of the room. In the classroom, my classmates looked at us and whispered.


“The relationship between them for sure isn’t ordinary.”


“Isn’t that right? I’ve seen them enter the same house together a number of times.”


“Last time they were already exposed, and they’re still like that. The way I see it, they’re already living together, right?”


“That is definitely the case.”


In the face of my classmates’ misunderstanding, I was blind to it. Although I had already explained everything, they still misunderstand me.


“Senior Sister….do you know where to eat….” Senior Sister had already pulled me for half an hour, and with my lack of exercise, my feet currently hurt.


“Keep going, we’re almost there.” Senior Sister pointed off towards a small noodle shop, “I used to live on this side of town, and I would come here to eat in my spare time, it isn’t bad. I wanted to bring you to try it out today.”


After entering the noodle shop, we found a window seat to sit.


“Boss, one bowl of minced pork noodles!” Senior Sister called out to the kitchen. As the shop was small, the kitchen was right next to the door.


“Little Yan, what do you want to eat?” Senior Sister asked me.


I looked at the menu on the wall, “Then a clear noodle soup.”


“Boss, a bowl of clear noodle soup!” Senior Sister heard what I said and shouted towards the kitchen. It seems that Senior sister had come here regularly.


“Okay!” From the kitchen, a middle-aged man powerfully responded.


Senior Sister and I talked about basic music theory. After all, Senior Sister can only play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. As for the chords, she didn’t know them at all. While chatting, the middle-aged man brought over two bowls of noodles.


“Here, two bowls of noodles.” The middle-aged man brought them to us, smiling.


“Thank you.” Senior Sister didn’t forget to thank him.


“No problem!’ The middle-aged man smiled, “However, Little Xue, you haven’t come in a while.”


“That’s because I’ve been busy for a while, now I just finished.”


“Um, is that little girl your friend?”


“Hahahaha! Uncle Chen, he’s a guy!”




The middle-aged man called Uncle Chen was shocked by Senior Sister’s words but soon returned to normal.


“Ah, little guy, now that I’ve looked at you one more time I can see that you’re a handsome boy!” Uncle Chen awkwardly smiled.


At this very moment, I was beyond angry. Fuck! This Boss is a boy, can’t you tell by the school uniform, can you not tell that I’m a boy? It seems like this uncle needs some glasses!


“Haha….” I also awkwardly laughed, as the atmosphere turned strange…


“Quickly tell Uncle, how far have you gone?” the uncle suddenly asked me.


“Eh…what do you mean?” I somewhat didn’t understand.


“Don’t you pretend. Little Xue had never been in contact with any guy, you certainly don’t have a simple relationship with Little Xue.” I originally thought only women liked to gossip, I didn’t expect a middle-aged man to also love it too…


“Hey, Uncle Chen, stop saying useless stuff…” Seeing that the middle-aged man was about to unmask her, she pulled on his apron, tell him not to say anymore. However, the middle-aged man didn’t want to stop.


“I’ve watched her grow up, how could I not understand her?” The middle-aged man adopted a proud look, not paying attention to Senior Sister.


“No, there isn’t anything special between me and Senior Sister…” I hadn’t finished before Senior Sister suddenly hugged me. This time she wasn’t giving me a bear hug but was holding me gently.


“He’s my baby!” Senior Sister smiled at the middle-aged man.


“Being young is good.” The middle-aged man looked at me in Senior Sister’s arms, “Alright, I won’t disturb you two.” The middle-aged man then went into the kitchen to busy himself, leaving Senior Sister happily smiling, and I confused after being pressed up. I didn’t expect Senior Sister to be so bold in front of an acquaintance, it even scared me.


“Uhh…Senior Sister, the noodles are getting cold…” After the middle-aged man went, Senior Sister still hadn’t released me for a couple of minutes.


“Oh, then let’s start!” Senior Sister released me and picked up the chopsticks to begin eating.


“Uncle Chen, we’re leaving!” After we had finished eating, Senior Sister and I paid before going back to Senior Sister’s house.


“Wait a minute, when you have time, come and stay for a while!” The middle-aged man shouted out of the small window of the kitchen.


“Senior Sister, what did you mean from before?” I thought about the time when Senior Sister was acting like a spoiled child in front of the middle-aged man, and had hugged me, and said some things. My heart couldn’t help but still have questions.


“I mean it literally,” Senior Sister said, laughing.


“Literally?” I still don’t understand.


“Little Yan, you really are slow,” said Senior Sister, coming up to me.


“Little Yan, I like you. Would you like to be my boyfriend?” Senior Sister smiled like an innocent angel.


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