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  1. Rainy Story (Part 3)


“Little Yan, teach me how to play the piano!” Senior Sister pulled me back into the room and pointed at the electric piano.


“This…” My face was blank. Whenever I played something, I would think about that time. I really wanted to forget, but whenever I hear the sound of a piano I can’t control myself.


“Hey? Little Yan, what’re you worried about?” Senior Sister saw my troubles and asked. “If I remember correctly, it wasn’t something good for you, I forgot…” Senior Sister looked down. It was like a child being scolded by their mother for doing something wrong.


“Oh!” Senior Sister was so cute! I was momentarily showered with moeness!


“It’s nothing to worry about, Senior Sister.” That’s right, it was nothing, it has been different for a long time now. I sighed on the inside.  After being with Senior Sister and them, I wasn’t as gloomy as before, I was not as cold as before, and I can love, laugh, and even cry now. After all this time, it had slowly made me forget of that matter, but it was impossible to get rid of it.


“Senior Sister, let’s go!” I pulled Senior Sister towards the piano.


“Eh, thank you, Little Yan!” Senior Sister smiled.


I had Senior Sister sit in front of the piano and I stood behind her.


“Senior Sister, what have you learned?”


“Only up to the musical stave….” Senior Sister stuck out her tongue and knocked on her head.


[TL: The musical stave is the line things on sheet music to show the different notes.]


“Then why did you buy an instrument…”


“Because I wanted to learn how to play it!”


“…” I was speechless, don’t tell me being nouveau riche was like this? This electric piano also wasn’t bad, Yamaha! A world-famous brand! It cost a couple tens of thousands! This expensive instrument was used by a beginner student? Forget it, being a nouveau riche is something I wouldn’t understand….


[TL: Yamaha is probably known more as a motor vehicle brand but it’s also a piano brand.]


“Then you should know the basics of the music scale. Senior Sister, you do know how many keys are on the piano, right?” I asked.


“Yeah… I can count, 1…2…3…” When I saw what Senior Sister was doing, I had already guessed it, Senior Sister bought a piano but had never touched it.


“There’s 88!” Senior Sister finally finished counting all the keys and said in excitement.


“Of the 88, how many are black and how many are white?” I asked again.


“Eh? I didn’t take note a moment ago. Wait a minute, I’ll count again, 1…2…”


“…” I’m dying here! How long are you going to take to count!


“There are 52 white keys and 26 black keys!” I couldn’t watch any longer and told the answer to Senior Sister.


“Is that so… Little Yan you know a lot!” Senior Sister looked at me with a face of adoration.


“This…this is all the basics! Alright, let’s continue!” Her look made me a little embarrassed so I turned towards the piano. “Senior Sister, do you know what the black and white keys stand for on the piano?”


“I know this! The black keys are semitones, and the white keys are whole tones!” Senior Sister raised her hand and said. Senior Sister didn’t know much but unexpectedly knew this, it really was surprising.


[TL: Semitones are small music intervals and are equal to a twelfth of an octave, which is a series of notes, or half a tone. They are also called half step and half tone. The whole tone is an interval of two semitones.]


“Hey, don’t look down on me, I still know a little!” Senior Sister saw my look of concern for a child and unconvinced expression.


“Yes, yes, yes,” I smiled and said.


“Right, Little Yan, how could you play so well? You played so beautifully before!” Senior Sister looked up at me and said.


“Actually, I’ve learned to play the piano…” I scratched my head, somewhat embarrassed. Actually, I could play a grade 10 piano piece when I was ten years old, but I hadn’t touched a piano since then. Today was the first time I had touched a piano in a while. I didn’t expect to remember how to play.


[TL: Grades for the piano dictates how hard of a piece of music you can play, after grade 10 is ARCT, which stands for Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto), which is an exam level. There are two types of ACRT’s: a performer and a teacher. The performer can play a perfect piece and a teacher can also play a perfect piece but also has to write stuff and explain your teaching methods. Either way, the point is that he’s a god at piano.]


“I really envy you!”


“It’s not to be envied, as long as you could work hard, it won’t take a lot of years before you could reach my level.”






“Then, Little Yan, you’ll teach me!”


‘Yeah, I will.”


“Thank you, Little Yan!” Senior Sister said, getting up and hugging me, burying me in the middle of her chest.


“Senior Sister, I can’t breathe, let me go!” I said while pushing on Senior Sister. “Hu hu hu….I thought I was going to die….” I greedily gasped for air.


“Ah, sorry, I got happy…” Senior Sister lowered her head in apology.


“Don’t worry, you don’t have to apologize!” I said.


“Little Yan really is gentle….” Senior Sister watched me.


“Really?” I didn’t understand what this so-called gentle is? Looks like I have to learn more about it.


“Who knows? Hehe.” Senior Sister put her finger on the tip of my nose somewhat charmingly and said, “Little Yan, close your eyes for a second, I have something to give you.”


“What is it?” I closed my eyes. In two seconds I felt a soft feeling on top of my cheek, and I opened my eyes. When I opened my eyes I saw that Senior Sister was kissing my cheek. Shocked by what was happening, I took a step back, my whole face red.


“Senior Sister, you, you, you what are you doing!” I said in a panic.


“Of course, it’s your reward for teaching me how to play the piano!” Senior Sister finished speaking and held her finger to her lips, flaunting the moeness.


“…” Now my face was even redder.


“Hehe, your shy look is so cute!” Senior Sister held me in her embrace again.


“Senior Sister, what do you mean by this….”


“Mean what?”Senior Sister said and hugged me tightly. “Right, Little Yan, don’t you have a stream? It’s already half past eight.” Senior Sister noticed the time that was on the wall.


If Senior Sister had not reminded me of the time, I would have forgotten, and I should be worried about my stream. But does Senior Sister have the equipment? I should ask first, if not I should send a notice through Weibo…


“My computer has everything ready! A webcam and microphone!” Senior Sister said, proudly patting her chest.


Eh…how did Senior Sister read my mind and know what I was going to ask? Forget it, the stream is more important, or else the trolls will curse me to death. Although I was already late, I still couldn’t skip the stream.


“Then, thank you Senior Sister!”


“No problem. Hurry, go to the computer, it’s in the study room.” Senior Sister pointed towards a room next to the master bedroom.


I went towards the door and as I opened it, I thought of something, “Senior Sister, if you feel bored, you can watch my stream.”


“Oh? Is that so?” Senior SIster smiled evilly.


Alright, I was beginning to regret it…


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