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  1. Everything Will Be Alright

On the way back…


“Hey, such a cute girl!” “Yo, this kid is so adorable, but why is she wearing men’s clothing?” Cheng Zixi and I walked out of the barbershop, attracting the passerbys’ attention.


Everybody, as you can see clearly, I am male! Male! You all have nearsightedness, right?


“You’re really popular, haha!” Chen Zixi mocked.


“…” Ah! I’m going crazy! I can’t stand the eyes of these people. They all see me as a girl! I need to go back to that store and buy some glasses!


We quickly went to the optical shop.


“Zixi, I’m buying some glasses. Want to come?” I asked Cheng Zixi beside me.


“Buying glasses?” Cheng Zixi tilted his head to look at me, “You’re not near-sighted, why buy glasses?”


“Of course, it’s to buy some large decorative glasses to cover my face. Do you think I can go to school like this?”


“I think it would be great, such a cute loli in class… Ah! It hurts… It hurts…”


I didn’t allow the explanation to continue. “You still feel like joking? One response, come or not come? If you don’t want to come, go back!”


“Okay, okay, okay, I’m not leaving yet? Really…”


At the time he talked while standing up, but now he was impatient… Forget it, I’m too lazy to care about him.


Inside the optical shop, I pointed at glasses by the door and asked the clerk, “How much for those glasses?”


“280 yuan.” The clerk replied.


“But, ah, young lady, this pair of glasses doesn’t really fit you. Don’t get too attached to these ones, we have quite a few different types of glasses. I suggest you pick something else.”


“Eh..This….Bro, I’m a guy…” I awkwardly said.


The guy froze, then looked over me once again…


Black T-Shirt with a Hearthstone card pack pattern. A thin jacket, with some men’s jeans, and a pair of sneakers. A typical otaku’s set of clothes.


“Oh, sorry, I thought you were a girl.” The store clerk realized and said, “These glasses are only decorative and won’t fit any lenses.”


“I only need decorative glasses.” I said plainly, taking out my wallet to pay.


“I didn’t expect you to be so rich. The price hasn’t even been cut yet…” Cheng Zixi lamented.


Rich? This is my living expenses for two days! If I didn’t need this, would I even get it? Well, I’ve been meaning to buy some glasses for a while…


“Umm…” I sighed and turned to Cheng Zixi. “What time is it now?”


“Ah? I’ll check… It’s 10:05, you still want to walk around?”


“No, I have something else.”


“Oh…” Cheng Zixi said, a little disappointed. “What’s happening? Why are you so anxious?”


“I don’t meddle in your business. Do you have the school uniform? If you don’t have your uniform by tomorrow, they won’t even let you through the gate.”


“If you didn’t say anything, I would’ve really forgot…” Cheng Zixi said, hitting his head.


I hurried home. Cheng Zixi said goodbye, and I quickly took out my key to open my door. I rushed to my room and turned on my computer.


I skillfully opened up the streaming software and logged in. That’s right, I’m now a game streamer with about 100 people watching. I hurried home because it was time to stream.


I adjusted my microphone.


“Ke ke, hello everybody. Thank you to the 264 waiting for me to stream.”


“Lao D, You’re late again?” “Every time, you’re late by 10 minutes…” “Unsubscribe.” I had only just started and the comment section was already flooding me with dissatisfaction.


“Sorry dear viewers, today I had a little affair, delaying me.” I said while starting a game.


“Today, a viewer sent a game to my mailbox. I’m hoping to play it today live. I know nothing about it, because I just found it in my mailbox. So without further ado, let’s start.” I finished speaking and opened up the game.


I started playing the game. The menu popped up, followed by strange piano music. This ought to be a horror game, right? But I’m not afraid. I’m a veteran streamer, how could I be afraid? I’ve played horror games live before, they were nothing.


After entering the game, the male character that I was playing was in a forest at night. The 3D graphics of the game were awesome! The trees and river were so lifelike. Even the sky had meteors streaking across it. It really brought you into the game.


Through the tutorial, I finally understood the plot. The game was about the main character and his wife who were hiking in the forest and had gotten lost. The locals had said the forest was haunted, and a lot of people went missing. But to find his beloved wife, the man was willing to risk his life and enter the forest.


It’s a horror game. But I’m not afraid!


I regretted it in 10 minutes…


The terrifying mood of the game really was good, I was a little afraid playing it. After walking around for a while, a wooden cabin appeared in front of me. When I opened the door, I almost screamed. The comment section exploded though.


The background music made the mood really terrifying. When I opened the door, a sinister female face with blood popped up in front of me, screaming.


“Scared me to death…” “I almost had a heart attack..” “Streamer is really calm!” Various comments passed inside the comment box in the next few seconds.


“Of course I’m calm, I’ve played these games so many times now.” I forced myself to explain, even though I was frightened to death…


I continued to play, but I didn’t play for much longer. When I walked there, was there more footsteps than just me? How could there be more footsteps? My heart started beating harder, at what was going to appear. I turned the character around, nothing at all. A false alarm… I felt relief in my heart. But when I turned back again, a malevolent ghost appeared in front of me…




This time, I couldn’t hold it anymore and yelled out. The comment area exploded again, but this time the comments weren’t about being scared, but…..


“Lao D’s scared!” “ Lao D’s female?!” “What? The streamer was a girl?” “I felt like it was a girl speaking, it was always muffled…” and so and so comments.


To the audience, my voice was a little feminine. But I’m a guy.


“I’m a guy, not a girl!” I quickly explained to the audience to prevent misunderstandings. At the same time, I also shut off the game… Too scary, I don’t want to play…


“Lies, obviously you’re a girl pretending to be a guy!” “Exactly, Exactly!” “Lao D, next time you stream you need to show your face with a webcam, then we will know if you’re a girl or not!”


There was still a webcam… But after seeing my face, they would say I’m a girl, right?


I looked at the time, it was 2:30 already. I had played for so long without realizing it. I haven’t even had lunch yet…


It’s almost the end of the stream, right?


“Dear viewers, the stream is finishing now. Please like and subscribe~” I finished speaking and turned off the stream. Then I went to the kitchen to get something to eat.


Oh, thinking about tomorrow with the other students giving me weird looks made me upset, but fortunately I had glasses to cover up….


Forget it, let nature take its course. I’ll just cross that bridge when I get there!

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