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  1. Rainy Story (Part 2)


In the end, Senior Sister opened the door to her home and put the umbrella beside the door.


“Find a place to sit, I’ll prepare the hot water.” Senior Sister took off her shoes and headed towards the bathroom.


I was currently drenched and it wasn’t good to sit down so I just wandered around. But back to the topic, Senior Sister’s house was really big. Her living room was as big as my living room plus my kitchen. Not only that, the decorations were very luxurious, and there was a huge crystal chandelier on the ceiling. Not only was there a T.V. and sofa, there was an electric piano in the corner.


In the living room, I stopped at the electric piano. I gently caressed the piano keys and watched the neatly placed keys and thought: ‘If that hadn’t happened, I would probably still like music…’ I stood in front of the electric piano and found that it was turned off. I gently pressed a key and a sweet sound came out. I pressed another note and they gradually they linked together one by one into one sorrowful music composition. The rain outside made the melody even sadder. The music that came out of the piano was like all the grievances of a person’s heart.


As I pressed the keys, a water drop fell on top of one of the keys. I was crying. Whenever I played an instrument, I would remember that sorrowful time…


As I stopped my hands, tears were already streaming down my cheeks.


“Crash!” I heard some things fall down behind me. I turned around and saw Senior Sister with some plastic cups at her feet. I hastily wiped away my tears.


“It seems like Senior Sister was behind me, I didn’t notice, hehe….” I wiped away my tears and changed into a smiling expression.


“This….Little Yan, are you crying?” Senior Sister was a little worried.


“No, absolutely not!” I refuted, but this time not as firmly. It seems like my mood still wasn’t stable yet.


“Little Yan, if you’re sad, just look for me. You’re not alone,” Senior Sister came up to me and said.


“Yeah… Thank you, Senior Sister.” I felt my nose turn sour and the tears that I was holding back came out.


“Eh! Why are you crying again? Am I hurting you?” Senior Sister was confused, seeing me crying in her embrace.


“No…” I wiped my tears on my face, “I…I’m just so happy! Because after this period of time, I’ve met so many people and experienced so much more happiness. Now I’m not always at home playing games and watching anime anymore because I have people that I have to care about and those that care about me. This is all because of you, Senior Sister. Thank you, thank you….” I said as my tears came pouring out again.


“Don’t mention it, you’re the one that’s been trying hard. If you didn’t fight for it, it would’ve been for nothing.” Senior Sister fished out a handkerchief and used it to wipe away the tears on my face. “So, you don’t have to thank me.”


“Yeah!” I nodded my head.


“Alright, go take a bath, I’ve already readied the water,” Senior Sister pointed towards the bathroom and said to me.


“I’ve gotten Senior Sister’s clothes dirty, sorry…” I saw that I had cried on her and left a patch of water. I felt somewhat ashamed.


“This is just a small problem, quickly go take your bath before you catch a cold!” Senior Sister patted my head and said.


I usually won’t allow people to pat my head, but when Senior Sister patted my head, it felt so comfortable, just like when my mother patted my head. So warm….


“Yes!” I replied to Senior Sister and went to the bathroom.


I took off my clothes and placed them in a basket next to the doorway of the bathroom, and then I entered the room.


After walking in, I was frightened. The walls of the bathroom were a European style of paint, magnifying luxury. In addition, there was a two-person bath, and the bathroom was the size of my bathroom and my kitchen on top of it. Isn’t this bathroom a little too big? Alright, I’m just inexperienced in this kind of world and haven’t seen a bathroom like this….


“I’ll take your clothes to dry. I’ve also left some clean clothes in the basket,” Senior Sister said from outside the door.


“Yeah, thank you Senior Sister!” I replied.


“You’re welcome, this is what I ought to do, after what you did for me.” Senior Sister finished speaking and took my clothes to dry.


“Well then…” After Senior Sister left, I looked at the two-person tub. My house didn’t have a bathroom like this since it was too small, and I had never been in a bath before so it was my first time. It made me a little excited to try it out!


I put my leg into the bathtub and immediately a feeling of ease flowed throughout my body that made people want to just jump straight in. Of course, I wouldn’t do something like that. After all, it wasn’t my house…


I slowly slid my whole body into the tub and my exhaustion flew away.


Who knows how long this enjoyable time went for, but the water had already become cold. I knew that I had bathed for a long time so I got up and grabbed a bath towel to wipe myself down. As I finished wiping and went to pick up the clothes left by Senior Sister, there was a red nightgown that unfolded in my hands…..


Fuck me! What is this? Am I supposed to wear this?


“Senior Sister!!!”


“What’s wrong?” Senior Sister heard me yell and put down her tablet, coming to the living room. “Is there a problem?”


I wrapped the towel around me and took the red nightgown to ask Senior Sister.


“Ehehehe, it was a joke!” Senior Sister knocked her head, making a moe expression. “Actually, here you go!” Senior Sister brought out a somewhat big white shirt and loose pants.


“There are my dad’s clothes. They’re somewhat big, but you can put them on for now!” Senior Sister explained.


I put on the clothes that Senior Sister gave me. They were somewhat bigger….the shirt went to my thighs and the pants were falling to the ground…


“Wah…So cute….” Senior Sister ran over to me after seeing I’d changed.


“Senior Sister…don’t do that…” I wanted to push Senior Sister away, but her hug was really tight and I couldn’t move…..


“Ah~ I hug you ‘cause you’re too cute~~!” Senior Sister didn’t let go but hugged even tighter. Forget it, I’ll let her hug me. Either way, I enjoyed it.


“Senior Sister, how long will it take for my clothes to be ready?” I asked while in her embrace. I couldn’t be late for my stream or else the trolls will troll even more…


“Umm….About a little bit more, but not a long time,” Senior Sister replied. “Why don’t we play some games? Since you have nothing to do now.”


Games? Why is it when Senior Sister mentions games, I feel scared….


“Let’s play Bull Fight, whoever loses will have a post-it on their face!” Senior Sister took out a small case of cards.


[TL: Bull Fight is a type of poker game]


“Okay.” I agreed. I didn’t expect Senior Sister to play such a normal game that didn’t cause me any harm.


“Dididi…” The dryer had finished and was beeping. Senior Sister put down her hand and went to the clothes dryer, leaving post-its all over my face.


“Little Yan, your clothes are ready!” Senior Sister took out my dry clothes and gave them to me. They were still warm from drying.


“Thank you,” I took my clothes and went to the bathroom to change.


After coming out, I asked Senior Sister a question: “Senior Sister, why haven’t I seen your parents?”


“They…they’re at work and on a business trip, so they aren’t home,” Senior Sister said with a hint of loneliness. Of course….being lonely is normal. To live in such a big house by yourself would be lonely, after all. In this aspect, it seems Senior Sister and I are alike.


“Is that so…it’s getting late and I should go. See you tomorrow, Senior Sister!” I walked to the door to put on my shoes and took the umbrella beside the door, bidding Senior Sister goodbye.


“Yeah, see you tomorrow!” Senior Sister smiled at me.


I had barely opened the door before the wind and rain blew in, making me shiver. Who would’ve thought the rain wouldn’t stop after so long? I opened my umbrella and a gale flipped it and almost wrenched me into the air….


“Is there a problem?” Senior Sister came over and pulled me back in.


“Eh…a little problem…” I awkwardly laughed.


“Then stay the evening at my house. The rain is too much and you can’t possibly get back!”


“That’s…not good….”


No way, this isn’t a matter of good or bad! A single man and single woman under the same roof spending the night, don’t tell me you want an accident?! But it seems like I have no choice…


[TL: I ship it.]


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