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  1. Rainy Story (Part 4)


Senior Sister entered the study and helped me turn on the computer before sitting on a sofa and looking at a book. I didn’t expect her to be so well-behaved, I felt like she was going to do something bad. Looks like I was thinking too much. I opened the browser and searched for XX streaming software and clicked to download, got it!


While it’s downloading, I should check my Weibo. I went to Weibo and entered my username and so on…


“Lao D, do you want to live! There’s no stream!” “Lao D are you sick today? Fallen ill?” “Why haven’t you started, I’ve waited for an hour QAQ….” “Already unsubscribed.” …


As I opened my Weibo, they were all cursing me… I also didn’t want to be late, but today there was a specific reason, every other day that I was late there wouldn’t be a reaction like this, why today?! No matter, both trolls and fans were cursing me, I was a little sad…


“Little Yan, what’s wrong?” Senior Sister saw my almost crying appearance and came over to ask.


“Nothing, just got cursed by people for being late,” I helplessly replied.


“Pfff!” Senior Sister covered her mouth and laughed.


“What’s so funny!”


“Nothing, I just felt like you were really silly.”


“Eh? What do you mean?”






I was confused by Senior Sister’s words, what does she mean, I don’t understand….regardless, the streaming software was downloaded and I could begin the stream.


I adjusted the webcam and microphone like I usually did and then took out a USB with some software to stick into the computer. Don’t ask why I had my USB on me, I won’t tell you that this morning that I forgot that it was still in my pocket from yesterday.  Then I opened the XX streaming software and set everything up before adjusting everything one last time and turning on the stream.


“Looks like I’m late today, hehe…..” In order to not be cursed at on the stream, I looked at the camera with moeness. Senior Sister, sitting across from me, saw me and momentarily had a blank expression. Then she smirked at me. I hope she doesn’t mess anything up.


I finished speaking and the screen was barraged with comments….


“Lao D, you making me wait has made me suffer…” “Shamelessly moe!” “I just want to curse, but after seeing Lao D’s moeness, forget it.”


Apparently to handle these people, I just need to act moe…


“Actually, I’m so sorry, there was a little matter today so I didn’t notify anybody on Weibo, I hope everybody understands.” I continued flaunting off my moeness and explained, “Because of some matter, I’m streaming at a friend’s house today, so the stream won’t go on too late, I hope everybody understands.” Saying this, I opened a game. I felt a soft sensation on my back, and then two hands grabbed me from behind. There wasn’t any need to guess, it could only be Senior Sister! But when did she come over? I didn’t even realize it? Don’t tell me that Senior Sister can walk so lightly? No, this isn’t the time to think of this, what do I say….


“Hello everybody!” Senior Sister covered my head and leaned towards the webcam. Sigh, Senior Sister why did you come to stir up some trouble… I told you before you could watch my stream, not go into my stream, ah, this time the fans will tease me for a while….


“OMG! Big Sister is so beautiful!” “Lao D who is this?” “The so-called female friend?”…The screen was barraged with comments, filling it up.


I prepared to explain, Senior Sister saw the barrage of comments on the screen. She stuck her face two centimeters away from me and said, “Actually, I’m Lao D’s girlfriend!”


Fuck! Senior Sister, this isn’t the time, is it?


“Oh! Big news, the famous streamer Lao D is a lesbian!” “My God! Why does it tease me like this, I want to tease her I say…” “Lao D do you lack another girlfriend?” Comments came pouring in.


“Senior Sister, why are you speaking nonsense…” I watched the state of affairs and immediately turned to block Senior Sister, but there was no use, the screen was full of comments saying that I was a lesbian. But you have to know that I’m a guy! Granted, if Senior Sister was my girlfriend, she was also not a lesbian!


“Hey, hey!” Senior Sister let go of my hand, took a step back, stuck out her tongue, and knocked on her head cutely. Forget it, no matter how I explain it, it was better to end the stream and explain on Weibo…


“Ah!” Opening the file to the game, a devil’s face suddenly appeared, frightening Senior Sister to hold onto me, she wasn’t light.


“Little Brother, you’re not scared?” Senior Sister saw me calm and unperturbed, asked.


“Of course, I play this kind of game a lot!” I proudly answered. I by no means would say that the first time I was frightened until I peed myself.


As I began the game, the devil’s face appeared again and Senior Sister shrieked….


Senior Sister’s screams quickly made the game pass to the ending.


“Scared me to death…” Senior Sister patted her chest and said.


“Senior Sister, you have such a little courage,” I looked at Senior Sister and couldn’t help but laugh.


“I…I’m not scared!” Senior Sister retorted defyingly and adorably. Who would’ve thought that Senior Sister could be defying and adorable at the same time?


“Today’s stream isn’t ending very late, goodbye everybody. Remember to click on the subscribe button.” I didn’t pay attention to Senior Sister and said to the camera. I looked at the time. It was 10:30, I had streamed for only about 2 hours. But, why do I feel like today’s stream was more tiring than usual….

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