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  1. The Promise with Senior Sister


“Explain.” The teacher threw the newspaper on the table.


“This…there was a very good reason…” I talked about what had happened last night. Of course, I didn’t say that I slept with Senior Sister.


“Although you have some grounds, you two have created an impact on the school. I still have to use some disciplinary measures. Okay, you may go.” The teacher dismissed me with a wave.


“Thank you, Teacher!” I walked out and closed the door.


Although the teacher believed me very easily, I wonder how it is on Senior Sister’s side? I’m a little worried.


At the same time, on Li Xue’s side….


“You take a look, you, a girl, has this kind of affair!” An uncle with a stupid face pointed straight at Li Xue and reprimanded her severely. That’s right, this was Li Xue’s teacher.


“Teacher, it isn’t what you think….”


“No matter what reason it is, such an event has a big impact on the campus and it must be dealt with severely!” The teacher was deaf to Li Xue’s explanation and was pointing at the student handbook with disciplinary actions.


“Seeing as it made such a big disruption, I already talked to the drama club advisor to cancel your president position and expel you from the club!” The middle-aged man sternly looked at Li Xue.


“How can this….” Li Xue’s tears slowly came out. After all, the drama club was founded by her and she knew of all the sweat and tears that were put into it. Now she was expelled from the club, of course she would be unwilling.


Li Xue walked out of the office and went back to her classroom. She powerlessly laid down on her desk, as if trying to escape.


Li Xue’s deskmate saw that she had returned from the office and asked, “How is it? What did the teacher talk about?”


“Nothing, just some mistakes I made, and then he expelled me from the drama club.” Li Xue assumed a not-caring appearance as she answered.


“Is this really okay? But you founded the drama club, how could you be expelled from it? Besides, the drama club has done so much for the school, isn’t half of that your contribution! How about all of us go and plead to the teacher for leniency?”


‘No.” Li Xue was touched. She didn’t think they thought of her so highly.


“This problem is mine, you guys don’t have to help me.” Li Xue didn’t want to bring so many people in and have a big argument with the teacher. They still needed to be together for a year, after all.


“If that’s what you want. But if you want help, just say so!” The bell rang for class to begin and the teacher walked in holding a book. Her deskmate also sat up properly.……


Because of this matter, Li Xue didn’t listen to a word in the afternoon classes. She was only thinking of going home as soon as possible and then crying in her bed. When she finished with class, she walked out of the school gate and saw a short silhouette….


“Sigh…” I walked out alone and sighed. Today really was bad luck, somebody had taken a picture of me leaving out of Senior Sister’s house and then had confused the whole school into misunderstanding the two of us. If I find the person who took the picture, I’m going to kill them!


“Senior Sister, why are you here?” I suddenly felt like somebody was behind me. When I turned around, I saw Senior Sister.


“Should I not be here?” Senior Sister said.


“At this time, shouldn’t you be at the Drama Club, Senior Sister?” I had just finished, and Senior Sister frowned. I knew that I said something I shouldn’t have said.


“Because of something, I’m going back now!” Senior Sister said. However, I felt like something was wrong. I noticed that when Senior Sister had spoken, she had no confidence. It was completely different from her usual, energetic appearance.


“Senior Sister, what happened?”


“Nothing, nothing. You’re worrying for nothing!” Senior Sister patted her chest to show her assurance.


“Really?” I continued asking.


“Really…nothing…” Senior Sister said, tears coming out of her eyes.


“Wuwu….Why did this happen to me….Clearly…clearly I try so hard….just because of this little matter…” Senior Sister finally couldn’t hold it and fell into my arms, bursting into tears.


I held Senior Sister. “Senior Sister, I don’t know what happened, but if you’re in a difficult situation, you can come find me. I can help Senior Sister and take part of the burden, just like how Senior Sister wants to help me, so don’t feel sad alone, okay?”


“….Thank you, Little Yan…” Senior Sister stopped crying and slowly got up, and wiped away her tears.


“Sure enough, Little Yan is the most gentle!” Senior Sister said, smiling.


“No…no problem, I just don’t want to see Senior Sister cry!” I watched Senior Sister’s smiling expression and suddenly felt restless. Feeling embarrassed, I looked down at the ground. On the way back, Senior Sister narrated the whole matter to me.


“Tsk! This teacher really is unreasonable!” I listened furiously.


“It’s nothing important, also he handled it the way it should’ve been handled. After all, it was caused by us,” Senior Sister said unconcernedly.


“Senior Sister, you’re too nice, even helping somebody else out,” I looked once again at the energetic girl, shaking my head.


“Thanks to Little Yan, I feel better!” Senior Sister turned and gave me a bear hug.

“If you’re happy that’s good…” I saw Senior Sister coming and dodged to the side. I didn’t want to feel the suffocation I felt from Senior Sister’s bear hug.


Senior Sister saw me dodge and once again tried to hug me. This time I wasn’t so lucky and as she held me, my head went into her lethal weapons.


“Um, Little Yan, I’m not part of a club anymore as you can see, and I have the same schedule as you do now. How about after school you teach me the piano?” Senior Sister asked.


“Okay,” I promised in Senior Sister’s arms.


“You promised!”


“Yeah, I promise!”


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